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Evolving Into Stupid Pt 3
In my second installment of Evolving Into Stupid I have apparently attracted the ire of one or two individuals, though I suspect it’s just one particular person, that took considerable ...
dylanwalker 06/21/2012 15 4 - 116
Evolving Into Stupid Part 2
Recently, while working a flight, two religious loons were seated right next to my jump seat. There they sat, chatting away, and basically comparing notes on their own level of fanaticism, and ...
dylanwalker 06/18/2012 16 9 - 124
Evolving Into Stupid
People really show their ignorance when they say spectacularly stupid shit like, “I didn’t come from a monkey, god made me,” or, “I don’t see any half-monkey, half-people walking ...
dylanwalker 05/25/2012 8 11 1 88
Clueless Tea-Baggers
Thanks for letting me vent ... You know, the Tea-Bagging dipshits are really starting to show us all just how clueless they really are. They’ve been particularly critical of ...
dylanwalker 11/07/2011 8 14 1 202
Top Ten Reasons Why Texas Sucks
10: Assholes in giant trucks flying down the highway at high velocity, weaving dangerously in and out of multiple lanes, all while talking on a cell phone. 9: Dubya. 8: Christian conservative ...
dylanwalker 09/10/2011 34 7 - 144
Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think I have discovered what is wrong with the Tea Baggers. They seem to be suffering from a yet-to-be-documented disease that leaves them with highly ...
dylanwalker 09/06/2011 13 2 - 81
Just a Thought
A lot of people have been complaining that my diaries are “angry,” “rude,” and “arrogant.” Several people have accused me of being a fundamentalist. While all of that is quite probably ...
dylanwalker 08/27/2011 2 - - 46
To Believe or Not To Believe
I’m getting sick and tired of politicians and people in the media saying they “believe in” or they do not “believe in” evolution or climate change, as if it were a matter of faith.
dylanwalker 08/24/2011 18 6 - 87
More Signs That You Might Be a Tea-Bagging Republican
10: You don’t see the irony in the partial defunding of the FAA adding to the deficit. 9: You didn’t realize until now that “tea-bagging” is in fact a sexual act, and you have proudly and ...
dylanwalker 08/23/2011 11 4 - 131
It's Just Business
Conservatives keep running around fussing about how the government should be run like a business. Never mind the fact that the government wasn’t designed to run as a business, let’s ...
dylanwalker 08/23/2011 1 2 - 37
Havin' Our Cake And Eatin' it Too
Hi there, this is Conservative America, and we have our priorities completely straight. We have our government send our military all over the world to protect our perceived (oil) interests ...
dylanwalker 08/20/2011 3 1 - 29
Top Ten Signs You Might Be a Tea-Bagging Republican
10: You value profit and business interests over the interests and needs of people. 9: You believe rich people are rich because they “work harder” than regular people. 8: You actually ...
dylanwalker 08/19/2011 24 14 3 234
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