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Alan Grayson's 4th of July Message To Blue America
Blue America has had a long relationship with Alan Grayson, going back to his very first campaign when all the insiders said he had no chance to win the primary and then, after he won it, no ...
downwithtyranny 07/04/2013 2 3 - -
Scripted Candidate’s Unscripted Train Wreck-- Must WATCH Video
Toledo Mayoral Candidate and current Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez works hard to come across as well spoken and educated about her community. She works so hard that she has to have her campaign ...
downwithtyranny 06/18/2013 4 15 - -
Toi Hutchinson, The Progressive In IL-02
downwithtyranny 01/22/2013 13 6 1 -
Who likes songs?
downwithtyranny 09/12/2012 5 5 - 88
Eric Clapton, B.B. King And... Patsy Keever
Get in the mood with this Eric Clapton/B.B. King duet, "Help the Poor" from Riding With the King 'cause this is going to take some 'spainin' and I don't have Bill Clinton around to do it. Or just ...
downwithtyranny 09/10/2012 6 7 - 65
Norman Solomon Endorsed Lee Rogers Today-- Here's Why
downwithtyranny 09/06/2012 2 10 - 54
Austerity Vs Prosperity
Normally on Tuesdays we introduce a new Blue America candidate. But this week we're concentrating on the responses our candidates have to Austerity. In short, the response is... Prosperity. Like I ...
downwithtyranny 08/28/2012 3 2 - 29
Meet Jim Graves, The Democrat Taking On Bachmann
With Bachmann's latest attention seeking stunt and lurch towards pure McCarthyism, people are asking who Jim Graves is, the Democratic nominee for MN-06, the district just north and west of the ...
downwithtyranny 08/03/2012 6 12 - 81
Tom Reed Has Refused To Disassociate Himself From The Vicious Racism Of His Top Supporters
Do you think racism is only something you find in rural parts of Georgia and Texas? Think again. WYSL (1040 AM) is in the Rochester, NY area and owned by Bob Savage and Judith Day. They run a Hate ...
downwithtyranny 07/07/2012 8 17 - 118
Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons... What People On Our Side Listen To In Wisconsin
downwithtyranny 06/02/2012 4 12 1 68
Me and Madonna
I bet you remember this:
downwithtyranny 05/30/2012 5 13 1 80
In Albuquerque There's Just One Progressive Democrat We Can Count On To Fight For The 99%
In the race for Congress in New Mexico’s open blue First CD, only one candidate stands out as a true progressive fighter for the 99%: Eric Griego. That's why he was one of the first candidates ...
downwithtyranny 05/12/2012 9 9 - 51
Today's Blue America Guest: Rep. Tammy Baldwin
downwithtyranny 02/21/2012 2 11 - 26
Blue America Welcomes Back An Old Friend: Darcy Burner
At 11am PT today, Darcy will be over ...
downwithtyranny 01/28/2012 3 11 1 64
Pennsylvania Has A Candidate From The Democratic Wing Of The Democratic Party-- Meet Matt Cartwright
In the 2010 cycle Blue America backed Sheila Dow-Ford against reactionary Pennsylvania Blue Dog ...
downwithtyranny 01/26/2012 11 8 1 54
Ed Potosnak Wants YOU To Pick A Pro-Environment Candidate He Should Give His Money To
As you may have read by now, New Jersey progressive candidate Ed Potosnak withdrew his challenge to Leonard Lance yesterday to take a job as the executive director of the New Jersey League of ...
downwithtyranny 01/17/2012 1 1 - 16
Blue America Welcomes Back Our Old Friend Ann Kuster
Ann Kuster is running in New Hampshire and her campaign is financed by actual people, not Romney people, not corporate special interests looking for government handouts,
downwithtyranny 01/14/2012 1 3 - 32
Fred Upton Has To Decide-- Is He More Incompetent Or More Corrupt?
