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Does facebook hate women?
My wife just brought this to my attention, and I have no idea how it hasn't gotten more press yet. "It's not rape, simply free sex." That's the title of the facebook group ...
eaglehoo 11/14/2012 17 8 - -
The best line of the morning talking heads
"He has just inherited the inbox from hell."
eaglehoo 11/05/2008 5 6 - 1
The hero of the day in Virginia...
...Would be my 4 month-old son, who weathered the disaster that America's election process has become far better than his mother or father.
eaglehoo 11/04/2008 6 13 - 2
Rush goes after a patriot
Chris Satullo from the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote a column on July 1 called A Not-So Glorious Fourth in which he ...
eaglehoo 07/05/2008 16 24 1 32
I believe--and it scares me
I believe--and it scares me.
eaglehoo 06/07/2008 38 8 - 17
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