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Cowel beats Lou Reed = Fukushima Hell
This is the first BLog I've typed straight into the net without forethought or editing after the initial rant. What if the death of Lou Reed is not a symbol, not some figurative “death of Rock and ...
dougstuber 10/29/2013 6 3 - -
Naturalist Tenets Handed Down or Heard Around Canandaigua
Naturalist Spirituality Tenets Handed down or heard around Canandaigua Posted by dougstuber 1) Always make everyone in the tribe feels that their contribution to the tribe is the most VITAL to the ...
dougstuber 10/23/2013 5 - - -
No Man Should Profit from Another Mans' Labor
No Man Shall Profit from Another Man’s Labor Posted on April 4, 2013by dougstuber No Man Shall Profit from Another Man’s Labor. NO MAN SHALL PROFIT FROM ANOTHER MAN’S LABOR Posted by ...
dougstuber 10/23/2013 12 - - -
Creativity Led Revolution
The Importance of Creativity By Doug Stuber, Visiting Assistant Professor, English Language and Literature, Chonnam National University There is a great book by Rollo May called “The Courage ...
dougstuber 10/23/2013 7 1 - -
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