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Best analogy of the GOP shutdown
So, Imagine that the company you work for held a poll, and asked everyone if they thought it would be a good idea to put a soda machine in the break room. The poll came back, and the majority of ...
dopper0189 10/05/2013 17 38 2 -
Kids are like "That N*ggaz say, b*tches say, meme is so g*y tho..."
Have a problem with the title to my diary? Which word in it? Was it one of them, all of them, or none of them? Because it seems we now have a front page diary that contains the phrase Niggaz as well ...
dopper0189 09/22/2013 332 255 3 -
Should 10 year old kids be handcuffed? What about 7? Or 6?
Should 10 year old children be handcuffed? What about 7 year old children? Or 6 year old children? This isn't a theoretical question. This also isn't a question be asked about children in some ...
dopper0189 03/17/2013 29 48 - -
Frothy mix was too "blah blah blah" even for "blah people"
One picture says it all....
dopper0189 02/04/2012 162 258 4 1837
I've often been struck by something that I've ...
dopper0189 01/16/2012 31 51 2 205
Santorum: Obama should be prolife because he is black.
The lastest creative use of President Obama's race by his political opponents Rick Santorum suggested that Obama should be pro-life because he's black. Conservatives are shamelessly attempting to ...
dopper0189 01/02/2012 13 15 1 128
Progressives win election in Jamaica AND campaign on protecting Gays!
The PNP (People's National Party) lead by Portia Simpson-Miller ...
dopper0189 12/29/2011 26 32 - 128
My 2 cents on meta wars, racial discourse, and purges.
As most people know a great number of people have been boycotting Daily Kos for the last week in both a protest to the tone of the discourse on Daily Kos, and to show solidarity with ...
dopper0189 09/18/2011 160 128 4 980
Not a diary just a mind blowing math/science video
This video from just blew my mind. Was shared with me on Facebook by author and scientist (and D Kos member) David Brin . Kevin Slavin argues ...
dopper0189 07/24/2011 33 19 2 169
Happy Birthday "Troublemaker"
On July 18th 1918 to the Xhosa people of Southern Africa, once was born a child ...
dopper0189 07/18/2011 12 20 - 70
DEFUNDING Conservatism Part 2
In DEFUNDING Conservatism Part 1 I explored the grand idea connecting attacks ...
dopper0189 07/17/2011 22 31 - 137
DEFUNDING Conservatism Part 1
I've been batting this diary around for along time. The way I see it those of us on the left have been playing short term defense for too long, because too many of us fail to understand the long ...
dopper0189 07/10/2011 178 571 56 2202
30 years of right-wing violence in pictures
As not wanting to be accused of exploiting the tragedy in Arizona I ...
dopper0189 01/30/2011 291 712 102 2291
Haitian Fundraiser Reminder
Not really a diary just a reminder, Black Kos will be posting a Haitian Eathquake Fundraiser today at 12:00 Noon on the 6th anniversary of the disaster. It will be under Black Kos ...
dopper0189 07/12/2010 9 11 - 26
Arizona: yes to boycotts & lawsuits, but registering voters is the key.
Arizona's draconian immigration law is rightly being castigated, but this bill needs a three legged attack strategy. It's mostly being attacked on only two fronts, boycotts and lawsuits. The last ...
dopper0189 04/29/2010 49 42 - 51
Hey conservatives if rap & rock "poison" the mind, why can't talk radio?
In the interest of full disclosure I don't believe Rock, Rap, or Hollywood makes otherwise peaceful people do violent things, but hasn't the conservative movement for years championed this meme? ...
dopper0189 03/29/2010 21 9 - 15
What? Comparing the 1st lady to a chimp isn't funny? CEO of Tenn hospitality association.