For all I can I can tell, economist and author David Korten may have never heard of Michigan plutocrat Fred Upton. I haven't noticed that he's mentioned Upton in his newest book,
downwithtyranny 11/28/2011 6 7 - 41
Guest Post From Franke Wilmer (D-MT)
downwithtyranny 11/26/2011 3 5 - 32
Today We're Thankful For... Alan Grayson
downwithtyranny 11/24/2011 4 11 - 54
Chris Donovan Is Doing In Connecticut What We Need Congress To Do In DC
The last paragraph of this post has an opportunity to win a rare, fully autographed Van Halen poster. But first, the important part: As Congress (more on them below) remains stuck in neutral on a ...
downwithtyranny 10/30/2011 1 1 - 36
Do You Think Nancy Pelosi Will Help Dave Lutrin Win A House Seat In Florida?
downwithtyranny 10/29/2011 4 4 - 49
Sneak Attack In Iowa
Our friends in Iowa need help-- and they need it badly. Progressive Kick sounded the alarm today: The Republicans have mounted a ...
downwithtyranny 10/25/2011 20 29 - 224
SpongeBob SquarePants Contest
downwithtyranny 09/26/2011 2 - - 57
John Waltz At Blue America Today
You know what I love for Blue America? When we find a perfect candidate and he or she is running against a perfect villain. Michigan's 6th district offers us just that combination this cycle ...
downwithtyranny 09/24/2011 3 1 - 17
Tammy's In!
downwithtyranny 09/06/2011 7 9 - 45
Ilya Sheyman For Illinois-- A Green Day Signed Guitar For You?
Looking for the silver lining in the passage of the Boehner debt ceiling ...
downwithtyranny 08/03/2011 4 6 - 37
Blue America Welcomes Wisconsin Heroes Sandy Pasch & Chris Larson
You'd have to be living under a rock not to know there's a battle in ...
downwithtyranny 06/06/2011 5 8 - 55
Krugman Reiterates: Ryan Is A Flimflam Man
Yes, this morning Krugman brought back his classic description of Ryan from August, 2010: The Flimflam Man . Back then he was ...
downwithtyranny 05/24/2011 123 315 6 1976
So What's Wrong With Ed Case? Is He Really Worse Than Joe Lieberman? ...Tom DeLay?
Thursday, when Hawaii's stellar progressive congresswoman, Mazie Hirono, announced her intention to run for the seat being vacated by her friend and ally Daniel Akaka, we dashed ...
downwithtyranny 05/23/2011 2 8 - 70
Blue America Endorses Ed Potosnak for 2012
This afternoon at 2pm (ET) Blue America is hosting a live chat with New Jersey Democratic congressional candidate Ed Potosnak at Crooks and Liars. If you're not raptured by then, please join us for ...
downwithtyranny 05/21/2011 4 4 - 34
Meet Jeff Gardner (D-NJ)
Perhaps you've picked up on some commotion in the zeitgeist over a guy named Jeff Gardner running in a primary in New Jersey against the state Senate Majority Whip. Wondering what all the fuss is ...
downwithtyranny 03/24/2011 4 7 1 33
Kevin Yoder (R-KS)-- New Heights In Hypocrisy
On February 21 the University Daily Kansan published a q&a by Clayton Ashley with newly famous alum, ...
downwithtyranny 03/16/2011 4 5 - 69
Dan Lipinski's Reactionary Record Draws Him A Primary Opponent
If you're not from Chicagoland you probably haven't heard of John Atkinson (yet). If you do live around the Windy City there's a chance you remember the full page ad (
downwithtyranny 03/14/2011 9 12 - 100
Why Debra Bowen?
The race for the Democratic nomination to replace Blue Dog warmonger Jane Harman in CA-36 is a very tough one for Blue America. Instead of voters having to pick the lesser of two evils, as in most ...
downwithtyranny 03/02/2011 14 30 - 131
Congressman Leonard Lance is Deceiving New Jersey Families-- A Guest Post By Ed Potosnak
New Jersey’s Representative Leonard Lance was caught red-handed tricking voters into believing he isn’t taking government healthcare because he opted out of the federal plan, but ...
downwithtyranny 02/17/2011 6 4 - 33
Blue America Has A First Congressional Candidate For 2012-- Meet Nicholas Ruiz (D-FL)
Although Blue Dog honcho Heath Shuler and ex-Blue Dog DCCC honcho Steve Israel are running around Florida looking for conservative Democrats to run for the GOP-held congressional seats that were ...
downwithtyranny 02/05/2011 8 12 - 152
How Will Candidates Spend Last Minute Contributions That Come In Today And Tomorrow?
