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Tragic Irony: Environmental Collapse Imminent, US Kills Innocent Civilians to Git a "Turrist"
The juxtaposition was disturbing: NATO Airstrike Kills 18 Civilians Scientists Say Environmental Collapse Now a Serious Threat And yet, the murder of civilians in pursuit of a small handful of ...
drnononono 06/06/2012 21 15 - 108
Connecticut Legislature Repeals Death Penalty
In news that is huge everywhere but here at dKos (where it didn't even make it into the Overnight News Digest), Connecticut yesterday repealed its death penalty , replacing it with life without ...
drnononono 04/12/2012 13 9 1 49
Connecticut Senate Votes to Abolish Death Penalty
"What kind of society do we want for our children?" That is the simple, yet profound, question asked by Connecticut State Senator Gayle Slossberg (D-Milford) during debate on the pending ...
drnononono 04/05/2012 9 8 1 53
Abolitionist Action Alert!
Just got this from the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, and I am reprinting it here in its entirety: "Dear Fellow Abolitionists, Timothy Shaun Stemple is set to be executed in ...
drnononono 03/14/2012 3 3 1 56
The Untimely Death of the First Amendment
Oh, it's not dead, yet. In America, these things--civil liberties seemingly guaranteed by the Bill of Rights--don't die spectacularly and suddenly. No; they suffer protracted, gradual deaths, ...
drnononono 11/18/2011 14 7 1 80
Occupy Denver: Rubber Bullets, Batons, Pepper spray [Updated: 20 arrested, multiple injured]
At Occupy Denver this afternoon , police moved in in force, in riot/SWAT gear, and used ...
drnononono 10/29/2011 188 209 1 1214
Ty Alper: Why the Execution of a White Supremacist Murderer Matters Too
Ty Alper, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law and Associate Director of the Death Penalty Clinic at UC-Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall), recently penned a remarkable essay at another site. ...
drnononono 09/28/2011 34 16 - 112
Two Threatened With Death Penalty Exonerated After Decade In Prison
Kenneth Kagonyera, 31, and Robert Wilcoxson, 31, were freed and exonerated after spending a decade in prison, after a panel of judges in North Carolina ruled they were actually innocent of the crime ...
drnononono 09/27/2011 6 13 - 74
Some Death Penalty Facts
Sometimes, the facts speak for themselves. Often, enlightenment occurs from merely examining and pondering the facts pertaining to a problem or issue. In this diary, I'm going to set forth facts ...
drnononono 09/24/2011 9 7 - 80
Alabama Set to Murder Derrick Mason
In the wake of the grief, anger, and disillusionment over the State of Georgia's murder of Troy Davis, it is easy to forget that several states are preparing the premeditated murder of more human ...
drnononono 09/22/2011 10 13 - 112
No Democrat should praise Reagan
Ronald Wilson Reagan was the President who attempted to cut school lunches for the poor. Ronald Reagan attempted to have ketchup reclassified as a vegetable, in order to save money. Ronald Reagan ...
drnononono 08/17/2011 39 22 1 123
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