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(By Lewis Carroll) `Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. "Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws ...
elfling 05/02/2015 82 51 1 -
This database, it likes to run. It likes to run in the hot, hot sun
One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish, Black fish, Blue fish, Old fish, New fish. This one has a little car. This one has a little star. Say! What a lot of fish there are. Yes. Some are red, ...
elfling 04/11/2015 157 180 - -
Scenes from the California Coast
Snowy ...
elfling 03/20/2015 72 114 1 -
Water, in nature
The Dettifoss in Iceland, the most powerful waterfall in all Europe.
elfling 11/18/2014 36 72 - -
Learn your African Geography
A dutch map of Africa dividing it into different regions, that may help you get your bearings. I love maps. I know the geography of the United States cold. I know where the state ...
elfling 11/05/2014 25 20 1 -
Enjoy this scrap art
Real Goods Solar Living Center, Hopland, CA I always enjoy stopping in at the Solar Living Center. Weird restrooms, neat ponds, biodiesel, electric charging station, a really interesting store, a ...
elfling 10/16/2014 14 11 - -
Let's be Sheepish.
Navajo-Churro sheep are small but grow a lot of fiber. I'm just running a little test here with publishing and images. Carry on, and meanwhile, enjoy the sheep and woozles!
elfling 09/16/2014 26 31 - -
The 150th anniversary of the idea of national parks
Merced River and Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, circa 1865, Carleton Watkins photograph One hundred and fifty years ago, the United States was in the midst of the Civil War.
elfling 07/04/2014 40 96 1 -
Random photos
Sorry for the site hiccup there... our provider said a "brief" outage. They were thinking on geologic timescales, I think. Just looking to see that all is in order again.
elfling 07/03/2014 40 35 - -
Thursday Afternoon Test Diary
The code is a work in progress, perhaps like this Thomas Moran sketch of ...
elfling 06/12/2014 21 21 - -
Random photo diary for test
Mendocino, California This is a test diary to make sure nothing is borked. If we got things right, subscribers will be able to view the mobile-site ad free, and there's an addition to the image ...
elfling 06/05/2014 19 12 - -
California Primary Day: let's talk issues!
The gorgeous Mendocino coast. I'm looking at my sample ballot and have questions about some of the races. What are our thoughts on the downballot statewide races, like Secretary of State and ...
elfling 06/03/2014 28 20 - -
More Test Play
Hard at work, we are. We're putting up a couple of tweaks to the new mobile site, and so we're using this diary as a sandbox to play in with our very finely crushed rocks.
elfling 05/29/2014 67 16 - -
Test Play Diary
One kind of play This is just a place for tech to play, nothing special. Hang out or not as you like.
elfling 05/28/2014 78 12 - -
Yosemite National Park - My Adventure
Mirror Lake at Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Valley 150 years ago, June 30, 1864, in the midst of the Civil War, the US Congress and Abraham Lincoln were convinced to set aside the first wild ...
elfling 05/20/2014 147 209 4 -
Exciting Test Diary
"Well, there's your problem, lady. There's kittens in the database."
elfling 04/26/2014 72 52 - -
Bullets fly, but the test must go on
Mathematics question from the California State High School Exit Exam, administered in 10th grade. Students ...
elfling 04/14/2014 50 161 1 -
Cute Farm Animal Images For All!
Little lambie! Jason just posted our release notes for the updated image library, which consists of a better search plus the opening of the image library feature ...
elfling 03/04/2014 32 66 4 -
Thursday Bird Images
Part 1 in an exciting one part series! Red-shouldered ...
elfling 02/27/2014 35 50 - -
It's For the Birds
A Pileated Woodpecker streaks through the sky. I'm just testing and playing with some stuff this morning. I'll at least make it interesting with some pictures.
elfling 02/21/2014 28 29 - -
Stalking the Blue Jay
I have a new camera, and I'm using it to irritate the local wildlife.
elfling 01/14/2014 62 61 - -
This is totally not a diary
Enjoy this adorable kitten. This is just a test, don't mind me. I made the kitten a bit smaller though. Closer to actual size.