Most of us would assume that being the CEO of a hospitality association would mean one would have a talent for showing hospitality, or at the very least some knowledge of PR. The CEO of such an ...
dopper0189 03/06/2010 624 545 3 489
Getting Progressive legislation in the Senate (Blue Dog style)
One of the most anguishing things I have recently seen is that most progressive activist and lawmakers still don't get how to pass major initiatives. The most glaring problem is a ...
dopper0189 12/26/2009 18 17 2 72
Progressives welcome, kings of drama please exit
I'm not one to normally rant or write rant diaries but here goes. I haven't liked a lot of what I have seen on Daily Kos lately. See I always preferred the descriptor Progressive as opposed ...
dopper0189 12/17/2009 139 41 2 59
PBI (Party Brand Index) Part 9 Arizona
PBI or Party Brand Index is a concept I developed (with some much appreciated help from pl515 ) as a replacement for PVI.
dopper0189 11/12/2009 11 11 1 253
PBI (Party Brand Index) Part 8 Florida
PBI or Party Brand Index is a concept I developed (with some much appreciated help from pl515 ) as a replacement for PVI.
dopper0189 10/28/2009 9 10 1 214
PBI (Party Brand Index) Part 7 Ohio
PBI or Party Brand Index is a concept I developed (with some much appreciated help from pl515 ) as a replacement for PVI.
dopper0189 09/26/2009 5 4 - 34
Why I created Black Kos, and why it's needed.
As a long term member of this site, I respect the rules that Markos has established, and I will not call out another diarist. But I do believe that a response is needed to this diary:
dopper0189 09/13/2009 1018 608 13 73
We can do badly all by ourselves!
We can do badly all by ourselves! Honestly do our dear Democratic and so called liberal pundits not understand that? Honestly I wonder why they think we worked and fought this hard for such ...
dopper0189 09/07/2009 9 6 - 5
PBI (Party Brand Index) Part 6 WV and NH
PBI or Party Brand Index is a concept I developed (with some much appreciated help from pl515 ) as a replacement for PVI.
dopper0189 09/06/2009 3 3 - 110
PBI (Party Brand Index) Part 5 Nevada and Iowa
PBI or Party Brand Index is a concept I developed (with some much appreciated help from pl515 ) as a replacement for PVI.
dopper0189 08/25/2009 13 12 1 52
PBI (part 4) MO, AR, OK
Continuing on with a concept I developed called PBI or Party Brand Index (with some much appreciated help from pl515 ) as a ...
dopper0189 08/09/2009 3 5 - 56
Party Brand Index (part 3) North Carolina
I have been working on a concept I'm calling PBI or Party Brand Index , as a replacement for PVI. ...
dopper0189 08/04/2009 22 12 - 232
Party Brand Index (part 2) Colorado and Virginia (updated)
I have been working on (with some much appreciated help from pl515 ) a concept I'm calling PBI or Party Brand Index , as a ...
dopper0189 07/28/2009 12 4 - 52
Introducing PBI, Party Brand Index (Updated)
I have been working on (with some much appreciated help from pl515 ) a concept I'm calling PBI or Party Brand Index , as a ...
dopper0189 07/21/2009 19 8 - 40
Should majority leaders only come from solid blue States?
Should majority leaders only come from solid blue States? I'm asking this question because of all the consternations over the way Harry Reid has been governing the senate. With a 60 seat super ...
dopper0189 07/07/2009 27 5 - 2
Begala on Palin, or if my team quits during a financial crisis
Yes another Palin diary. But I think Paul Begala's take on Palin was brilliant in his new editorial: Sarah ...
dopper0189 07/04/2009 109 45 - 175
Monthly Daily Kos, Community Calendar
Daily Kos is vibrant community in onto itself. But we also have a number of other communities that have been developed here over the years. There is a partial list of community blogs ...
dopper0189 07/01/2009 10 11 1 -
NH GOPs top recruit Guinta possibly involved in bar brawl
The New Hampshire Republican party has been touting Manchester Mayor Frank Guita as a top recruit against Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH). Saying he will fight for "NH values". But even I had no idea he ...
dopper0189 06/30/2009 21 13 - 78
Many Madoff victims were with him to commit tax fraud!
