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Yes, Mr. President, Take Their Guns Away
For years now, the NRA and its supporters have promoted the falsehood that President Obama wants "to take your guns away." President Obama has never indicated any such thing. Gun owners have had ...
donna in evanston 12/14/2012 9 4 1 -
No Apologies? Not Quite
This will be brief, but I just saw a disheveled (!) Mitt Romney give a non apology apology at a hastily called press conference. I was half watching Lawrence O'Donnell when they cut to the press ...
donna in evanston 09/17/2012 8 7 - 86
Squash It
This will be brief because I'm spending this Sunday afternoon at the salt mine. I wanted to report an incident that happened this morning while walking Sydney. I was passing the police station when ...
donna in evanston 04/29/2012 6 16 - 109
Is The Delegate Counter Stuck?
Surely the Superdelegates must now realize that Hillary Clinton is not fit to be President. Certainly those who previously committed to Clinton have recognized their mistake. Uncommitted delegates ...
donna in evanston 05/24/2008 26 9 - 1
Bill Press and DLC Talking Points
I listen to DLC loving Bill Press in the morning only because his show is the one playing on our local AAR station. Many mornings I get pissed off because of his constant self promotion and kissing ...
donna in evanston 03/20/2008 36 15 - 3
Props to Howard and to Us All
I am so glad to see Howard Dean getting his props from the blogging community as well as Berman's piece in the Nation. Without Dean, there might very well not have been a Kos, or an Armstrong, or a ...
donna in evanston 03/02/2008 11 16 1 7
Rest in Peace jaysea
The Kos and DFA communities have lost a friend. On Mother's Day Kos diarist and incomparable graphic artist jaysea passed away. Her wit and her ability to whip up just the right design were ...
donna in evanston 05/19/2007 89 181 7 19
Grapski Is Free!
donna in evanston 11/16/2006 16 15 1 22
Grapski: The Ghost of Tom Joad
donna in evanston 11/12/2006 10 12 - 14
donna in evanston 11/09/2006 6 5 1 13
Grapski Defense Alert
donna in evanston 10/26/2006 5 4 - 1
Action Alert: Free Charlie Grapski!
donna in evanston 10/21/2006 7 16 - 18
Taking Back America is Hard Work
donna in evanston 09/30/2005 5 10 1 1
See Ya NPR. Bye.
donna in evanston 09/25/2005 21 11 - 5
Howard's Not Going Anywhere
donna in evanston 12/31/2004 8 5 - 2
Moran and the "Purported Obscene Gesture"
donna in evanston 10/28/2004 9 - - -
I Feel Unclean
donna in evanston 10/23/2004 27 2 - 2
The women who forced the formation of the 911 Commission
donna in evanston 10/20/2004 4 8 - 1
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