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Rolling Stone needs to retract another article
In 2005, Rolling Stone, along with Salon, published a ludicrous hit piece claiming that the CDC enagaged in a massive consipiracy to cover up the link between the vaccine preservative thimerosal and ...
ebohlman 04/06/2015 61 6 - -
State of Alabama up for auction on eBay
This is funny as hell: UPDATED New link is Read ...
ebohlman 03/13/2015 122 134 1 -
So-called "Bradley Effect" unlikely to affect polling on marriage equality
Historically, the results of ballot initiatives involving marriage equality (for example, California's Proposition 8) have been less favorable to equality than polling would suggest. The most ...
ebohlman 03/06/2014 7 2 - -
State elections matter: Herring won't defend VA marriage ban
According to several news sources, including [ this one], Virginia's recently-elected Attorney General Mark Herring is ...
ebohlman 01/22/2014 7 24 - - is not a credible source
Recently, as a result of Katie Couric's irresponsible report on concern about HPV vaccinations, there have been a number of diaries in which commenters have raised concerns about the safety of ...
ebohlman 12/12/2013 90 98 1 -
Breaking: Judge in MI marriage case denies summary judgment, sets trial
This afternoon, after hearing oral arguments on motions for summary judgment in DeBoer v. Snyder , a Federal challenge to Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage and adoption, Judge Bernard Friedman of ...
ebohlman 10/16/2013 8 25 - -
It's not just what you say, it's how you say it
The Chicago Tribune is a newspaper with a very strong reputation for conservatism (the farthest left they ever went was endorsing Obama in 2008, which wasn't really left at all). Yesterday (Sunday, ...
ebohlman 06/18/2012 6 2 - 71
A 4/19 tragedy that many don't remember
The Oklahoma City bombings and the Columbine shootings weren't the only awful events that happened on the nineteenth day of the fourth month of the year. 22 years ago on this day, the famed ...
ebohlman 04/19/2011 9 39 1 298
ENDA held back by ignorapathy
[ Out & Equal], a national nonprofit promoting GLBT equality in the workplace, recently released the results of their 2010 workplace survey (1). Most of the news was good, ...
ebohlman 10/05/2010 7 8 - 70
What's wrong with this idea?
(Crossposted to [ Turnips and Potatoes]) What if the US government made Medicare available on the open market to people under 65? It would simply become one ...
ebohlman 03/06/2010 26 32 2 196
What's Gonzales hoping for?
After making a speech today to the International Association of Privacy Professionals, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales [ took questions] from a ...
ebohlman 03/09/2007 20 2 - 4
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