If you've been pumping iron at a Gold's Gym-- or, for that matter, sleeping at an Omni Hotel-- you've helped pay for thousands and thousands of vicious and distorted attack ads against progressive ...
downwithtyranny 10/29/2010 9 11 - 226
Steve King, An Iowa Republican Hypocrite Sent To Plague America
When Blue America asked our supporters to pick the worst congressman in the country for an ad, ...
downwithtyranny 10/26/2010 11 12 - 468
Foreclosure Crisis-- Who's Got Your Back, Alan Grayson Or Taliban Dan Webster?
downwithtyranny 10/03/2010 6 17 - 81
Billy Kennedy: Tax Cuts For The Middle Class/Virginia Foxx: Tax Cuts For The Wealthiest 3%
downwithtyranny 09/22/2010 2 5 - 85
Two Kinds Of Democrats-- The Ones With Courage And Heart And... The Cowardly Curs
An odd-- only Inside-the-Beltway-- juxtaposition of headlines when we woke up this morning: from Gallup we ...
downwithtyranny 09/10/2010 20 11 - 71
Virginia Foxx and The "W" Word... Plus Darrell Issa... And Nigeria
Help send her back to ...
downwithtyranny 09/01/2010 5 7 - 16
Why Bother Dredging Up NAFTA Again?
Everyday, the drunken orange golfer who would be Speaker stumbles around the country braying "Where are the jobs, Mr. President?" The answer should be really clear: "you shipped them overseas, you ...
downwithtyranny 08/28/2010 96 26 - 56
Boehner Pops His Head Up Again-- Blue America Responds
downwithtyranny 08/24/2010 14 14 - 51
Is Rand Paul The Craziest Of What The GOP Is Offering In 2010?
downwithtyranny 08/11/2010 21 31 - 43
John Boehner Belongs On TV
Help us keep Boehner in front of his constituents. No one makes the case better than he does about how ill-suited he is for any kind of political leadership. Yesterday Blue America and the Americans ...
downwithtyranny 08/10/2010 6 10 - 60
Fox News' Chris Wallace Takes A Little Look At California Congressman Ken Calvert
downwithtyranny 08/07/2010 10 9 - 23
Who's The Worst Republican Of All? How About Wisconsin Corporate Shill Paul Ryan?
downwithtyranny 08/06/2010 18 8 - 19
Can John Boehner Be Engaged?
downwithtyranny 08/05/2010 7 15 - 121
We'll Make An Ad For The Worst Republican You Know-- Just Tell Us Who
downwithtyranny 08/02/2010 17 13 - 122
Build A Boehner Buildboard Contest Ends Tonight
Last Friday Blue America was really hopeful, even optimistic, that we'd raise the $5,000 necessary to put up a BeatBoehner billboard on the I-75 near Boehner's gated golfing community in West ...
downwithtyranny 07/24/2010 7 11 - 27
Speaker Boehner Would Be A Hole In One For Wall Street
In his weekly address this morning, the President laid out the case against Republicans, "a partisan minority in the Senate," for obstructing progress. I bet they'll be screaming their heads off all ...
downwithtyranny 07/17/2010 24 15 - 30
More On Matt Campbell, The Democratic Tax Expert Running Against Steve King In Western Iowa
All of western Iowa falls in the 5th CD, including Council Bluffs and Sioux City. It isn't just the most Republican district in the state, it's the only Republican district in the state-- and ...
downwithtyranny 07/12/2010 5 5 - 23
Do Democrats Have A Chance To Win Obama Surge Voters This Year?
