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A Mother's Day Wish: 21st Century Workplace Policies
My husband normally doesn’t participate in the media interviews I do. But three decades ago, when our kids were two and five, a conservative woman wrote an op ed in the local paper declaring all ...
ellenbravo 05/10/2015 2 3 - -
Philadelphia Paid Sick Days: Anatomy of a Win
Today Philadelphia becomes the 20th location in the U.S. to enact a law guaranteeing that workers can earn paid sick days. It’s the third time City Council has passed such a measure but the first ...
ellenbravo 02/12/2015 1 3 - -
Preserving Democracy in Pennsylvania
It had all the trappings of an ALEC-backed attack on democracy: Push out a bill prohibiting local governments from passing workplace protections in their own communities. If all else failed, tack ...
ellenbravo 10/17/2014 4 11 - -
Respect the Bump Gets Results as Well as Respect
Girshriela Green got involved the day someone called saying he wanted to make a change at Walmart – the corporation that had left her seriously injured from overwork and seriously underpaid. “I ...
ellenbravo 09/25/2014 4 27 - -
FMLA Anniversary: Dare to Imagine the World We Deserve
Twenty-one. This number has come to symbolize adulthood. It means good luck in cards. But when it comes to the Family and Medical Leave Act, twenty-one stands for “too damn long” – too little ...
ellenbravo 08/05/2014 2 3 1 -
Another Boost for the Paid Sick Days Movement
More than a quarter million New Yorkers got a big boost yesterday when the City Council voted 45-6 to expand its paid sick days law. In a city where “a lot of people are one paycheck away from ...
ellenbravo 02/27/2014 1 2 - -
States Power the Movement for New Family-Friendly Standards
Why are opponents so concerned about local communities deciding what’s best for the health and welfare of their residents? Because these naysayers, fueled by lobbyists and financing from mega ...
ellenbravo 02/05/2014 2 2 - -
Clinton, de Blasio Speak Out for Paid Sick Days
2014 promises another string of wins for policies like paid sick days that boost the economic security of families and of the economy overall. Recently two political leaders reminded us of the ...
ellenbravo 01/06/2014 5 10 - -
Father's Day Gift that Keeps Giving
co-written with Stewart D. Friedman, Practice Professor of Management, Wharton School On this Father’s Day, too many fathers have to choose between the family they love and the job they need. That�
ellenbravo 06/14/2013 3 4 - -
Eric Cantor’s New Plan Would Cost Workers Time, Flexibility and Money
Listen up, working moms and dads: Rep. Eric Cantor has a deal for you - more time to spend with your family! What’s not to like? Except for one hitch: You get to spend more time with your family ...
ellenbravo 04/10/2013 3 5 - -
Flu Prevention? Try Paid Sick Days
Ask Adela Valdez how it feels to hear public health experts on TV explain ways to limit a flu outbreak. Get a flu shot, wash your hands, they advise – and if you get the flu, stay home until 24 ...
ellenbravo 01/11/2013 22 33 - -
Football and Family
I'm a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, but I have to hand it to Bears cornerback Charles Tillman, who was determined to be with his wife when she delivered their fourth child, even if it meant ...
ellenbravo 11/12/2012 3 5 - -
Long Beach Hotel Workers Win Living Wages, Paid Sick Days
Two thousand workers who clean the rooms and serve the food at hotels in Long Beach, California had special cause for celebration election night. They will finally earn a living wage and be able ...
ellenbravo 11/09/2012 8 16 - -
Fight Voter Suppression in Orlando
This is what democracy does NOT look like: Hundreds of community activists, faith leaders, business owners and others in Orange County, Florida, identified the need for workers to earn paid sick ...
ellenbravo 09/13/2012 3 10 - 26
End Unchecked Use of ‘Job Killer’ Allegations
The right wing relies on an old method of deception: repeat something often enough and people will begin to accept it as fact. And when the media acts as a conduit for delivering this message ...
ellenbravo 06/20/2012 2 - - 17
Who Speaks for Small Business? Not the NFIB
The National Federation of Independent Businesses loves to wrap itself in the flag of neighborhood Mom and Pop shops when it lobbies on Capitol Hill, but many small business owners maintain the NFIB��
ellenbravo 05/23/2012 5 9 - 25
The Gifts Mothers Really Want
My favorite Mother’s day gifts from my sons were their original stories, songs and poems. But what I needed when they were infants and toddlers was something children can’t deliver: affordable ...
ellenbravo 05/10/2012 6 6 1 34
Stop the War on Mothers
I love the image of conservatives hiding behind the flag of motherhood to protect themselves against charges of gender insensitivity. It’s like kids who move the couch to cover up a stain and hope ...
ellenbravo 04/13/2012 85 134 4 475
Celebrate Second Anniversary of Affordable Care Act
Experts like to talk about cost-benefit analyses. Badly needed reforms to inefficient systems may cost money, but often the benefits from that change far outweigh the costs. What gets overlooked ...
ellenbravo 03/23/2012 4 10 1 30
Abra-ca-dabra Arithmetic Can't Cancel Paid Sick Days
Paid sick days are good for our economy, according to numerous studies by seasoned economists. That’s why Americans in cities and states across the country from all parts of the political ...
ellenbravo 02/29/2012 7 7 - 70
Fighting Gender Inequality in the Restaurant Industry
Name a country where large numbers of women legally earn less than minimum wage and have to drag themselves to work sick or risk losing their job. To all the places that come to mind, add the ...
ellenbravo 02/13/2012 8 12 - 52
9to5 Milwaukee Files Ethics Complaint Against Supreme Court Justice
The group that led the fight for paid sick days in Milwaukee has filed an ethics charge against a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, after learning that he had accepted free legal services worth tens ...
ellenbravo 01/10/2012 20 121 2 558
Connecticut Workers Welcome Paid Sick Days
This time last year, Desiree Rosado, a school bus driver in Groton, Connecticut, was dreading flu season. "Working without paid sick days, you're always worried about what will happen if you get sick,
ellenbravo 01/04/2012 4 10 - 32
Contagion: Not Just a Movie
What’s most frightening about the movie Contagion is that it’s NOT science fiction. Flu epidemics are real, and they can spread quickly – especially in the United States, where 44 million ...
ellenbravo 09/21/2011 4 15 1 93
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