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Obama just 'Vetoed' Indefinite Military Detention in NDAA
On the 29th of February, 2012, President Obama used a waiver to extract the nation out of the nastier part of last December's controversial National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) bill: the ...
dotcommodity 03/03/2012 224 93 5 1044
Obama has Nearly Quadrupled Renewable Energy on Public Lands
With two years of the Obama administration, almost four times as much clean energy has been approved on public lands as in all the previous 40 years. All the renewable energy ever permitted on ...
dotcommodity 01/07/2012 125 150 9 677
Obama EPA Revokes Largest Mountaintop Removal Permit in US History
In nearly four decades since the Clean Water Act was passed, the Environmental Protection Agency has never vetoed any mining permit retroactively. That changed this morning. Word ...
dotcommodity 01/13/2011 235 629 9 696
Gigawatts of Recovery Act Renewable Energy Endangered in Banana Republic Tax Deal
dotcommodity 12/08/2010 9 5 - 22
New Jersey Residents Can Earn Actual Ca$h if They Go Solar
dotcommodity 10/05/2010 15 13 2 61
Bay Area Kossacks: Drop by My House in the Solar Tour Tomorrow
dotcommodity 10/01/2010 16 20 - 62
Didn't Know CBO Scored the "Energy-only" Bill? Here's Why.
dotcommodity 02/17/2010 16 32 1 45
Pot. Kettle. Senator Graham Gets $98 Million Clean Energy Bonus For State
From cleantechnica: news I covered in November ...
dotcommodity 12/24/2009 17 12 - 74
[Action] Want Solar in CA? How to Make it Happen. Sign up Before Noon
Sign up before noon today to take a bus ride on Wednesday out to the desert , where Abengoa Solar (the company that was picked by Desertec to supply Europe with solar from the Sahara)
dotcommodity 12/07/2009 2 9 - 39
Mining Hydrothermal Vents For Renewable Electricity
Only after I snoozed my way through high school science class did science become more compelling than science fiction. Back then, there was just no compelling reason to pay ...
dotcommodity 09/13/2009 29 14 - 36
Breaking: House Passed Refundable Green Incentives!
Remember the joy when renewable energy finally got tax credits passed last October; the production tax credit and the investment tax credit. But then the CheneyBush ...
dotcommodity 01/22/2009 42 50 1 19
Obama Wants Your Ideas for the Green Collar Economy
Finally, Obama has given up on that dinner date he'd been emailing me about all through the primary, but he still emails me constantly with this and that - as he no doubt does you too. Today's email ...
dotcommodity 01/10/2009 52 18 - 20
Utilities Suggest Huge Electric Vehicle Orders
Utilities are among ...
dotcommodity 01/05/2009 52 28 1 17
How To Make Detroit Build Electric Cars
dotcommodity 12/13/2008 54 10 2 5
Let's Pay Detroit To Bring Their Gas-Sipping Cars Home To The U.S.A.
dotcommodity 12/04/2008 99 19 - 24
LEED to Rate Solar-Powering Your City: Worthless
dotcommodity 11/29/2008 45 39 1 40
Climate Change: Rabid Dog Waxman I/O Detroit Dingellosaurus?
Pelosi supports Waxman bid to dump Dingell from the Energy Committee!
dotcommodity 11/08/2008 31 22 1 17
A Lifeform Found With A Million Year Lifespan
Microbes Devise Superior Evolutionary Strategy One of the prerequisites for us humans to achieve interstellar travel is faster spaceships.
dotcommodity 07/30/2008 51 15 - 29
Beat McCain's Energy Bill Veto Again
How many times have we tried to pass clean energy bills since we took over in ...
dotcommodity 07/29/2008 7 14 1 4
Are Coal Prices Next?
Appalachian Coal Prices Hit $140 Per ...
dotcommodity 07/28/2008 27 19 - 45
Cars After The Age of Oil
It is time to start planning how you will get around after the Oil Age, kossacks. The rest of the world knows this is the end of The Age Of Oil.
dotcommodity 06/29/2008 302 338 75 684
Major Automaker To End Gasoline Car Production
dotcommodity 06/28/2008 664 546 22 139
My Rep McNerney Has A Difficult Decision
Cross posted at EENR Progressive ...
dotcommodity 05/16/2008 26 12 - 23
Porcus Americanus And Marie Antionette
At the Bali Climate talks, the US was literally loudly boohed by virtually every other nation when our Representative refused to agree to binding targets.
dotcommodity 01/01/2008 47 12 - 14
Eco Delivery Trucks Coming This Way
While the oilygarchy here fiddles, olde Europe has leaped ahead of us in bringing zero emissions EVs to market, with a combination of great ...
dotcommodity 12/02/2007 23 38 4 159
There Are Activists Who Never Heard Of DailyKos
The first time I hosted a MoveOn event, everything went wrong. So this time, hosting a Potluck For The Planet/cum Live Earth talkfest last weekend, a very organised and capable friend of mine from ...
dotcommodity 07/15/2007 33 26 - 16
How To Turn Brown States Into Green States
...A How-To Manual For Legislators. Imagine how you would feel if you had to abandon a very lucrative business that you had run all your life, one that you planned to leave to your ...
dotcommodity 07/01/2007 17 25 6 176
Bush Refusing Water For New Mexico
This is a truly astounding hearing. I get a bit backed up listening to all our climate change hearings , and I am just up to Wednesday's now. I was ...
dotcommodity 06/29/2007 7 17 - 23
ACTION! Get 100+ MPG
You'd never know it to read some of the diaries recently here at my beloved -Redstate- dailykos, but our Democrats in congress are crafting great bills in this SolveSomething Congress. The ...
dotcommodity 06/24/2007 35 22 - 28
Small Cars Are Safer Than SUVs
Small cars are safer than SUVs Per a new ICCT report... Most technologies to ...
dotcommodity 06/23/2007 127 34 - 100
Obama On Coal To Gas Synfuel - WRONG!