It's quite a leap for an Obama surge voter to be expected to turn out for a reactionary Blue Dog who virtually always votes against their interests-- like, let's say, John Barrow (D-GA). Today'
downwithtyranny 07/11/2010 45 18 - 57
Dan Boren- Congress' Worst Democrat Has A Primary
downwithtyranny 07/03/2010 27 85 1 50
Another Oil Spill-- In Salt Lake City!
downwithtyranny 06/14/2010 19 21 - 186
John Boehner Claims The GOP's Not Just Going To Be The Party Of No
But judging by his actions I don't believe him. He says he wants to be the "party of better solutions." But solutions for who? The same corporate special interests who have financed his entire ...
downwithtyranny 06/12/2010 15 20 - 52
Have You Ever Bought A TV Ad For A Progressive Challenger? $4 Is All It Takes!
July 20 is primary day in Georgia and our old friend, state Sen. Regina Thomas faces off, once again, against reactionary anti-health care Blue Dog John Barrow. Except President Obama has declined ...
downwithtyranny 06/10/2010 5 8 1 30
Unions, Our Progressive Allies... Sometimes: Georgia
Like I said the other day, unions aren't always dependable progressive allies . It looks like John ...
downwithtyranny 06/06/2010 6 7 - 45
Mark Kirk Lied About Imaginary Military Awards-- And About His Sexuality
A few minutes ago Kos asked how Mark Kirk will respond to being outed as a ...
downwithtyranny 06/01/2010 25 19 - 67
Happy Harvey Milk Day- Is Utah Ready To Elect A Lesbian To Congress?
downwithtyranny 05/22/2010 17 13 - 62
Forget Steve Young-- Can Brigham Young's Great Great Gay Progressive Granddaughter Oust A Blue Dog?
Those who were paying attention to politics yesterday, were probably watching the fascinating death ...
downwithtyranny 05/09/2010 72 97 2 360
New Blue America Contest-- Isaac Hayes And The Blue Dogs
First a totally cool video:
downwithtyranny 05/05/2010 7 4 - 22
Republican Party Civil War Makes Adam Putnam's House Seat A Likely Democratic Pick-Up
Last month it was great to see a lunatic fringe Florida teabagger, Peg Dunmire , a lifelong ...
downwithtyranny 05/01/2010 11 16 - 196
Blue America Contest- The 5 May Senate Primaries
There are five crucial Senate primaries in May-- North Carolina, Ohio, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Each pits a more progressive grassroots candidate against a more conservative ...
downwithtyranny 04/26/2010 3 15 - 56
Speaker John Boehner?
Bite your tongue. Or, better yet, pop by Crooks and Liars today at 4pm (ET/1pm, PT) to meet the young man who's trying to make sure that no matter what happens in the midterms, Boehner will never ...
downwithtyranny 04/22/2010 15 22 - 111
Is Washington's 3rd CD Too Conservative For A Real Progressive? Heck, No!
If you follow the Blue America endorsements , you're probably aware of ...
downwithtyranny 04/18/2010 6 14 - 38
Who Let The (Blue) Dogs Out?
No, this isn't another post bashing Rahm Emanuel. This one's an offer to help Blue America PAC fight Blue Dogs while, at the same time, perhaps winning a genuine RIAA double platinum award for "Who ...
downwithtyranny 04/14/2010 10 20 - 204
There's Only One Good Guy On This List: Dave Lutrin, Foley, Emanuel, Mahoney, Rooney
In our one brief phone conversation, Democrat Chris Craft didn't impress me much. The popular St. Lucie County Commissioner seemed like a nice enough guy but wet behind the ears, not terribly savvy ...
downwithtyranny 04/12/2010 2 2 - 20
Alan Grayson Faces The Limbaugh Onslaught... Again
Limbaugh was still ...
downwithtyranny 04/04/2010 189 290 7 49
Connie Saltonstall's Primary Challenge To Stupak As Important As Ever
Today is the infamous "end of the quarter" for congressional filings. "OMG!" candidates will tell you. "It's now or never!" If only! Tomorrow is even more important-- the first day of the even more ...
downwithtyranny 03/31/2010 46 13 - 28
Can Georgia Democrat Regina Thomas Hold Blue Dog John Barrow Accountable This Year?
