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Fri Feb 28, 2014 at 04:28 AM PST

The Hazards of Being a "Weatherman"

by dweb8231

Last Tuesday, resident Kos weatherperson weatherdude made front page news by proclaiming that rumors of a mega winter storm for a major part of the US were, as he proclaimed in the headline...a HOAX.

There's rampant speculation around social media right now that there's going to be a historic, blockbuster winter storm that affect over two-thirds of the United States east of the Rockies next week. It is a hoax. There will not be a "historic" winter storm next week. They don't even hint at a sizable storm in the long range.
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The New York Times today reports that in the wake of the sudden collapse of the Ukranian government and the hasty departure of its President, Viktor F. Yanukovych, apparently to Russia, a cache of over 20,000 documents have been found in the Presidential compound and retrieved from bags thrown into a nearby river.

The documents, many of them soaking wet, have been dried out and are being posted page by page on a website for all to see.  The contents are damning, both for the former leadership, the Russians who have clearly had a hand in trying to manage and direct actions against the protesters who ultimately overthrew Yanukovych and a U.S. Law firm - Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.  It offers what clearly seems to be a guiding principle among some powerful firms:  Pay us and we'll tell you what you want and prepare what you need.

More below the orange turmoil.

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You KNOW things are heading south for embattled NJ Governor Chris Christie when you hear the latest of his maneuvers and it's a doozy.  Susana Esposa Guerrero, who has worked in the governor’s counsel’s office with all nine of the senior staffers who recently received subpoenas in the George Washington Bridge scandal was named yesterday, in executive session, to take over the leadership of the state's Ethics Commission.

According to Mark Magyar at NJ Spotlights Christie recommended Guerrero to the Commission and she was voted in without any other candidate being considered.

Interestingly, before Christie took over, the Commission used to select its own Executive Director, but as is becoming more and more clear, Christie in power is really controlling at any and every level.  The Commission didn't even announce the appointment.

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A fascinating and horrifying story in this morning's UK Guardian newspaper about anti-fracking activist Vera Scroggins.

Scroggins has spent the past five years in opposition to fracking in Susquehana County in northeastern Pennsylvania - the heart of the state's Marcellus Shale drilling industry.  

She has visited frack sites – posting up to 500 videos on YouTube. She has called in health and environmental regulators at perceived violations, and she has organised bus tours of frack sites for anyone who is interested – from Yoko Ono and Susan Sarandon to visiting Canadian elected officials.
In October however, the major drilling company in the region, Cabot Energy, hauled Ms. Scroggins into court on just 72 hours notice (too little time for her to find a lawyer), produced 9 company employees and members of their private security firm and in short order had a court order from local judge Kenneth Seaman barring her from setting foot on any property owned or leased by Cabot in the county.  What has ensued is a living nightmare for Ms. Scroggins.  Nearly 40 percent of the county's lands are in Cabot control, but Ms. Scroggins has no map to guide her on where she can and can't go.


(She) is legally barred from the new county hospital. Also off-limits, unless Scroggins wants to risk fines and arrest, are the Chinese restaurant where she takes her grandchildren, the supermarkets and drug stores where she shops, the animal shelter where she adopted her Yorkshire terrier, bowling alley, recycling centre, golf club, and lake shore.
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It started for me this evening as I was watching the CBS Evening News.

CBS just hired former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell as a "security consultant" and commentator and he wasted no time today (with appearances both this morning and this evening on the network's news shows) hinting that the Russians had aided Edward Snowden in his obtaining and leaking NSA files.

This morning he prefaced his remarks by saying, "We just don't know..." but then added that there were "...a couple of classified reports which I can't discuss here which suggest that might have been the case."

Tailgunner Joe McCarthy:  "I have here in my hand a list with the names of X known communists currently working in the State Department."
In other words:  "We don't know but I get to see classified material you can't, so trust me, there MIGHT be something to those charges."  Mr. Morrell's tactics here are frankly the worst form of McCarthyism and CBS should be ashamed for giving him a forum to use them on their airwaves.     It has no place in our democracy.  

But in plain fact, I suddenly realized that Mr. Morrell's remarks are only part of what has suddenly begun....a full scale and clearly coordinated attack on Edward Snowden.....not with facts....but with massive inuendo.  Follow me below the squiggle for more evidence.

