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2014 Senate: Gotta hold the Senate
The unexpected 2012 Senate gains helped us dramatically when it comes to holding the Senate in the next cycle, as we have a 55-45 cushion heading into a midterm where we have a lot of red-state Dems ...
dpinzow 11/20/2012 126 68 6 -
RCP (Rightwing Conservative Politics) was extremely inaccurate with their polling averages
All three major cable news networks (MSNBC, CNN, and FOX) used the RCP polling average to argue that the race was a dead heat, and that Romney had a legitimate path to 270 electoral votes. From ...
dpinzow 11/10/2012 11 12 1 -
NBC News WSJ: Obama 51, Romney 44 (NH), Obama 49, Romney 47 (NV), Obama 48, Romney 46 (NC)
The third wave of NBC News Wall Street Journal polls have come in, and right now, it is a clean sweep of all nine "battleground" states for President Obama: Topline numbers: Obama 51, Romney 44 (NH)
dpinzow 09/27/2012 72 53 2 784
"Obama for Me": JFK Jingle redone!
Posters of a certain age (lifelong Democrats) will definitely remember the "Kennedy for Me" jingle, an extremely catchy tune which is probably one of the most positive political ads ever: Well ...
dpinzow 09/25/2012 15 18 1 115
Campaign ad spending: Advantage Obama?
One of the most surprising new stories that has popped up over the past week is Mitt Romney's supposed lack of cash. Many diaries have been posted about Restore our Future, the Romney SuperPAC that ...
dpinzow 09/21/2012 4 2 - 45
Push Poll Alert: Pat Caddell/McLaughlin and Assoc. STILL can't give Romney Ohio lead
I am about to present to you the most ridiculous push poll of the entire cycle. We'll see if Real Clear Politics (AKA Right-wing Conservative Politics) includes it in their averages, but I wanted to ...
dpinzow 09/19/2012 9 3 - 142
NBC/WSJ/Marist: Obama 50, Romney 43, (OH), Obama 49, Romney 44, (FL), Obama 49, Romney 44 (VA) Breaking: President Obama leads Mitt Romney in Ohio, Florida, and Virginia ...
dpinzow 09/13/2012 52 92 2 823
PPP Ohio: Obama 50, Romney 45 (UPDATE); Obama 49, Romney 48 in NC
A very quick diary regarding the first of PPP's polls this week. Obama leads Romney by 5 and is at the 50 percent mark. Partisan identification in the poll was D+4, which is almost exactly the ...
dpinzow 09/09/2012 168 157 2 2163
Obama vs. Romney is not a dead heat
Lots of us have seen the media breathlessly portray the election as a dead heat, or tied, or within the margin of error. As a fairly avid political junkie, the media is doing us a disservice. If ...
dpinzow 09/02/2012 221 245 5 2777
Daily Mirror (UK): 9/11 victims possibly phone-hacked by News of the World reporters
This looks like it's going to get a lot worse for NewsCorp. Hopefully if proven true, our government will act on it. A former New York City police officer claims that "journalists" from the now-...
dpinzow 07/10/2011 18 25 - 168
Interesting correlation between life expectancy, other nations, and Presidential voting patterns
As most of us know, the current US healthcare system is fraught with troubles, and unless you do a serious amount of homework and find a really good doc (like I did in the past two years), top-...
dpinzow 01/17/2009 18 5 1 15
Senate Race Ratings (April)
If you thought 2006 was a good year for us when we picked up six seats, 2008 looks a GREAT DEAL better. It's been quite a long time since we've gone into an election cycle where the Repubs have, ...
dpinzow 04/21/2008 27 11 1 8
NC may scrap winner-take-all electoral votes for '08
Before I give my take on this, credit must go to Jerome Armstrong at MyDD for breaking this story. ...
dpinzow 07/28/2007 82 20 1 24
The President hasn't seen 50% since May 5, 2005
Think about that. It's been almost 21 months since our unqualified chief executive can honestly claim support from a majority of the American people. With this imminent surge/escalation of the ...
dpinzow 01/15/2007 27 12 - 4
New open seat in the New York State Senate
I may be cutting in a day or two late with this story, but [,0,7644984.story?coll=ny-linews-headlines Newsday] reported on December 26 ...
dpinzow 12/29/2006 24 6 - 170
2008 House: Dem defenses
Yesterday I posted a diary outlining all the House seats we lost in the 2006 election by ten or fewer points. There are two sides of the coin, and the other side is playing defense. There weren't ...
dpinzow 12/12/2006 25 6 - -
Democratic House targets in 2008: We've got a lot of them
One month ago the Democrats pulled off a historic accomplishment on Election Day: They did not concede a single House, Senate, or gubernatorial seat to the Republicans. The Democrats won a net of ...
dpinzow 12/11/2006 58 15 1 6
CT-4: The wild, unexpected meltdown by Chris Shays
dpinzow 10/13/2006 39 15 - 5
Massive changes on Cook's House index, and they all favor the Dems
dpinzow 10/06/2006 25 38 - 8
Columbus Dispatch gives Strickland and Brown the lead in Ohio
dpinzow 09/24/2006 22 8 - 2
Senate analysis: Dems in much better shape now than three months ago
dpinzow 09/14/2006 163 273 6 38
American League baseball--pennant races
dpinzow 08/25/2006 137 4 - 3
NV-Senate: A real sleeper race
dpinzow 08/04/2006 47 43 - 18
Heat wave ROARING into the Northeast
dpinzow 07/31/2006 81 6 1 9
Baghdad starts to collapse as its people flee a life of death: London Times
dpinzow 07/13/2006 240 369 13 49
The Bible was never rated G or PG
dpinzow 07/04/2006 15 7 - -
Charlie Cook: More Republican tossup seats in House, Senate
dpinzow 06/29/2006 41 26 - 7
Some musings on House races
dpinzow 06/24/2006 18 6 - -
Iran: The real winner of the Iraq conflict
dpinzow 06/19/2006 13 3 1 161
A combination of the Dean and Emanuel strategies is the ticket to victory
dpinzow 05/21/2006 17 2 - -
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