One of the great "unanswered" questions of the Bernie Madoff scandal is the following: How could so savvy investors, people well versed in business and finance be taken in by a ponzi scheme? Well we ...
dopper0189 06/25/2009 15 34 2 245
Fox has mislabeled Republican scandals before, more picts
Just to add to AlyoshaKaramazov currently recommended diary UPDATED (x2) Fox News - "Mark ...
dopper0189 06/24/2009 43 37 - 356
Daily Kos Diaries "Community Calendar" List
Daily Kos is vibrant community in onto itself. But we also have a number of other communities that have been developed here over the years. I have long been a fan of ...
dopper0189 06/23/2009 50 23 2 26
Meta: Starting a Kos diary "Community Calendar" List
Daily Kos is vibrant community in onto itself. But we also have a number of other communities that have been developed here over the years. I have long been a fan of ...
dopper0189 06/22/2009 41 7 - -
The coming conservative disaster over the SCOTUS
Let me be one of the first to say this. The upcoming battle over the next supreme court nomination, that the traditional media is billing as a possible resurgence and rally issue for ...
dopper0189 05/05/2009 44 24 1 17
Dogs beat Cats in new poll. Thank Coleman & Tedisco!
I have long known that dogs are superior to cats. Now my new poll will prove it. Thanks to WineRev 's excellent dairy ...
dopper0189 04/18/2009 42 8 1 -
Talk Radio v. Rap/Rock does violence poison the mind?
Monday NPR on point had a broadcast on the violent hateful language coming from Talk Radio and Right-wing TV shock jocks. It was ...
dopper0189 04/14/2009 31 17 2 266
Swiss hold '$150m Nigeria bribes' from Halliburton!
I have long been a critic of the Swiss banking system. The world has basically turned a blind eye to a huge graft system. Money was loaned from the international banks,the IMF, or the World Bank at 8%
dopper0189 04/13/2009 32 84 - 195
Pension insurer shifted to stocks before crash, going broke?
Many Americans no longer have a pension. But for those of us who do, the idea that our pensions are partially insured to provide a guarantee against company failure, provides peace of mind. Well ...
dopper0189 03/30/2009 39 36 1 35
Shelby Steele is worse than Michael Steele!
I first thought Michael Steele had the potential to at least be a credible black spokesman for the GOP. Boy was I wrong! He has been a joke to this point. But not to be outdone, in steps ...
dopper0189 03/18/2009 25 28 1 301
A Liberal Is a Conservative Mugged by Health Care Bills
Nice title*? But even more amazing is that this is a quote from David Frum of all people! ...
dopper0189 03/11/2009 30 57 4 230 one asked, but how I would fix the housing mess.
Let me give everyone one a little back ground on myself. I am a chemical engineer employed full time in that role. But I also am the owner of several rental properties. This doesn't make me an ...
dopper0189 02/24/2009 35 9 - 2
Dancing, Speeches, and Remembrance!
Yes this isn't so much a diary but more of a photo album. I just want to remember this day forever. THE ...
dopper0189 01/21/2009 4 3 3 19
Rep. Paul Broun uses "Holy Water" against Obama!
It's one thing to disagree with someone, it's another to strongly disagree with someone. But when you feel you need to evoke God's holy powers against your enemy, your moving into Bin Laden territory.
dopper0189 01/15/2009 309 242 5 73
Can algorithms create more representative less gerrymandered districts?
On one hand I look forward as a movement progressive to gerrymandering opportunities after 2010, especially after the job the GOP did to democrats in 2000. But there is something to be said for make "
dopper0189 01/14/2009 48 35 5 235
Supreme Court to Rule on Voting Rights Act
This supreme court reviewing the voting rights act of first enacted in 1967 could have a huge implications for elections after the 2010 census. For those who haven't heard ...
dopper0189 01/09/2009 14 6 1 9
Voters ideology polling may be way off ?!?
