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Isis, the name
My 6-year-old granddaughter recently spent a morning badgering my iPad Siri about her name and asking for pictures of goddesses. A bit later in the day she was quite excited to hear her name on TV. "
draghnfly 03/24/2015 13 8 - -
Sherman, set the WABAC machine to ...
EVIL public education! Boo! Hiss! Waste of money. Teachers with their cushy nine-month jobs riding the gravy train on our dime. How dare they! Republican governor after Republican governor wants to ...
draghnfly 02/27/2015 11 31 - -
Is my privilege showing?
“At this point it looked like he was almost bulking up to run through the shots, like it was making him mad that I’m shooting at him.” Are African-American men superhuman? Sadly for them, no.
draghnfly 11/29/2014 3 11 - -
Passed in the lame duck session of GWB's 6th year
HR 6407 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. Passed by voice vote (cowards) and signed into law December 20, 2006. Yeah, that one galls me a lot. Here's what Wikipedia has on that One ...
draghnfly 11/13/2014 4 13 - -
Suggestions for a wannabe activist?
Hey there. I diaried a few weeks ago about my community's botanical garden that was open and free to the public since its start in 1966. Long story short, the University which owns and manages the ...
draghnfly 11/02/2014 5 3 - -
The Nexus of Public and Private
Am I wrong to be upset? I must be because I seem to be the only one. My community has a lovely botanical garden and arboretum. McCrory Gardens was established by South Dakota State University in ...
draghnfly 10/07/2014 17 30 - -
When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd
No, not a diary about Abe. Or even Walt. We broke the planet. I notice it more each spring. Or, rather, the time of year we used to call spring.
draghnfly 05/08/2014 7 17 - -
What Is the "American Way?"
Have you ever browsed through a Federal Depository library? The Federal Depository Library Program was established by Congress to ensure that the American public has access to its Government’s ...
draghnfly 01/19/2013 3 3 - -
Who among us?
Who among us has not loved a child? Our child? Grandchild? Niece, nephew, or neighbor? The Sandy Hook massacre has impacted me viscerally. Far more than 9/11. Maybe it's because my granddaughter, ...
draghnfly 12/18/2012 2 1 - -
Benefit for ...
I don't know about you all from the big cities, but in my small town we have a weekly advertising tabloid that's delivered to everyone. The Town & Country Shopper carries business advertisements ...
draghnfly 12/09/2012 3 16 - -
Syllogism, thou cruel mistress
In computer talk, it's like an IF/THEN statement. IF such happens, THEN thus happens. We're familiar with the classic. All humans die. (major premise) I'm human. (minor premise) I will die. (...
draghnfly 10/28/2012 2 2 - -
Gimme some of that old-time GMO
These days it's all genetic engineering and cloning and gene splicing and recombinant DNA. Our friends at Monsanto market the herbicide Roundup and, quelle surprise, have blanketed the nation's ...
draghnfly 08/17/2012 87 56 2 296
Has the insect world gone buggy?
We've just come off the hottest July in modern times and I sit here pondering on this mid-August morning that feels more like late September. The seasons have gone screwy. The climate has changed. ...
draghnfly 08/12/2012 120 101 1 628
So Dick Cheney got a heart
And my brother-in-law died last night because he didn't. The bravest, strongest person I've ever known is gone and Darth Vader goes on. No, I don't blame Dick Cheney for John's death. I know his ...
draghnfly 03/25/2012 29 19 - 134
Only bill is a clean bill
Do it! Do it like it's been done dozens of times before with no fuss and little fanfare. Mr. Reid, Mr. Boehner, do it now. The time for "negotiation" has ended. There can be no compromise. The only ...
draghnfly 07/30/2011 9 8 - 45
Is default the end game?
It occurred to me last night while listening to a discussion of what might not be paid in the event of a default. Among the suggestions were Social Security, etc. We know they don't care about the ...
draghnfly 07/12/2011 5 - - 75
Social "insurance" programs?
