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American  Racism 101
I was looking through the Newsweek (September 1 edition)and checked out writer Jacob Weisberg 's article . Its right on point. Race could possibly doom the Obama candidacy.
edgray4america 08/30/2008 4 1 - 1
Happy  Labor Day Barack Obama
On the eve of the Labor Day Holiday with attention being focused on unions , let us examine the state of the Union . Racism and Unionism was addressed in The .
edgray4america 08/27/2008 - - - -
The Bentsen Effect
Barack Obama recently chose Senator Joe Biden (Delaware) to be his running mate to boost his presidential campaign .The campaign needed a running mate that could add ...
edgray4america 08/26/2008 22 1 - -
The Jesse Helms Legacy
Jesse Helms died this past week on July 4,2008 .The pundits and the blogs are on fire today for a eulogy. Either you loved him or hated him .
edgray4america 07/05/2008 31 - 1 -
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