Since Republicans don't believe in Science, global warming doesn't faze them. They love Synfuels. But Obama? Its bad enough, where gas is taking us:
dotcommodity 05/30/2007 165 22 1 41
Silly Looking: Does It Matter? (POLL)
You know how I'm such an EV angelical kossack wanting to mending our fuelish ways so I have ...
dotcommodity 05/07/2007 98 27 1 44
Is your God A Treehugger?(POLL)
Last nights debates apparently included the command that the Republican candidates put their hands up if they don't believe in evolution. Almost a third did. (Since I won't pay for Fauxist News - can'
dotcommodity 05/04/2007 59 7 - 32
Breaking !!! R's Get Clue On CO2:Fund EVs (POLL)
On Monday the Finance Committee hosted the CEO of the California EV company ...
dotcommodity 05/02/2007 82 33 4 29
In Weather News From The Future:
TWO towns are being evacuated because they have almost run out of water and cannot afford to indefinitely cart supplies.
dotcommodity 04/30/2007 38 23 - 104
EVs to Get $6000 Subsidy (update: If You Lobby For It!)
[UPDATE JUNE 2008: I will be updating this EV list soon (here) as there are now quite a few changes and ...
dotcommodity 04/23/2007 65 51 16 71
One Small Step For Me April 14th
Americans gathered together Saturday to spell out one big message to congress in over 1400 actions coast to coast. The message we all spelled out to congress began with each of us taking the one ...
dotcommodity 04/16/2007 22 14 - 146
Automaker Recommends Gore's Carbon Tax
I Seek a Vehicle With a Paradigm Shift Since 30% of global warming CO2 comes from what we drive, I have called every company that might make the mass market electric car to save us ...
dotcommodity 03/26/2007 42 30 1 12
Another Way To End The War
End The Oiligarchy.
dotcommodity 03/20/2007 14 3 - 28
Reinventing The Wheel
Whadya know! Finally! An American company has literally reinvented the wheel! A regular electric car is finally out there for those of us who just want something ...
dotcommodity 03/19/2007 25 7 9 156
Fat Lady Sings: Fox Abandons Pro-Extinction Camp
Its over ! We did it! Watch The Video! We know that its the fine quality of Republican News that is responsible for the fine ...
dotcommodity 03/15/2007 15 7 - 10
Frying Pan To Fire: Obama and Nukes
I like Obama fine. I'd vote for Gore/Edwards first, but Obama could certainly shut down the FoxNoise type of machinery-of-fascism and end it, and would be a good president. I haven't followed ...
dotcommodity 03/13/2007 49 17 4 25
Kossacks: Lobby the Senate with Al Gore
Our poor bloodied Saint Al Gore is going to be riding right into the Senate this month on his white horse, after being worked over and r oughed up by the Fossil Fool attack-machine ...
dotcommodity 03/10/2007 29 14 - 19
[Update] Green Power Switch Thanks Gore For Growth
[ UPDATE 1PM Friday : Mea Culpa : I just spoke to Laurie Parker at NES, and it turns out that I misunderstood Jo Lynn when she said Al Gore pays $432 ...
dotcommodity 03/07/2007 262 252 11 26
Dr. (Hockey Stick) Mann testifying at hearing NOW on C-Span
Listen live now on C-Span (capitol to Michael Mann on Striped Bass in Chesapeak Bay They say those who ...
dotcommodity 02/07/2007 6 3 - 9
Breaking: Waxman Hearing NOW on Bush Global Warming coverup!
YEEEEAAAAHHH ! ! ! CNN is actually covering Waxmans hearing! I saw no newscameras on C-Spans tv and thought this is being ...
dotcommodity 01/30/2007 25 54 1 8
Intergalactic Battalion of Smoking Missiles!
We must solve the problem of global warming without arousing Republican fears. “This isn’t a smoking gun; climate is a battalion of ...
dotcommodity 01/28/2007 26 14 - 43
Returning Fire in The War On Science
Congressman Brad Miller broke great news here that he is opening a ...
dotcommodity 01/25/2007 59 35 5 178
Gore to Testify at Climate Hearing?
Theres a Washington Post story today about a proposed Energy bill that two of the Senators running ...
dotcommodity 01/15/2007 10 9 3 9
ACTION! Shift $13 Billion to Stop Global Warming This Week!
Per the Environmental News Service, in the Only Environmental Bill in The First 100 Hours Up for Vote ......
dotcommodity 01/14/2007 14 21 - 14
Billboards In Red America: $250,000 Reward Falseflag Robocalls
dotcommodity 11/11/2006 43 22 3 23
Tony Snow? WHO is tougher on North Korea? A BBC report from 2002 that Bush let...
dotcommodity 10/11/2006 8 6 - 24
Imagine needing Education Insurance to get your kid into school.
dotcommodity 07/19/2006 5 8 - 15
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