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Educating Congress
A key problem for the Obama Administration has been the "sit on our hands" strategy of the GOP members of Congress. Our strength in the Senate the past eighteen months has been barely enough to get ...
eOz 09/01/2013 2 2 - -
Fields Of Algae: Turning The Red Tide
It's nearly August and, in the Northern Hemisphere, that means the emergence of the red tide in lakes, steams and oceans. The red tide is actually a swarm of an organism, often called red algae , ...
eOz 07/31/2013 32 51 1 -
Wright wrongs: Dropping the other shoe
Another right-wing regressive with too much money is flailing around for mud to sling at President Obama. News cycles are chewing on the fringes of the story and alluding to the racism implicit in ...
eOz 05/20/2012 6 2 - 46
Unsanity In The Cusp: The Wicked Witch Is Dead
Since the American hostages in Iran were released within hours of President Reagan's inauguration, we have been engaged in false wars of all kinds. If the use of the word "war" in the War On Drugs ...
eOz 05/05/2011 9 2 - 86
Unsanity In The Cusp
A major media narrative is being constructed to "explain" the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords in Arizona. Many of them, in fact. These nascent mythologies carry with them certain assumptions ...
eOz 01/23/2011 5 3 - 222
Countdown To Karmageddon:  T - 1: Only One Poll Matters
Nonlinearity is a wonderful thing. I saw a dynamic system undergo a catastrophic collapse. After a night in the 20s, I walked out to a windless, bright October morning. All around me, the leaves ...
eOz 11/01/2010 1 2 - 30
Countdown To Karmageddon:  T - 3: Gaggle Up
A Blue Tide At Midterm Another day, another onslaught. The gloss is moving, but few are listening. Another day of poll results spelled out and summarized on the front page. Another day ...
eOz 10/30/2010 1 1 - 104
Countdown To Karmageddon:  T - 5: Listening
Aim Through The Target As Election Day approaches, tension rises in campaigns and stress-inducing ads and blogs and arguments mix into a cacaphony which becomes a blur -- a gloss. ...
eOz 10/28/2010 2 6 2 260
Countdown To Karmageddon:  T - 7
Money corrupts everything it touches. A necessary evil if ever there was one, this symbol of value abstracts real human value from any one person into a price which can be paid to provide that ...
eOz 10/25/2010 4 4 - 32
God Bless The Skeptics - A Musing
Tom Quinn has recently published a delightful book What Do You Do With A Chocolate Jesus? which thoroughly and lightheartedly skewers the New Testament and its ...
eOz 10/24/2010 4 4 - 47
Countdown To Karmageddon:  T - 9
I voted today. Along with millions of my fellow citizens, I entered the inner sanctum of our common civic religion: the voting booth. I took a moment to think on my choices -- a timeless moment in ...
eOz 10/23/2010 10 6 - 46
Countdown To Karmageddon: T - 10
Even though it may be tough, if we can hold the Republicans to a minority of any kind in both chambers of Congress, there will be hell to pay within their ranks. If we hold the line in any way, ...
eOz 10/22/2010 10 17 3 211
After The Tipping Point:  Surfing On Chaos
The election of Barack Obama was an incredible event and one of the most significant tipping points in our shared political history. Tipping points are the beginning of a period of chaos. Change ...
eOz 05/28/2010 4 3 1 37
Mr. President, Now Is The Time
Mr. President, your steady, unrelenting nature has served you well. You seek calm when the mood is fearful. But times of change, real transformational change, come down to a few precious ...
eOz 10/09/2009 1 1 - 44
After The Tipping Point:  Changing The Economy
A comment by NBBooks discusses the resonance between the Wizard of ...
eOz 12/05/2008 51 37 9 171
After The Tipping Point: The First Step Is Health Care
Health care is an area of concern all unto itself, and it is emblemic of the kind of fundamental changes to government progressive politicians need to solve a whole panoply of problems facing our ...
eOz 11/09/2008 6 7 - 19
In The Tipping Point:  Be The Message
In May, 2006, thereisnospoon posted a definitional diary on the Overton window .
eOz 10/26/2008 11 10 1 39
Dan Abrams Continues Torturing Bush Leaguers
Last week, Monday through Thursday, Live With Dan Abrams ran a series called Bush League Justice , apparently an experiment to see if he can ...
eOz 12/17/2007 23 17 - 2
Dan Abrams Gets Religion?
