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Inside Romney's IT clusterf*uck
This article is a fascinating insight one of the major blunders of the Romney campaign. We won this election for lots of reason, but GOTV was the biggest one. It looks like the Romney campaign ...
drmonkey 11/09/2012 93 37 1 -
We're gonna lose
It was fun watching the clown show that was the GOP primary, no doubt; but now that the real election season is getting underway, it should be starting to become apparent to all but the most wildly ...
drmonkey 06/13/2012 129 6 - 682
Palin's personal email hacked - UPDATED
Apparently, someone's hacked Sarah Palin's personal Yahoo email and released it to WikiLeaks .
drmonkey 09/17/2008 28 9 2 3
NASA patents to be auctioned
This is both disappointing and par for the course: A suite of 25 patents for technology developed at NASA’s Goddard ...
drmonkey 09/15/2008 63 22 - -
Please take down the "teeth" post
Come on. There's so much stuff about John McCain that could serve as legitimate grounds for discussion. Do we really have to mock the color of the man's teeth?
drmonkey 06/05/2008 756 1456 32 107
Texas gubernatorial candidate proposes HUGE tax on abortion
drmonkey 01/25/2006 7 1 - 1
How's it playing with average people? (with poll!)
drmonkey 12/20/2005 2 1 - 1
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