I'm watching Lawrence O'Donnell. Austin Goolsbee is the interviewee. I don't know how to interpret what I heard.
draghnfly 03/04/2011 4 2 - 42
Union ≠ Omnipotent
I miss Studs Terkel. Wouldn't it be great to ...
draghnfly 02/19/2011 4 9 - 61
A Simple Tax Cut Proposal
Billionaires, trillionaires, Joe Schmo. Everyone pays taxes. Income tax, capital gains, payroll, sales, etc. As much as they like to whine about it, taxes don't really "hurt" those who can afford ...
draghnfly 12/04/2010 5 - - 48
Sometimes I love my job
I work in the government documents department of a Federal Depository Library. As part of my job I participate in several listservs. Today, a message announced this site.
draghnfly 08/30/2010 7 15 - 28
Tweety agrees
Chris Matthews annoys me to no end, but occasionally he makes a cogent point. Tonite in his "Let Me Finish" segment, he called on Obama to establish an Environmental Corps. A new CCC. Watch the clip.
draghnfly 06/03/2010 19 17 - 34
Bring back the CCC
My PBS station rebroadcast American Experience Civilian Conservation Corps tonight. I cried. Again. Is it possible that we could ...
draghnfly 05/31/2010 39 22 2 247
Is there an environmental engineer in the house?
I have questions about the Gulf Coast situation. Oil has reached land and is making its way into the marshes. I've read some of the remediation suggestions. Burning the oil off, etc. What I want to ...
draghnfly 05/24/2010 28 5 - 35
My dumb as a box of rocks state
I live in one of the Midwest corridor states. South Dakota. There's nothing much out here 'cept a few fence posts. The country is wide and flat and open. And windy. There is no such thing as a calm ...
draghnfly 02/24/2010 9 4 - 9
Death Panel: Self-fulfilling prophecy?
Like other sane people, I am aghast that such scare tactic would be used and even more shocked that it is actually believed. My great-grandmother killed herself because of an identical story.
draghnfly 08/12/2009 7 2 - 3
Lose the legal label
In the days since Dr. Tiller's assassination, I have read and heard the word "legal" too many times. The procedures were legal. Women were exercising their legal rights. Etc. In fact, Rachel Maddow ...
draghnfly 06/14/2009 3 5 - 12
*Yet Another Reproductive Rights and Abortion I have recommended in a couple of comments the e-publication When ...
draghnfly 06/05/2009 5 8 - 1
The real tragedy of Dr. Tiller's murder
I am a mother of two lovely daughters and a doting grandmother of two absolutely adorable urchins. I've been pregnant. Loved it. I've given birth. Except for the last 30 minutes or so and the ...
draghnfly 06/01/2009 17 11 - -
I want to be energy efficient
Our old house has needed these improvements for some time and this year we can finally afford it. First on our list is to replace the old wood storms and screens with aluminum combinations. They ...
draghnfly 04/14/2009 10 10 - -
Today a telemarker hung up on me
I'd just like to query the hive mind here. I don't usually diary so if this is inappropriate, I'll delete it. This afternoon I got a cold call from "Card Services." Press "9" to speak to a ...
draghnfly 03/16/2009 52 14 - 19
Daschle - The right man for the job
Disclaimer: I live in South Dakota and I'm a fan of our boy. I have a professional as well as a personal interest in Daschle's career. He donated his career papers - 2,000 linear feet - to South ...
draghnfly 11/19/2008 15 6 - 6
Who gets to choose?
Obviously not women. Or their doctors. John McCain has made "choice" a major plank of his healthcare plan. Choice of insurance plan. Choice of doctor. Choice of treatment. From McCain's website:
draghnfly 10/16/2008 5 2 - -
Move the decimal
Imagine if you will that you've left the water running in your sink and flooded the house. Grover was supposed to watch over you that you didn't do that but he got busy fighting with the neighbors ...
draghnfly 10/07/2008 4 3 - -
What's the difference ...
between Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzalez, Feith, et al, and a hockey mom?
draghnfly 09/05/2008 5 2 1 2
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