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Filibuster Reform? We Need A New Majority Leader
After six (not four) years of Republican obstructionism, Sen. Reid awakens to the notion that rules reform might be a good idea. Unfortunately, the package that he is shopping around reflects the ...
droat 11/28/2012 65 5 - -
NC-Sen Runoff Predictions
Marshall: 136,052 Cunningham: 104,981 Many are predicting a much lower turnout based on most runoff turnouts. The Cunningham campaign has publicly estimated the turnout near 200K. The Asheville ...
droat 06/21/2010 11 3 1 32
NC Sen: Edwards?
It could happen. NH is on 1/8, SC is on 1/29. Super Tuesday is on 2/5. The final day to file for the Dem primary in NC isn't until 2/29 according ...
droat 01/06/2008 82 7 - 6
WINO Watch - Warner vs. Reid
Leading WINO (waverer in name only) Sen. Warner continues his hollow rhetoric, but a Reid aide calls him out on it. From CNN: Warner: "I say to the president, ...
droat 08/24/2007 3 2 - 1
Dems in Congress might be smarter than they look
A strategy of attack and retreat worked out pretty well for Attila the Hun. That might just be what Pelosi and Ried are doing.
droat 06/22/2007 29 4 - 37
Instant Runoff Voting Within The Democratic Party
With all the talk about Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) in general elections, I would like to propose IRV within the Dem party. I mean that every nomination for elected office and every party office ...
droat 06/17/2007 78 10 1 4
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