This is more of a question then a diary. But have any of you seen exit polls asking voters their ideology? The splits I have seen are 23% Liberal, 33% Conservative, and 44% Moderate. Does anyone ...
dopper0189 11/09/2008 41 2 - 77
What will FOX news look like for the next 4 years?
Isaac Chotiner over at the New Republic published a great article that will most likely get over looked amongst all the election news. It's titled:
dopper0189 11/03/2008 60 23 - 26
Palin a progressive? Am I stuck in the twilight zone?
Most people are of course paying attention to Palin's misquote of former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright that "there is a special place in Hell for woman who don't support ...
dopper0189 10/05/2008 41 11 - -
If I screamed "racism" the way you scream "liberal bias..??"
My dad funny enough, despite being black, is politically what most people would call a Reagan Democrat. Believe it's annoyed me over the years, even though I know the defense industry put food son ...
dopper0189 09/28/2008 10 2 - 2
Howard Wolfson: Forget the Debate Focus on the Spin!
Even though I am an Obama supporter, one of the earliest volunteers in NH, I must say I respected the "tenacity" of Howard Wolfson. He was a master of the attack, and of managing spin. That is why I ...
dopper0189 09/24/2008 30 10 - 7
Shock Doctrine: The Fed shift stock into social security?
Democrat's once again are being played by only seeing the short term in this financial crisis. Let me spell this out is short clear language. The Treasury can buy stock or securities.
dopper0189 09/23/2008 12 9 1 2
McCain on Wall St. style healthcare deregulation research link
This is more of a "roadmap" diary. I hope that by placing this information up on the "old tubes" that readers with more knowledge and experience on this issue will delve into it and find the "devil ...
dopper0189 09/22/2008 3 5 - -
I don't fear the race card.
One of the great fears of progressive's is that as Sen. Obama continues to lead in the polls, John McCain will in the closing days play the race card. I think this year it won't work.
dopper0189 09/21/2008 16 9 - -
WOW! Look at the Indiana numbers!
I wrote a diary about a week ago titled Real Clear Politics: Palin Doesn't Matter, Numbers Do! In which I made the case ...
dopper0189 09/19/2008 74 70 2 15
TNR and Politico report Anti-Obama Push poll on Israel
The New Republic 's Jonathan Cohn is reporting that there is an anti-Obama push poll going on in Michigan. I just read:
dopper0189 09/16/2008 34 36 1 30
Real Clear Politics: Palin Doesn't Matter, Numbers Do!
I posting this because I hoping it helps to calm the panic that I feel many progressives are feeling currently. This article was posted in real clear politics.
dopper0189 09/11/2008 40 51 2 321
The 2008 Black Blogger Award Winners!
This is just a short diary to update the larger Kos community to The 2008 Black Blogger Awards winners. The Black Blogger Awards ...
dopper0189 09/10/2008 15 17 4 1
Democrats don't know how to run attack ads!
Democrats don't know how to run attack ads! I hate to say this out loud but more and more I have become convinced of this. Democrats when they cry "were going to get tough", ...
dopper0189 08/27/2008 14 9 2 -
Traditional media giving McCain free commercial airtime.
This will be short and sweet. The purpose of John McCain attacking the media 2 month ago for "being too positive towards Obama" was to change the media narrative. It has worked, the net effect is to ...
dopper0189 08/25/2008 38 21 - 18
Media: the Democratic candidate always the flip-flopper
Jonathan Chait made a keen observation today: Do you remember when conservatives used to ...
dopper0189 07/30/2008 13 7 - -
Maliki undermines media narrative, so they won't cover it!
Jonathan Chait wrote a column in tnr where he remarks The fact that Iraq's prime ...
dopper0189 07/21/2008 8 10 - -
The Liberal Democratic rapture is coming! BEWARE!
