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Help Support Tarryl Clark!
Okay so first my apologies this was supposed to be out yesterday but finding an hour to actually write and publish at a time when I think the most people could possibly see this is proving ...
drache 09/02/2010 8 23 - 42
Vote 2010: Give Pete Sessions his walking papers
So I missed yesterday and what I've learned from that is that I need to find time to get ahead for days like yesterday (when I was gone for about 15 hours). That said I am still going to push ...
drache 08/31/2010 18 22 - 69
I don't freaken care about Glenn Beck
I really don't. The man's antics I find amusing and sometimes I sincerely wonder if the man needs a psychologist but other then that I don't care. I also don't care about his rally. I don't care ...
drache 08/29/2010 39 12 - 71
I need to get some things off my chest
What follows is mostly a rant on several topics *do not* assume the individual points are connected by anything more then my feeling that they need to be addressed. If I want to connected them I ...
drache 07/09/2010 197 37 - 40
Reflections on Patience
So I am breaking a long silience I've held on writing new diaries and I am doing it largely because there is finally something I think that needs to be said. And what pray tell is that? That the ...
drache 07/03/2010 71 33 - 44
My Aunt Died Today
My aunt died today, well technically I guess she died 2 days ago when she stopped breathing (I still have not gotten a clear idea on how long and frankly get the idea that no one really knows) and ...
drache 03/19/2010 175 129 - 40
Nate Silver takes on 'the mandate is unpopular'
Sorry if this has been already diaried, if it has let me know and I'll delete. It seems we finally have polling that might settle one of the more persistent debates around here. Course I expect the ...
drache 01/15/2010 51 5 - 11
A Fool's Errand
Let me just say that this diary will probably be controversial and if that's not your cup of tea you might want to save yourself the trouble and click away. I promise not to take it personally (...
drache 09/01/2009 28 3 - 11
Weekly Physics: Introduction to Classical Physics
First my apologies for the delay, I have been working 10 hour shifts and then pretty much been going straight to bed. The math version is also coming it's just been a lot of work (especially as the ...
drache 07/01/2009 24 11 - 56
I just do not understand
I don't often post political diaries, mostly because I often struggle to form my work into the words I want, to find the exact combination of words that describe what is a very nuanced and finely ...
drache 06/18/2009 111 10 - 24
Weekly Physics: Ballistic Motion
so first, sorry this is again a little late. Mostly it's just too many things to do and not enough time to write. I will have the math heavy version of equations of motion up tomorrow. It's just ...
drache 06/14/2009 59 12 2 197
Weekly Physics: Equations of Motion
So first off I would have had this out like I intended on Friday, however my mom had a somewhat small complication from her surgery that day and had to be kept overnight. Consequently I didn't have ...
drache 06/06/2009 63 21 4 287
Weekly Physics: Vectors and Scalars
So I have decided to slightly postpone what was to be my next published diary (on creating a headless computer and sharing from within a network) and write about something else. Namely what I hold a ...
drache 05/29/2009 57 16 2 37
In which I fulfill a request
So in yesterday's rec list diary DADT Proponents Get Their way; Gay Iraq Vet Fired , I was pretty much at the center of an 'interesting ...
drache 05/08/2009 331 14 - 40
Building your own Home Network of IPs and Ports
Now then for the curious Vol I is here ...
drache 05/04/2009 64 22 21 37
Why being 'single issue' is wrong
This is an attempt to show why in general people need to be more then single issue voters. It is also an attempt to show why 'all or nothing' is at best an immature view of politics. If that is ...
drache 04/20/2009 43 9 1 32
Response to Just Following Orders
Okay so I am going to do something I swore never to do. I am going to write a response to a particular diary. In fact I am writing in response ...
drache 04/18/2009 599 27 2 33
Oxygen to the Stage, please
Now if you clicked on this expecting something else then a rant of sorts on the complete lack of intelligent, rational thought and the complete mangling of science; you might want to click your back ...
