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Nurses: The Heart & Backbone of Health Care
Posted in honor of nurses during National Nurses Week! “The best type of nursing girl is one who is tall, strong, and has a suppleness of movement. … If she can dance, it is a great advantage. ��
eclift 05/05/2015 7 7 - -
A Vote for Hillary May Be Hard but Consider the Alternative
Last year when author Marianne Williamson posted an open letter to Hillary Clinton, many left-leaning Democrats nodded in agreement. “I want a woman president,” Williamson wrote, … “and you��
eclift 05/01/2015 30 8 - -
Prison Health Care Sorely in Need of Reform
Everyone knows that being in prison is no picnic. But few people realize that for many inmates, it can be a matter of life or death, no matter the reasons for incarceration. I have corresponded for ...
eclift 04/04/2015 2 8 - -
Remembering the Human in Human (Sex) Trafficking
She was a 14-year old girl in foster care when she was kidnapped and held hostage for nearly a year. Sold to at least ten men a night after being “broken in,” she says she forgot what it felt ...
eclift 03/30/2015 5 13 - -
What to Do About a Collective Unconscious in Despair
“Every great social movement begins with a set of ideas validated, internalized, and then shared and amplified through media, grassroots organizations, and thousands, even millions, of ...
eclift 03/27/2015 11 4 1 -
The Myth of a Model Country
Presidents and politicians in this country love to tout America as the best and the brightest nation on earth. It’s in their DNA, their job descriptions and their speech writers Cliff Notes. They ...
eclift 03/09/2015 2 5 - -
Vaccines, Crusades and Vicarious Thrills
Ever since measles, a criticized speech by President Obama, and a network news scandal hit the media I’ve been trying to identify common denominators to the disparate stories, involving vaccine ...
eclift 02/27/2015 8 2 - -
Are There Lessons to be Learned from Kayla Mueller's Sad Story?
I had just filed a book review about a woman who risked her life in 2013 trying to help people in the Congo suffering under the rule of Joseph Kono and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) when I ...
eclift 02/11/2015 9 9 - -
Can We Do Better on Childcare in America?
On a recent visit to Sweden, I was struck by something having nothing to do with hair color, bike paths or the high cost of living. It had to do with who takes care of the kids. I saw so many dads ...
eclift 02/01/2015 5 10 - -
Time to End a Two-tiered Justice System
In the wake of former Virginia Governor Bob McConnell’s measly two year sentence for corruption, and the fact that grand juries failed to indict police officers in the killings of Michael Brown ...
eclift 01/28/2015 27 61 - -
Who Will Tell the Stories of Missing Girls & Captured Women?
I can’t get them out of my mind. Can’t stop wondering what has become of them? Can’t stop trying to imagine how they face day after day after day in captivity? I’m talking about the 200 ...
eclift 12/30/2014 15 12 - -
Revisiting "The Banality of Evil"
In the midst of troubling times that include police brutality, sexual abuse, and other acts of violence I happened to be reading about the German-born Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt, best ...
eclift 12/10/2014 2 7 - -
The Real Stunner in the Midterm Elections
The day after the midterm election, after I picked myself up from the floor and stopped pulling my hair out, I had a fantasy that went like this: Michelle Obama walks to a podium, somber and ...
eclift 11/12/2014 9 3 - -
Two Nobel Prizes, 65 Million Girls Absent From School
This year’s Nobel Peace Prize, shared by deserving recipients Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi, shines important light on the children of impoverished countries. Through their work on behalf ...
eclift 11/03/2014 5 8 - -
Is America a Failed State?
As we say in New England, it’s been a wicked bad time lately. What with Ebola, ISIS, climate change induced weather crises, the situation in Ferguson, MO, the Secret Service scandals and more, we ...
eclift 10/26/2014 49 9 - -
Women Take Lead as Abolishing Death Penalty Gains Traction
When Sabrina Butler’s baby stopped breathing in 1989 she tried administering CPR but the baby died shortly after they arrived at the hospital. Police accused her of beating her baby. After ...
eclift 10/09/2014 3 14 1 -
MacArthur Grant Sheds Light on Reproductive Technologies
A couple has had miscarriages, considered in vitro fertilization (IVF), discussed adoption and finally opted for a surrogate to bear their baby in India. They visit her before signing on and feel ...
eclift 09/05/2014 1 - - -
A Long Cold Summer When Civilization Seemed to Retreat
It’s been a summer of troubling drama, a time of “Sturm and Drang” (storm and stress) as one German writer put it, a season of disasters of Biblical proportion. Even those of us lucky enough ...
eclift 08/27/2014 2 5 - -
Standing Up to Corporate Greed
If the employees of Market Basket have their way, at least one nice guy will finish first. The story of how folks who work for the New England supermarket chain and its customers fought to ...
eclift 08/07/2014 1 11 - -
Reacting to Conflict in the Middle East: A Revealing Litmus Test
It’s amazing watching what people reveal about themselves when tensions in the Middle East explode. Some otherwise liberal, compassionate souls with big hearts suddenly morph into raging self-...
eclift 07/26/2014 219 108 1 -
Micro-aggression: Subtle but Searing
When I was in the sixth grade a classmate called me a “stupid Jew Bitch.” I slunk away from the playground and never told a soul what she’d said or how it made me feel. Bullying was not a ...
eclift 06/26/2014 29 31 1 -
Unsung Heroes Deserve Attention
In the award-winning documentary film “After Tiller” – featured at the Sundance Film Festival and scheduled for wide distribution, and on PBS, in September – writers/directors Lana Wilson ...
eclift 06/17/2014 4 4 - -
Are We Really the Greatest Country on Earth?
