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The Ohio Governor's Race: the Draft Cordray movement
This week, the Senate is scheduled to vote on the re-appointment of Richard Cordray to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Republican Senators, presumably because they believe that consumers ...
dwhite105 05/21/2013 8 6 - -
Ohio State College Democrats/Ohio SB-5
Often times, it seems like Ohio's anti-union bill, SB-5, is overlooked by the media and progressives because Wisconsin's anti-union bill is surrounded by more drama. Sure, they have the bigger ...
dwhite105 03/10/2011 5 8 - 40
The FIGHT to Restore Sanity
My name is Dustin White, and I'm a College Democrat here at Ohio State University. I'm writing to you today from our office on campus, which is bustling with activity today. I've been delegated a ...
dwhite105 10/30/2010 4 8 - 42
Changing the Narrative: Obama's Ohio Rally
It’s become increasingly clear over the course of this election that the media is going to focus on the tea party and Republican insurgency, facts be damned. That’s why John and Jane Q. ...
dwhite105 10/19/2010 21 41 2 154
President Obama visits Ohio State
At 5pm tomorrow evening, President Obama (and the First Lady) will address what may likely be the largest crowd he's seen since taking office (besides, you know, the inauguration itself). Where? ...
dwhite105 10/16/2010 5 20 - 134
Wall St Journal: Progressive Candidates depend on College Democrats
I wrote earlier this week about the importance of College Democrats at Ohio State.
dwhite105 09/24/2010 2 2 - 17
John Kasich Stole Your New Bicycle
Hello everybody! In case you missed it, I posted yesterday on behalf of College Democrats at Ohio State. This week, we're trying to raise the funds necessary to turn out as many college students ...
dwhite105 09/21/2010 4 2 - 13
The Weight of the World: Ohio State's College Democrats
Wherever you go in Ohio, you can’t help but see our state’s unofficial slogan: “The heart of it all!” It’s on license plates, it’s on billboards. It was ...
dwhite105 09/20/2010 39 17 - 73
Unelectable: The Lee Fisher Story (OH-Sen)
This is why Jennifer Brunner needs to win tomorrow. Lee Fisher has no chance of winning in November.
dwhite105 05/03/2010 109 14 - 35
DSCC Getting Involved in OH-Sen Primary
There are reports that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee will be getting involved in Ohio's ...
dwhite105 04/26/2010 72 25 1 78
OH-Sen: Where Are You, Emily's List?
People in Ohio have been wondering over the last few months: when will Emily's List get involved in Ohio's Senate primary on Jennifer Brunner's behalf, and why haven't they already? �Now, with ...
dwhite105 04/19/2010 20 12 1 30
Move over, hope. This is the season of courage.
There is no doubt that the buzzword of the 2008 campaign was 'hope'. Mark my words, the buzzword of the 2010 elections will be 'courage'. On the national level, we've seen acts of courage: voting ...
dwhite105 04/09/2010 5 15 - 25
Democrat is not a dirty word
I grew up in a part of Ohio that is overwhelmingly Republican. My first political memory is voting in my elementary school's mock presidential election. I remember voting for everybody's favorite ...
dwhite105 04/01/2010 13 8 - 34
The Best Senate Delegation?
Today, dedicated Kossacks, I'm going to issue a bold challenge. If Jennifer Brunner is elected to the US Senate, Ohio will have the best Senate delegation. I challenge you to prove me wrong.
dwhite105 03/29/2010 66 11 - 34
OH-Sen Jennifer Brunner or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Money-Bomb
First, an apology: I know the title doesn't really make sense, but I couldn't help but combining an awesome movie and an awesome candidate. Tomorrow, there will be a money-bomb event for Alan ...
dwhite105 03/26/2010 46 28 1 49
DSCC to Ohio voters: Screw your primary
On May 4th, Ohio's Democratic primary voters will have a choice between Jennifer Brunner, a progressive who has restored dignity to Ohio's elections, and Lee Fisher, a corporate Democrat whose ...
dwhite105 03/15/2010 87 51 3 49
The DNC is Shooting Itself in the Foot -- Ohio Edition
Perhaps you've heard about the recent allegations from Senate candidate Jennifer Brunner (D-OH)
dwhite105 01/21/2010 48 19 1 28
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