elfling 12/12/2013 53 26 - -
Kos Katalogue: Cool stuff, cool people
I made this mug myself, hand-thrown in stoneware. It fits in my hand like no other, and has a lot of meaning for me, in all its imperfect glory. It holds not only coffee, but memory. Where your ...
elfling 11/14/2013 22 68 2 -
Ask Me Anything ...
elfling 10/18/2013 269 87 - -
This is just a test, please ignore
Why I was once a Girl Scout This is just a test for us fine tech folk to play with some of our spam controls to ...
elfling 10/01/2013 89 19 1 -
I, for One, Welcome our New and Improved Robot Overlord
I've mentioned here and there that we've been working on a new warning system. Well, kids, today's the day we welcome our new and improved robot overlord and also some better systems for the human ...
elfling 08/08/2013 606 316 23 -
We're back, possibly
You robot devil, you! Had this been an actual diary, you would have been informed. Just seeing if edit is properly working...
elfling 08/08/2013 57 7 - -
Now is the time to file for local elections*
* At participating locations only. Cash value 1/20 cent. Restrictions apply. Not valid with any other offer. Some offices available at additional charge. Void where prohibited. Keeping this bus in ...
elfling 07/25/2013 23 72 - -
DK Image Library favorites
This is actually the image that inspired this diary, an elegant yet ever so simple image of a beet, by user SteelerGrrl. One of the neat things about the new Image Library tool is that so many ...
elfling 06/22/2013 54 44 9 -
Ask Me Anything about Daily Kos
Why wasn't my lunch ...
elfling 06/07/2013 438 96 2 -
The Skunk Train - a scenic and historic railroad in Northern California - needs help
A railway motorcar crosses the Noyo River on the Skunk Train route. This section of the track is no longer accessible to the rolling stock after the catastrophic tunnel collapse.
elfling 06/05/2013 16 57 2 -
This is only a test
Wheee! Sorry for the downtime, y'all. We had a little database freakout. Drop me a comment if you're seeing anything unusual. In the meantime, carry on!
elfling 06/04/2013 41 23 - -
It's the eye of a chicken and the thrill of the sheep
My, what medium-sized wattles you have! The Russian River, near its origin.
elfling 02/07/2013 48 20 - -
Californians want counselors, not guns, in schools
California currently has the lowest ratio of guidance counselors to students in the nation. I had thought that only the education wonks among us knew and cared about this, and so I was heartened - ...
elfling 02/01/2013 17 17 - -
Come hell or high water...
Come hell or high water... This is just a test diary. But that is a real picture of a river from this weekend. Consider it an open thread.
elfling 12/04/2012 35 21 - -
A Little Late Night Practice, with pooties
All Ahead Full on the DK Election Day Express!
elfling 11/06/2012 21 21 - -
Sunday Morning Test-o-Rama & Technological Open Thread Of Doom
You can see and ride on the rail car that contains this sign at the Western Railway Museum in Rio Vista, CA. We're going to insert some code now that should give us some better ...
elfling 11/04/2012 40 25 - -
Exciting Test Diary, with pictures!
I'll scratch your back, you scratch ...
elfling 10/31/2012 59 41 - -
Fun-in-the-sun, friday afternoon, random diary test-a-palooza
This is a real sign from a Colorado motel room. I need a place where I can make some nonsensical comments that won't bother anyone else. This is that place. Feel free to join me if you dare. Or not.
elfling 10/12/2012 216 9 - -
Late Night Wacky Test Diary
You too should visit the Western Railway Museum in Rio Vista, CA, and ride this very electric car on their 10 miles of track. Please feel free to post comments here, ...
elfling 10/11/2012 120 11 1 -
This diary is even more boring than last night's
Slogan from the side of an electric trolley you too can ride at the Western Railway Museum in Rio Vista, CA. and hopefully will be deleted much sooner.
elfling 09/27/2012 93 29 - 405
DK Tag Character Set Update
DK Tech Team Update She's a Character, and she's wearing Tags. It's the perfect stock photo for an otherwise dry bit of technical trivia! Kos announced a while back that we're working on a new ...
elfling 02/09/2012 42 53 6 275
This beautiful collaboration started with a copyright violation
Recently, I was visiting with a friend. He was very excited to show me a video about an amazing new virtual choir project. The video is 17 minutes and is well worth that time:
elfling 01/18/2012 39 184 8 941
DK4.1 updates
elfling 09/09/2011 151 122 1 804
DK4 Update: Fun stuff!