Often politicians and others like to glorify American democracy, history, principles and actions. They wallow in soliloquies espousing the United States as the best, brightest and most innovative ...
eclift 06/07/2014 37 10 1 -
It's Time to End the Epidemic of Sexual Assault
What do city subways, college dorms, and military service have in common? They are all venues for the vulnerable when it comes to sex assaults. The latest horror stories come from women in New ...
eclift 06/03/2014 11 19 - -
The Elephants in the Pay Equity Room
Last month, April 8th being National Equal Pay Day in the U.S, pay equity for women got another fifteen minutes of fame. We were reminded that when the Equal Pay Act was signed into law by ...
eclift 04/29/2014 1 2 - -
Bullies, Brutality and Bullets: Violence in America Prevails
An army general admits to sexual misconduct and other serious offenses and gets his wrist slapped while keeping his pension. Police brutality in California screams for reform while an offending ...
eclift 04/16/2014 17 12 1 -
The Pornography of War
We’ve all seen them - the photographs of malnourished children with big bellies and thinning reddish hair; the pictures of babies with horrific harelips, the sad and lonely faces of AIDS orphans. ...
eclift 04/08/2014 5 6 - -
Corruption, Control & and Pathology of Power
In part because the subject intrigues me, I’ve been trying to answer the question of why corruption, moral and otherwise, is so prevalent in human nature. None of us comes into the world corrupt, ...
eclift 04/01/2014 4 2 - -
Will Our Gilded Age Lead to Another Progressive Era?
Humorist Mark Twain was among the first to call the years bookmarking the turn of the 19th century the “Gilded Age.” Struck by the results of rapid industrialization, rampant greed, political ...
eclift 02/27/2014 44 44 1 -
What Does the Future Hold for Afghan Women?
Back in the 1920s things looked hopeful for women in Afghanistan. King Amanullah Khan and his wife Queen Soraya worked diligently to improve women’s lives. The king discouraged polygamy, ...
eclift 02/13/2014 4 6 - -
Why the Millennials Give me Hope
Not long ago I participated in an event that attracted a good number of young women who are of the generation known as the Millennials. Demographers use this term (or Gen-Y) when referring to the ...
eclift 01/26/2014 5 4 - -
Are We Headed for a Robotic World?
If you’re like me, movies with battle robots and alien creatures boasting artificial intelligence - an oxymoron if ever there was one - leave you cold. But maybe we should think again. We might ...
eclift 12/25/2013 40 5 - -
Burkhas and Bikinis: What Women's Bodies Reveal About Cultures
On Facebook, a photo of four Afghan women in Burkhas appears, followed by another picture of four American women, Victoria Secret models, in underwear that amounts to nothing more than the ...
eclift 12/14/2013 42 24 1 -
Never Again? Anti-Semitism on the Rise
In Belgium a group of students at a Jewish school are assaulted by neighborhood youth. In a small town in the Czech Republic vandals topple 80 tombstones at a Jewish cemetery and damage a Holocaust ...
eclift 11/25/2013 12 12 - -
What the Shutdown Means for Women
She’s a young mother, pregnant with her second child, who relies on the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children – WIC - for food and medicine when her son gets sick.
eclift 10/12/2013 1 5 - -
Is the Pope Really Ready to Address the "Woman Question"?
IS THE POPE REALLY READY TO ADDRESS ‘THE WOMAN QUESTION’? Last month, when Pope Francis declared to the Jesuit press that the Roman Catholic Church had become “obsessed” with abortion, ...
eclift 10/01/2013 3 4 - -
Is America Really a Safe Place to Live?
Back in the days when I worked internationally I often found myself lying awake at night in some precarious and lonely place, aware that the only thing connecting me to my world was a runway and an ...
eclift 08/20/2013 18 13 - -
Can Women's Health Trump the Abortion Debate?
When Margaret Sanger was a young nurse working in New York tenement houses early in the 20th century she was called to assist a 28-year old woman who had attempted to terminate her fourth pregnancy.
eclift 08/11/2013 9 26 - -
The Summer of Their Discontent: Reflections on the Trayvon Martin Verdict
“Acquitted.” The word struck me like ice water thrown on my face in the stifling heat of a summer day. I couldn’t believe what I’d heard. I felt as if the world stood still. Trayvon Martin�
eclift 07/24/2013 20 27 - -
America's Culture of Violence Calls for Attention
Sadly, some topics bear repeated scrutiny. America’s penchant for violence is one of them, so once again, I am driven to write about the prevalence of gun violence, rape and violence in the media �
eclift 06/28/2013 4 2 - -
Putting an End to "The Woman Question"
Recently Sigmund Freud’s irritating, macho-man question – “What do women want?” – has been making a comeback. Several television programs have addressed the question in interviews and ...
eclift 03/31/2013 32 65 1 -
The Drone Dilemma
I had to see the controversial film “Zero Dark Thirty” for myself in order to decide if, as charged, it advanced the case for “enhanced interrogation methods,” military-speak for torture. It ...
eclift 02/18/2013 9 7 - -
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