Today at 2pm (ET) Regina Thomas, a Georgia state Senator with a progressive voting record completely oriented towards working families who gave up her safe seat to run again John Barrow, will be a ...
downwithtyranny 03/27/2010 26 18 1 54
Can John Barrow Survive His Constituents' Anger Over His Bad Health Care Vote?
Although John Barrow is a new resident to Savannah with no roots in the community, he knows that the Morning News ' Larry Peterson is the political reporter with his finger on the pulse. So ...
downwithtyranny 03/24/2010 16 18 - 33
Blue Dog John Barrow Votes Against Healthcare Again
The healthcare reform bill passed yesterday evening-- as did the related bill regarding the Senate fixes. The bill ...
downwithtyranny 03/22/2010 16 8 - 103
Doug Tudor (D-FL), Blue America's Newest Endorsed Candidate
Today at 2pm, Blue America will be formally endorsing Doug Tudor in the Democratic primary for the open seat in FL-12, primarily Polk and Hillsborough counties east of Tampa/St. Pete. Doug will be ...
downwithtyranny 03/20/2010 6 12 - 57
Blue America Endorsing Connie Saltonstall (MI-01) Today
Blue America PAC to Daily Kos Community : Thank You! Within hours of Connie Saltonstall announcing that she would take on the onerous task of running a primary campaign against entrenched, ...
downwithtyranny 03/17/2010 17 18 - 53
Help Connie Saltonstall Defeat Stupak
It's better not to let your emotions get in the way of real life political decisions. But yesterday when I read that former Charlevoix County commissioner Connie Saltonstall had jumped into the ...
downwithtyranny 03/11/2010 319 233 6 60
Congressional Outrage Du Jour-- Anyone Remember Virginia Foxx?
Most people outside of North Carolina who have ever heard of this unfortunate, batshitcrazy extremist just know Virginia Foxx for her tight embrace of bigotry and radical right buffoonery. Everyone ...
downwithtyranny 03/05/2010 7 13 1 121
Blue America Endorsing Craig Pridemore Today
Until today Blue America has only endorsed two people for the 2010 cycle, both proven old friends of our PAC who have been endorsed in previous years and have since proven their worth over and over ...
downwithtyranny 02/20/2010 6 11 - 192
Why Is Doug Kahn Offering $100,000 To Defeat Two Blue Dogs?
This morning Doug Kahn did a post at DownWithTyranny which offers a positive step towards making ...
downwithtyranny 02/10/2010 26 13 - 38
More Empty Talk From The DCCC-- Who's Protecting Paul Ryan?
Yesterday there was a load of chatter about Wall Street Journal article by Brody Mullins and Neil King that highlighted how the GOP is persuading the Wall Street Establishment ...
downwithtyranny 02/05/2010 7 10 - 30
Excitement in North Carolina
My friend's brother and sister-in-law live in northwest North Carolina's Piedmont area, the 5th CD, which manages to skirt cities and encompass the suburbs of Winston-Salem and the outer suburbs ...
downwithtyranny 02/01/2010 18 18 - 106
Not Counting Congenital Obstructionists, Responses From Last Night's SOTU Were Mostly Pretty Good
I guess they didn't poll corporate hack Sammy Alito but ...
downwithtyranny 01/28/2010 4 2 - 7
10 for 2010-- Marriage Equality Lives In The Golden State
I asked Christian Schneider, the former field organizer from Jim Neal's Senate run in North Carolina who's working in the same capacity at Restore Equality 2010 here in California, to explain what ...
downwithtyranny 01/23/2010 8 5 - 20
A Better Way To Fight Corporatism Among Democratic Insiders Than Empowering Teabaggers
Yesterday Digby took a look at the currents that are roiling so many progressives and Democrats, currents ...