In Today's Exciting Update: Today we have a change that should make the place feel a little nicer to newly trusted users, which is the ability to hide hidden comments if you'd rather not ...
elfling 07/06/2011 89 51 1 975
DK updates: pre-Independence Day edition
elfling 07/01/2011 72 51 1 338
DK update: NN Day 2 edition
In today's low key updates:
elfling 06/17/2011 22 17 - 144
DK4 Update: Happy June
In this exciting edition:
elfling 05/31/2011 79 61 2 329
DK4 updates, on updates
A Few Small Repairs Flamingo at ...
elfling 05/25/2011 28 38 - 210
DK4 Updates: Search!
elfling 05/16/2011 62 65 5 341
DK4 Update: in which elfling returns from the woods
elfling 05/10/2011 32 48 - 267
dk4 Updates: Post-Chocolate Bunny Edition
I know, I know: you can't believe you ate the whole thing. But it mocked you, with its bland, milk chocolatey ears, and crazy construction. You can't just leave an orphaned haunch for tomorrow! It ...
elfling 04/26/2011 98 52 3 422
The Importance of Internet to a Rural Community
Point Arena's ...
elfling 04/25/2011 54 96 2 329
DK4 Updates: Recent Edition
Today's Exciting ...
elfling 04/20/2011 73 70 4 464
Test, Test, Test: California 5th Grade Science STAR test
elfling 04/15/2011 84 41 5 383
DK4 Updates: Emancipation Day Eve Eve edition
In Today's Exciting ...
elfling 04/14/2011 48 51 2 277
DK4 Updates: skull and crossbones edition
elfling 04/07/2011 53 49 1 352
DK4 Updates: whereupon our tattered homework is retrieved from the dog
elfling 03/30/2011 69 47 3 267
DK4 Update: whereupon the dog eats our homework
elfling 03/22/2011 40 55 - 296
DK4 Update, + coming attractions
elfling 03/14/2011 191 62 3 555
DK4 Updates - a big one
elfling 03/12/2011 435 122 3 1484
DK4 Updates - no news is good news
There's nothing new up tonight, but that doesn't mean we're not working on lots of stuff. Instead, what it means is ...
elfling 03/08/2011 104 33 1 292
DK4 update - Publication Manager
People ...
elfling 03/02/2011 100 55 3 354
dk4 Updates - welcome back to Welcome Back
elfling 03/01/2011 190 70 - 430
DK4 Update: now with Stay-Fresh Comments
- In honor of the longer conversations with the new structure, we've changed it so that comments can be rated for up ...
elfling 02/24/2011 134 39 - 386
DK4 Updates
The tech team went a little quiet over the holiday, taking a break so we'd ...
elfling 02/22/2011 178 70 2 494
DK4 Update
The ScoopDK::Error::NotApproved=HASH(0xc1912e0) message should be banished FOREVER. And if you got that while trying to preview a diary, that diary should now be editable from your drafts page.
elfling 02/18/2011 246 75 2 802
DK4 Updates
elfling 02/17/2011 114 46 1 407
DK4 Updates (Updated: Now with AutoRefresh)
The development team is continuing to monitor issues as they come up and to apply fixes for problems. We have a Top Ten Most Annoying list that we are turning over every 36 hours or so, fixing what'...
elfling 02/16/2011 437 99 11 968
Pop goes the wormhole!