THE END IS NEAR! The rapture is soon upon us! Those of ypou in the elite know that Obama is supported by the same high percentage of democrats that Gore and Kerry were supported ...
dopper0189 07/19/2008 18 31 - 312
Robert J. Samuelson and PRO FORMA ECONOMIC statistics
Robert J. Samuelson wrote an op-ed in The WashingtonPost title "A Baffling Global Economy." He ask ...
dopper0189 07/16/2008 11 7 - 13
Dem turn out in UT,WY,TX key to a progressive America?
This diary is going to be a little counter intuitive. Obama doesn't have a -good- chance to win Utah or Wyoming. Texas is a reach unless this election reaches blowout proportions. So why am I ...
dopper0189 07/02/2008 13 2 - -
Politics and Racism masked as CONCERN
For those of you who are familar with my diaries you know I'm very carefull about calling a person a racist. I find it's more like to end conversations then to start them. But I find this story from ...
dopper0189 06/15/2008 34 29 1 26
GOP policies more unpopular than their "brand" to republicans!
This is just a quick story I had to pass on. Zvika Krieger at the The New Republic,
dopper0189 05/30/2008 27 43 3 179
More Kudos to Howard Dean
I have always been a fan of Howard Dean. I love the way that after he lost the nomination he proved his love for the party by helping to rebuild it. Now this story in Politico "
dopper0189 05/24/2008 16 21 - 22
Expert says Saudi oil production may have peaked
I was having trouble sleeping and I found this bit of frightening news in the Energy Bulletin. Speaking exclusively to Aljazeera, ...
dopper0189 05/23/2008 26 25 1 18
How Sen. Obama should win the white working class in Nov.
As it's now safe to say Sen. Obama will be the Democratic Party nominee for president it's time to start looking at what we need to do to win. Since the focus has been on white working class voters ...
dopper0189 05/08/2008 42 13 2 -
More Hispanic Dems than Republicans in FL
I don't have much more to add to this story, except this is the after shock of xenophonbia. Even though Sen. McCain has been a moderate on immmigration here is hoping the rest of the GOP ticket ...
dopper0189 05/05/2008 22 18 - -
Is Ethanol Getting a Bum Rap? It's stagflation stupid!
First of all I'm not a major supporter of Ethanol made from corn. I believe our ethanol supply should come from Sugar Beets not corn. Never the ...
dopper0189 05/04/2008 48 16 - 25
Amend the constitution to prevent a future Bush clone?
This is really a diary to start a discussion on a subject that I think hasn't been debated much in the blogosphere. Do we need to amend the constitution to prevent another unitary executive president?
dopper0189 04/30/2008 58 5 - -
Africa's broken heart. Your cell phone is fueling this!
I have grown more callous as I grow older and keep hearing bad news from around the world. But every so often a story still finds a way to break my heart. This one is from Africa's broken heart Congo.
dopper0189 04/28/2008 24 38 3 26
How I stopped being a homophobe
This is the most personal journal I have ever written. I did a lot of second guesing before I started writing it. "They" say that you should be carefull about what you post on the internet for the ...
dopper0189 04/19/2008 33 28 2 45
My last Black Kos week in review diary
Commentary Robinswing, Black Kos Editor It’s been a tough week for a blackwoman. If my sons had not already done so years ago, the media and its relentless harping on Jeremiah Wright and Barack ...
dopper0189 03/21/2008 237 502 25 152
My thoughts on Obama, race, and the media
For Friday Black Kos extended Sen. Obama's much anticipated speech on race was made today. Ironic isn't it that mass culture that for years told Black people just get over ...
dopper0189 03/18/2008 6 10 - 42
Black Kos, Week in Review
The last 2 months of the democratic primary has left me with a deep sadness. 6 months ago, I was overwhelmed with pride at being a Democrat. Looking at our field presidential candidates and seeing ...
dopper0189 03/14/2008 21 28 1 88
BREAKING: Justice Department may prosecute Sen. Vitter....
when pigs fly! Remember how the media handled that case? The GOP didn't ask for him to resign. The judge refused to reveal the client list. It was only revealed because of Larry ...