downwithtyranny 01/18/2010 17 14 - 39
First Blue America Endorsement Of 2010: Marcy Winograd (CA-36)
Blue America is very proud to be endorsing Marcy Winograd for Congress today. She's our first challenger for the election cycle-- and our first ...
downwithtyranny 01/16/2010 36 15 - 35
Hilda Solis' Labor Dept Shows Us How The Obama Administration COULD Be Working
Last year Blue America came under pressure to raise campaign donations for Senator Barack Obama's campaign for the presidency. Like many Americans, we were very inspired by his lifestory and by the ...
downwithtyranny 01/07/2010 25 12 1 89
Jim DeMint Still Too Scared To Debate Eric Massa
South Carolina Republican Senator Jim DeMint was born in Greenville in September, 1951. Eight years later, September, 1959, Eric Massa was born in Charleston. Two sons of South Carolina-- but on ...
downwithtyranny 01/06/2010 10 11 1 20
Will Chickenhawk Jim DeMint Keep Ducking Eric Massa's Challenge To Debate Him?
downwithtyranny 01/04/2010 7 16 - 90
In Undermining U.S. National Security For Partisan Gains, Jim DeMint Isn't Breaking New Ground
Republican Senator and arch obstructionist Jim DeMint has been doing everything he could to facilitate a national security catastrophe on Obama's watch, a catastrophe Republicans could use against ...
downwithtyranny 01/02/2010 6 11 1 15
Alan Grayson Still Has High Hopes Obama Can Be The President We Thought We Were Voting For Last Year
Yesterday I was reminded why Blue America donors chose Alan Grayson (D-FL) to be the PAC's first endorsee for 2010 . If you missed it, take a ...
downwithtyranny 12/10/2009 15 5 - 24
Why Do So Many Shady Senators Want To Tax Working Families?
Remember when Democratic Senate Whip Dick Durbin said aloud what no one is supposed to even whisper-- that the banksters own the Senate ? He ...
downwithtyranny 12/08/2009 11 14 2 73
Our System Is Broken Because Of How It Is Funded-- Meet Florida Blue Dog Lori Edwards
So far this election season, the Blue Dog caucus, which has provided the bulk of the "no" votes that have destroyed Democratic unity in Congress and allowed the Republican minority to slow down and ...
downwithtyranny 12/03/2009 13 15 1 641
That Whole Escalation Thing Going Over Poorly Among Democratic Congressional Candidates
The day after Thanksgiving, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern penned an OpEd for truthout speculating, essentially, whether our leader in the White ...
downwithtyranny 11/30/2009 45 25 2 59
Time To Say Good-bye To Suzanne Kosmas?
Suzanne Kosmas never did join the Blue Dog caucus-- but judging from her voting record, she might as well have. Her 45.10 ProgressivePunch score shows her voting more frequently on the Republican ...
downwithtyranny 11/24/2009 8 10 - 110
Why The Arkansas Counties Facing The Mississippi River Are Important To YOUR Health Care
Last week, after talking a little bit about our media strategy for the new Blanche Lincoln TV ad (see ...
downwithtyranny 11/16/2009 5 13 - 99
Send A Hanger To An Anti Choice Democrat
Blue America is teaming up with Working Assets, the folks behind CREDO Mobile and CREDO Action in a project we think you'll like. We're urging you ...
downwithtyranny 11/13/2009 23 14 - 85
Blue Dog Has A Challenger- Regina Thomas Is In Against Barrow (GA-12)
Yesterday Regina Thomas made it official and is now campaigning for the Democratic nomination against reactionary Blue Dog John Barrow. For many in GA-12, his dual votes against Choice and against ...
downwithtyranny 11/11/2009 45 32 1 44
Keeping The Churlish Blue Dogs Off Balance
I'm posting this on behalf of Doug Kahn, a former 3-time candidate for Congress and a former heavy hitting DCCC donor who now works on the Blue America ...
downwithtyranny 10/28/2009 12 10 - 49
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