drache 04/08/2009 65 10 - 2
Building Your Own Home Network Vol II
Okay picking up where we left off ; we have all the hard ware now what? Well now it's time add the software. Again, ...
drache 03/10/2009 22 12 8 19
Building Your Own Home Network Vol 1
So being somewhere between bored and lazy (waiting for job applications to come back and yet not wanting to do the house work I should) I decided to start a new series on building your own home ...
drache 03/09/2009 19 14 9 39
Missouri Tea Party
For those that don't know, I'm from Missouri and well it's an interesting state. It only narrowly want to McCain and while it's lost it's 'bellwether' status it's still an important state that is ...
drache 02/27/2009 76 18 - 85
It's time to talk about changing tactics
This diary grows out of a 'discussion' (to be nice) I had in December with certain people regaurding same sex marriage and whether we need to change our tactics. So here is my premise: It's time ...
drache 01/09/2009 33 - - 1
I am a Buddhist Part 4 Buddhism and The Nature of Evil
So yeah this is way over due. I originally intended this to be written in Novemeber after the election, but well I got both busy and lazy. For those that are unfamilair with Buddhism I'll direct ...
drache 01/07/2009 79 34 9 32
Warning:Rant Ahead
So as I was winding down for bed, I decided to do what I normally do about once a day and check the Hidden Comments list. I don't know if this is against the rules but frankly I don't give a damn,
drache 11/02/2008 485 8 2 7
I have to admit, I grow up in an odd household. My mom listened to just about everything from blue grass and country to 80s punk rock. The only annonying thing I thought about her taste in music ...
drache 10/20/2008 7 3 - -
McCain to debut comback speech
This will be short because the story is short.
drache 10/13/2008 70 11 - -
Action Report: Canvasing in Rural Missouri
Let me just first say that I'm going to be somewhat vague here about where exactly I've been canvasing. Not really because I think it's some Obama secert but I like my anonymity on the internet and ...
drache 10/07/2008 31 15 - 11
Reid - "We're staying till this is done"
Majority Reid just announced his intent to keep Congress in session till a deal is reached on the economic crisis. ( msn link ) Now I know alot ...
drache 09/26/2008 21 6 - 1
The Sky is NOT Falling......
I promised myself I'd largely stay out of the FISA fight, I really did. I promised myself that I'd largely stay out of it except for commenting in a couple places. And yet I can't not any more. ...
drache 07/09/2008 128 14 - -
I am a Buddhist Part 3 Buddhism and Me
So for those that are reading this for the first time, a brief catch up. This is going to be about my own personal experiences with Buddhism, for those a little unsure about Buddhism I've already ...
drache 07/03/2008 16 13 3 4
I am a Buddhist Part 2 The Teachings
Yesterday I discussed the history of the man known as Siddharth Gautauma who would later in life be known as the Buddha (see ...
drache 07/02/2008 55 25 5 34
I am a Buddhist part 1 the begining
I don't really as a rule do personal diaries, but I'm so sick of the hand wringing, teeth gashing, second guessing and over all wailing about FISA, Clark and Obama. So here I am writing something ...
drache 07/01/2008 24 9 8 11
On Recent activity on DK and why I feel DK has failed
To start let me just say that the recent dairies here seem to be verging on obcession with FISA and Obama's role in it. Which most times wouldn't be a bad thing, except here *Obama's vote and the ...
drache 06/23/2008 278 29 2 28
Where should blame fall?
I've been reading what alot of people are saying about Sen Clinton lately and I'm struck by just how vengeful people seem to be. But I have to confess, I think people are taking it completely too ...
drache 05/09/2008 22 - - -
I'd like to tell a story
I'd like to show a story with my fellow kossacks, it's a personal story and I know it's completely hearsay but I also think it in a nutshell shows not only why Sen Clinton is losing this contest but ...
drache 05/04/2008 16 11 - -
Something Lost in all the chaos
There's been alot of talking going on about how the Democrats are hurting themselves, how McCain is laughing at the Democrats, how the GOP is just eating this up as they sit back and enjoy the chaos.
drache 04/22/2008 6 2 1 8
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