dopper0189 03/13/2008 31 27 - 21
Black Kos, week in review
William Jelani Cobb a blogger at wrote this poignant piece. Prayer For A Random Black Man. I have been ...
dopper0189 03/07/2008 40 35 - 17
Black Kos, Week in Review
In case you missed it this is an important cultural event. State of the Black Union. Some of the most ...
dopper0189 02/29/2008 33 27 - 11
Black Kos, week in review
Yeah this scumbag cost many lives. A Culture Warrior's Impact on AIDS in Africa Jesse Helms, former six-term Republican senator from ...
dopper0189 02/22/2008 80 75 2 8
Forget the Lobbyist, McCain dated an Exotic Dancer
Everyone is jumping on the NYT story about John McCain’s relationship with a female lobbyist . YOU ARE ...
dopper0189 02/20/2008 54 8 - 10
Black Kos, week in review
This is brilliant. Some people are blacker than others. In the The New York Times last Sunday, Jill Nelson dismissed the idea that ...
dopper0189 02/15/2008 19 28 1 10
Black Kos: History of The Horn of Africa
In honor of Black History Month I'm reposting this. The world second oldest Christian nation, Jewish empresses, birth place of one of Mohammed’s companions. The Horn of ...
dopper0189 02/13/2008 26 37 6 145
Beat McCain the GOP way! Strippers and Bills
OK so John McCain will be the Republican nominee. Democrats are ready to attack him. But once again Democrats and Progressives are trying to do it intellectually. The main reason why the GOP has ...
dopper0189 02/09/2008 22 9 - 1
Black Kos, week in review
I think someone read my mind on this. Can the New Leaders Get Some Elbow Room? Watching Sen. Ted Kennedy on Monday pass the torch of his ...
dopper0189 02/08/2008 43 25 - -
Black Kos History why Lincoln's GOP abandoned Black's to Jim Crow
In honor of Black History Month I post a few Black History diaries, every year. Everyone knows Pres. Lincoln was a Republican. The GOP was the party most abolitionist called home, and ...
dopper0189 02/06/2008 32 40 7 207
Black Kos, week in review
The Washington Post launched a new webzine. Called The Root it aims to be a slate "aimed at black people". It seems to be pretty good. I would call it ...
dopper0189 02/01/2008 61 82 2 8
Ex-Bushies don't face consequences for their misdeeds. Let's make them
Michael Currie Schaffer in a new article in The New Republic raises a great question. In ...
dopper0189 01/31/2008 21 17 - -
Thank You Mr. Edwards from an Obama supporter
I wrote this as a comment in a diary , but I wanted to dairy it on it's own. I am an Obama supporter, but I ...
dopper0189 01/30/2008 9 9 - -
Sorry MSM, facts show Latinos vote for Blacks
I have been doing my own fact finding on the latest blantant race baiting from the Cocktail sipping MSM that LATINOS WON'T VOTE FOR BLACKS This junk has been spewed around TV, ...
dopper0189 01/28/2008 16 26 - 20
Black Kos, week in review
My first instinctive response, before I actually read this article was negative, as I read the first two paragraphs I continued to feel that way. But as I read on I found myself liking what was said.
dopper0189 01/25/2008 81 32 - 24
Hey Pandering Liberal, Black Racist, Hormonal Feminist, Fake Populist
O that title got you going? Now you think it was a cheap trick, scream a title like that and everyone here takes a look seeing what the verbal flag the author is waving to get attention is about? ...
dopper0189 01/19/2008 24 8 - -
Black Kos, week in review
Let me be clear, I'm glad this ugly debate appears to be cooling down . But I hope everyone is aware of the following fact. THE GOP WILL THROW MUCH UGLIER RACIAL/GENDER ...
dopper0189 01/18/2008 67 43 - 14
Black Kos, week in review
I worked hard on the Obama campaign here in NH. So I have to say congrats to the Clinton Campaign. It's still amazing that the battle for who will lead the Democratic party is between a woman and a ...
dopper0189 01/11/2008 91 96 1 9
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