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Mazel Tov!!
Yesterday the United Nations moved to complete the promise of November 29, 1947 . My friend, Rabbi Hillel Levine, brought this message home in a letter to a Palestinian-American friend. I share it ...
doctoraaron 12/01/2012 5 4 - -
Death of a Family Doctor
It's been some time since I first posted on DK my "Tales of a Family Doctor". I hope this isn't ...
doctoraaron 07/19/2011 35 30 1 146
Drugs? Money? Taxes?  I can't believe it.
But it's true. This is a story of youthful foolishness, drugs, the absence of drugs, the DEA, theft, and injustice. It is so offensive and sad that I am just not sure what to do. So I am writing ...
doctoraaron 01/09/2010 29 15 1 37
The End of Single Payer Hopes
The manager's amendment to the House Health Care Reform Bill, H.R. 3962 has been presented and it brings with it the death ...
doctoraaron 11/03/2009 36 21 1 34
A Little Fun with the Right
One of my secret joys is reading the occasional mail I get from right wing organizations. You see, I am a doctor and a small business owner, so they assume I must share their values. For this ...
doctoraaron 10/12/2009 15 33 - 56
Tales of a Family Doc.....a year later
My professional life is full of stories. There are some of remarkable bravery and happiness: Just last Friday I had the opportunity to trade emails with a patient who, finally, in his 60s (!) has ...
doctoraaron 10/05/2009 29 83 7 231
The state of health reform in California
Sheila Kuehl is an amazing an sensible voice in California politics: She is a termed-out State Senator who now sits on the ...
doctoraaron 07/07/2009 15 18 1 18
Stop the Media Blackout
In a shocking front page "analytical" article today , the San Francisco Chronicle published a nearly full-...
doctoraaron 06/14/2009 11 30 1 102
I'm Out of here:  A physician's goodbye to the AMA (Edited)
I'm a joiner. For years I was a member of two synogogues. I can't count the pieces of mail I get reminding me pay my dues for any number of environmental and civic organizations. I never pay ...
doctoraaron 06/11/2009 514 976 6 337
The Elephant in the Room: My Meeting With Senator Baucus (Health Care Series)
THURSDAY NIGHT IS HEALTH CARE CHANGE NIGHT, a weekly Health Care Series (cross-posted at ePluribus Media , ...
doctoraaron 06/04/2009 227 381 12 61
Can We Use DKos to Brainstorm on Health Care Reform?
After over a year of involvement with The Daily Kos I remain most impressed with the intellectual quality of the postings and the hard work and serious commitment to change ...
doctoraaron 06/02/2009 14 13 - 10
Update: I will be meeting with Senator Baucus!!!
Late last week I received an email (pardon the elipses and xxx's for now) with this invitation: Dear Aaron , Please see below for information on an exciting opportunity to..
doctoraaron 05/21/2009 76 29 1 24
BIG UPDATE: You can save a life!!
Dr. Don McCanne is a tireless worker on behalf of fundamental health care reform. He is a retired physician who now devotes himself full time ...
doctoraaron 05/10/2009 18 14 2 2
Health Care Series: Thoughts on Cost Control from the Life of a Family Doc
THURSDAY NIGHT IS HEALTH CARE CHANGE NIGHT, a weekly Health Care Series (cross-posted at ePluribus Media )
doctoraaron 05/07/2009 58 74 4 48
It's (Alternative Minimum) Tax Time
Tax day is almost upon us and it is this time of year that the right wing begins to visit us with arguments about why the tax code ...
doctoraaron 04/10/2009 27 9 1 11
Real Choice in Health Care: A Story and Cry for Help
Sione Alipate (name changed for privacy) has been a patient of mine since I started practice nearly twenty years ago. Before that he was a patient of my predecessor. His chart goes back to 1970, ...
doctoraaron 03/14/2009 55 67 5 173
No Day is an Ordinary Day
Saturday was a short day in the office. I came in to handle some paperwork and to see a few patients whom I couldn't manage to work in over the course of a busy week. It was an ordinary day with a ...
doctoraaron 02/08/2009 53 33 8 176
Listen to your mother
It's one of the rules that makes a lot of intuitive sense. Mothers have been around. They know you. They love you. They want you to get it right. So I realize now that when I last forayed into ...
doctoraaron 01/31/2009 13 8 2 -
This is what the right calls free speech
In December I posted an account of a day in the life of my work as a family doctor. It was well-received here, as it was ...
doctoraaron 01/24/2009 17 15 2 21
Health Care: Of the People? By the People?
Last month over 4000 health care discussions were held around the country at the request of the Obama transition team. One of those ...
doctoraaron 01/05/2009 19 19 - 33
Is a Sham?
Anyone who may have seen my previous diaries knows how frustrated this family physician is with the current health system. And yet I have ...
doctoraaron 12/16/2008 75 37 2 18
Tales of a Family Doctor-- care delayed is care denied
Shirley Crandall (her name and circumstances have been altered slightly in the interest of privacy) has been a patient in my office since late October last year. She’s a hard worker who’...
doctoraaron 12/15/2008 30 47 5 187
Tales of a Family Doctor:  Let's Take them Seriously
No story today. I've got one in the works but taking care of family and patients is priority one for the next couple of days... But there is some time pressure to consider what we've been asked to ...
doctoraaron 12/09/2008 14 29 3 20
Tales of a Family Doctor
I arrived this morning in the office at 8:50 a.m. to find Glenda, my office manager, buried in charts. She had been there since 6:30, simultaneously arranging referrals that had been requested the ...
doctoraaron 12/07/2008 276 418 55 126
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