And we've made it through to the other side! Please check in on your data, see if your subscriptions and hotlisted diaries imported, take a look around, and see how it looks. I expect we'll still ...
elfling 02/12/2011 14 4 - 126
Arne Duncan: a new kind of standardized test
Arne Duncan has been listening to us, I guess, about the limitations of the fill-in-the-bubble test, and he has an answer:
elfling 09/04/2010 90 36 1 228
The Poverty Line is a Garbage Number
Plenty of government statistics and programs are based on "the poverty level for a family of 4." In 2009, that number is $22,050 for the mainland US. (Alaska and Hawaii are higher.) There's no other ...
elfling 10/30/2009 21 19 - 228
Travelling Amtrak
"Everyone's a rail fan. Some people are just quieter about it than others." That's ...
elfling 01/28/2008 477 460 23 122
Why Can't Congress Tele-vote?
Okay, I know why . It's because when the Constitution was written, the only practical way to have votes was to have Congressmen show up in person and cast their votes. And so, in grand ...
elfling 01/24/2008 19 3 - 8
Futurama is Back (with Special Guest Al Gore)
I am pleased to remind everyone that Matt Groening's witty, erudite futuristic Futurama has a new DVD movie out, the first of four feature-length installments. Bender's Big Score has reunited ...
elfling 11/28/2007 74 28 - 11
Living Fire Safe
With the fires raging across Southern California, we get the usual disaster reactions: sympathy, help, admonitions that we shouldn't live there then, and handwringing about preparations. ...
elfling 10/24/2007 34 38 7 257
SCHIP is a Bargain
I was writing a comment, replying to someone complaining that Bush was right because families earning $80k a year shouldn't benefit from SCHIP, when I realized something really profound. Thanks ...
elfling 09/24/2007 14 11 1 22
Vegetables of Mass Destruction: Blackberries
If ever there was a vegetable, uh, fruit, of mass destruction, it is the blackberry. It has several modes of attack.
elfling 08/18/2007 41 13 - 43
News from California Ag: Bees, Immigration, Farm Bill
Now that the growing season is back in swing, Ag Alert , the publication of the California Farm Bureau, is back in stride with some interesting articles. Ag Alert is sent to most ...
elfling 05/28/2007 17 12 2 29
Economists are wrong about healthcare
There were many really excellent comments on Bonddad's diary yesterday, about why the market, and the standard economist mantras, don'
elfling 02/25/2007 34 19 1 8
Health Care News Roundup
Today I'm highlighting some health care stories that I've come across that you might have missed, covering the rise of walk-in clinics inside pharmacies and the like, insurers ideas for health reform,
elfling 01/23/2007 5 8 - 1
The Joy(tm) of Small Business Health Insurance
It's that dreaded time of year again. The time when I, a California small business employer group, get the fat envelope from my health insurance company. The envelope full of cheerful reminders ...
elfling 12/08/2006 5 9 - 9
How the Farm Bureau Paints California Red: Mom's Apple Pie
elfling 10/28/2006 8 6 1 3
How the Farm Bureau Paints California Red: NAIS
elfling 10/15/2006 17 13 - 8
Innovative Hospitals: Respect Nurses
elfling 10/12/2006 13 18 1 169
Innovative Hospitals: Face Mistakes; Feed Real Food
elfling 10/10/2006 16 15 3 194
How the Farm Bureau Paints California Red: Pombo CA-11
elfling 10/08/2006 9 21 - 12
How the Farm Bureau Paints California Red: Propositions
elfling 09/24/2006 14 15 - 18
USDA says 70% of processed food is GMO: runaway rice
elfling 09/21/2006 20 28 2 34
How the Farm Bureau Paints California Red
elfling 09/17/2006 38 40 5 149
Why are MDs moving to Kaiser?
elfling 08/27/2006 29 19 - 31
An Elegant Solution to Estate Tax Objections
elfling 06/04/2006 96 16 - 2
South-Central LA Community Farm to become Wal-Mart warehouse (action needed!)
elfling 03/09/2006 35 31 - 34
Emergency rooms still swamped after Wilma
elfling 11/01/2005 9 4 - 17
Schwartzenegger enters fight against global warming
elfling 06/01/2005 12 1 - -
The Perfect Mom
elfling 02/16/2005 586 55 - 12
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