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Blowing the whistle in America
Endangered: The North American Whistleblower When Edward Snowden turned over his trove of classified documents to the press, the propaganda machine for the security state immediately shifted ...
dougiemac in WA 06/27/2014 2 3 - -
Weep For the Republic
Lifted from the Real Time with Bill Maher discussion forum / Gun Control thread: Nicole wrote: one of these days handguns will be banned! huzzah and haroo! unfortunately, some of the decrepit ...
dougiemac in WA 06/18/2014 5 6 - -
Lucky to be alive
I'm one of the truly lucky ones. I have never gone to war. I have never seen combat. My generation went to Viet Nam and many of the young men and women who lived through it and made it back came ...
dougiemac in WA 06/07/2014 10 27 2 -
My little liberal rant
"I don't hate or judge, but homosexuality is a sin..." That sounds like a judgement to me. "I'm sorry, I didn't make the rules..." Oh that's right, you aren't responsible for your opinions. Here'...
dougiemac in WA 06/01/2014 15 9 - -
Who is Barack Obama really? [e] All of the above
Is Obama a Realist, Isolationist, Humanitarian Interventionist, or Drone-Dropping Hawk? —By David Corn | Wed May 28, 2014 11:39 AM EDT
dougiemac in WA 05/29/2014 8 2 - -
Open Letter to Conservatives
In case you haven't noticed, the mouth breathers and bible thumpers out there usually ignore much of what Obama has actually done, and focus their criticism instead on things that he said in his ...
dougiemac in WA 05/24/2014 13 11 - -
Follow the money
There are some positive signs of life on the left these days. As a dyed-in-the-wool cynical skeptic (or skeptical cynic) I've had to actively cultivate a naive optimism in myself just to survive. ...
dougiemac in WA 05/20/2014 2 5 1 -
Did Kellyanne Conway say the sequester worked?!?
On Real Time with Bill Maher tonight, 05/16/2014: The Panel: Ian Bremmer is the president of the Eurasia Group and a global research professor at New York University. His most recent book is ...
dougiemac in WA 05/16/2014 4 3 - -
BREAKING: Militarism is not good public health policy
I know this kinda sounds like a no-brainer to some of us but this article in the American Journal of Public Health is actually the product of a whole bushel of brains. The Role of Public Health in ...
dougiemac in WA 05/15/2014 2 7 - -
Breitbart on Hume on Geithner on Benghazi tres relevant
Headline at Breitbart: "Hume: Geithner Revelations Make White House's Benghazi Claim 'Inconceivable'" Because, according to this report on his memoir : The White House wanted Treasury Secretary ...
dougiemac in WA 05/12/2014 5 7 - -
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