I normally turn the channel after Countdown when Dan Abram's show is aired, but left it on doing something else tonight. Lo and behold he is doing a series this week ...
eOz 12/12/2007 59 9 - 1
Countdown To Impeachable:  Babylon
We have been exiled from our homeland. We have labored in captivity, but still we remember Zion -- the place where we were free; where we were united; where we were truly home. By the rivers of ...
eOz 08/04/2007 1 2 1 -
Alternative Energy: 46/1 Biofuel Closed-Loop Plant
Iowa Public Television's Market To Market program just did a story on a biofuels plant in Nebraska which, according to plant owners, will achieve up to 46 units of energy output for every ...
eOz 07/27/2007 22 15 1 10
Countdown To Impeachable: The Next Stage
Earlier this year , we marked the time between when the Bush Administration seemed to be able to withstand any challenge to their ...
eOz 07/08/2007 13 11 1 3
No Confidence Unleashed:  Breaking Broder's Bubble
Those of us expecting Bush to set a historic low in approval ratings by this fall have been watching the composite poll results from pollster .com and reported ...
eOz 06/22/2007 25 18 - 4
Kucinich Sets Issues Agenda For Debate
Today Dennis Kucinich started his campaign. Those who followed his campaign in 2004 know he believes his role is put issues in the public arena and that he should be able to be elected or rejected ...
eOz 04/24/2007 29 15 - 9
Countdown To No Confidence: Zero Hour
Karmageddon (Thanks to Tulip for the title!) As John Dean points out in his excellent book Conservatives Without ...
eOz 03/21/2007 11 10 1 10
Countdown To No Confidence:  T - 5 Days
Liberty Without Borders In the early days of the Internet, there was a dream. Shared by geeks, hippies and other true patriots, the dream was that information would be shared without ...
eOz 03/16/2007 38 6 3 125
Countdown To No Confidence:  T - 10 Days
Ending The Gestapo Laws Enforcement of the law in a nation under the rule of law is an arduous task. It requires public servants who exercise judgement, seek justice and always consider ...
eOz 03/11/2007 15 10 1 8
Countdown To No Confidence:  T - 20 Days
High Noon In America Reagan used the theme "Morning In America" in his Presidential campaign. This false promise of a new beginning has now run full cycle, and the remnants of his ...
eOz 03/02/2007 18 4 1 30
Countdown To No Confidence:  T - 30 Days
*Standing Up* We now know no confidence in this Government is growing in the breast of citizens of all political affliations. As that disaffection ripples through the layers of six degrees of ...
eOz 02/19/2007 12 2 - 8
Countdown To No Confidence: T - 40 Days
*Knowing The Right Path* Since Nixon's Administration a dedicated cabal of powerful interests have deliberately polarized the nation. The single-minded pursuit of power has driven these ...
eOz 02/09/2007 14 5 2 11
Countdown To No Confidence: T-50 Days
*Clean Out The Barn* In the 1992 election, a third-party candidate named Ross Perot became the spoiler in yet another two-party election. He was famous for saying, "It's time to clean out the ...
eOz 01/30/2007 25 11 13 144
Countdown To No Confidence:  T-60 Days
*The Powell Doctrines (Lewis & Colin)* Two different people have had "doctrines" named after them: two people with the same last name. These doctrines share the fact they have been embraced by ...
eOz 01/20/2007 13 7 7 218
Countdown To No Confidence: T-70 Days
*False Doctrines* 9-11 was an opportunity for doctrines false to the Constitution and the nature of our country to be codified as law and enacted in practice. The nation stood upon a turning ...
eOz 01/10/2007 9 7 - 9
Countdown To No Confidence:  T-80 days
*Inflection Points And Catastrophies* In the mathematical field called differential equations, we can calculate the points when a system changes its behavior. In the field of catastrophe theory, ...
eOz 12/31/2006 15 9 2 28
Countdown To No Confidence
In other democratic systems, elections are called when the ruling coalition has lost enough support that _a vote of *no confidence*_ can be sustained. Our republic is organized differently, but the ...
eOz 12/29/2006 3 10 2 31
Katrina Lingers - We Must Abide
eOz 08/29/2006 2 5 - 9
Watch The Back Door: Tribunals Could Be Coming For You
eOz 08/12/2006 13 10 - -
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