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Thu Jan 09, 2014 at 05:30 AM PST

Is This the Killer Christie Quote?

by dweb8231

In the midst of all the coverage of Chris Christie and his apparent use of pre-meditated lane closures at the approaches to the GW Bridge in Fort Lee as a vendetta against the local Democratic mayor for failing to support his re-election, there is now one quote....nearly a year old, which could really nail Christie's chances of weasling out of this mess.

On February 27, 2013, Christie held a press conference and was asked by a young girl to detail what was "the most fun about his job."   His response below the orange traffic tie up.

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Are you seeing this when you visit your favorite high volume blogosphere sites these days?  Video ads that start running even when you never went anywhere near them, or in many cases, never even saw them on your screen?

It has been happening to me with increasing frequency and it is really the unwanted phone calls at dinner time advising me "There is nothing wrong with your credit card account, but if you call now....", or "Can I talk to whoever handles your electric light bill...."

But the video ads are really land on a page and start reading, and suddenly your hear advertising audio blaring out of your speakers, even though you see nothing on your immediate screen to indicate where it is coming from.

There may be a way to stop this, but it will require some cooperative efforts.  My proposals on what each of us can do, below the orange tangle of frustration.

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Daily Kos is a wonderful place....a collection of lots of different people who know lots of different stuff.  So I need a Kos expert with some engineering math expertise....fluid dynamics to be particular and oil to be specific:

So I saw this story today in the NY Times about a North Dakota farmer who smelled oil on his property and discovered that a Tesoro Logistics pipeline, running across his property, was leaking oil.

For several days last month, Steven Jensen smelled the oil, wafting up over his rolling wheat farm near Tioga.


But in that part of northwestern North Dakota, where the rush to tap the Bakken shale field is roaring, the scent of crude is hardly uncommon. It was not until Sept. 29 that Mr. Jensen came across a six-inch spurt of oil gurgling up from his land and reported a spill.

As it turned out, a Tesoro Logistics pipeline had ruptured, spreading more than 865,000 gallons of oil across seven acres of Mr. Jensen’s farm. The spill is one of the largest inland oil pipeline accidents in the United States.


A Tesoro spokeswoman, Tina Barbee, said in an e-mail that an internal inspection last month detected “anomalies” with the pipeline. But Tesoro was still waiting for details when Mr. Jensen discovered the spill.

The company estimated that the hole from which the oil leaked was about a quarter-inch in diameter.

The question I need below the orange bubble of leaking crude:
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Thu Oct 17, 2013 at 07:37 AM PDT

Could Mitch's Dam Deal Be His Demise?

by dweb8231

Whenever Congress gets together and assembles a "deal," be sure to check the fine print to see who really gets the goodies.

In the case of the latest deal to resolve the current budget crisis, that fine print included funding for a dam, in of all places KY and guess who is the senior senator from KY and Senate Minority Leader.....yup Mitch McConnell.

Details below the swirling orange currents of dam and conservative GOP politics.

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Not so much euphoria everyone.  If you think today's pending budget deal solves any problems, you haven't been paying any attention and there are lots of warning signs that Congress has once again simply pushed its whole sorry mess forward a few weeks with no signs that when it all returns, things will be any different.

A few clear signs of this below the swirling ego of Ted Cruz:


Will the special joint committee come up with a long-term budget deal in two months?

4%1 votes
96%24 votes

| 25 votes | Vote | Results

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We're seeing the hypocrisy daily:  

The TX GOP Congressman berating a Federal Park ranger for the closure of a WWII memorial to visiting WWII veterans - a closure necessitated by his vote and those of his fellow Tea Baggers

The standing ovation in Congress for the Capitol Police force in the wake of their actions yesterday when a motorist tried to ram her way through a security barricade, even as that same Congress with its shutdown, results in those security personnel continuing to work but getting no paychecks.

Bureau of Labor jobs report.  Major portions of our nation's food industry essentially uninspected for food health and safety, National Guard troops unable to help Colorado communities recover from massive flooding and road closures as winter approaches.

But that didn't deter Fox News Business host Stuart Varney from letting everyone know his views about federal workers.

The details below the graphic picture of Varney's entrails:

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I posted this recently at TPM, but got to thinking, it is a question which needs wider consideration.  

Was the WWII Vets "breakthrough" event at the WW II Memorial orchestrated by the Tea Party?
The basic facts....a group of Mississippi WWII vets arrives at the WWII Memorial in DC and finds that it has been closed because of the government shutdown.

But there are some interesting facts that go with the story which raise questions.  More below the orange fester:


Was the WWII Memorial Event Staged?

86%119 votes
13%19 votes

| 138 votes | Vote | Results

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