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Mele Kalikimaka to you, Mr. President
Here's to wishing a wonderful Christmas to our President and First Family in our lovely 50th state!
emilysdad 12/24/2011 5 13 1 68
Minnesota: A 7 DFL - 1 R Gerrymander
For my first attempt at a redistricting diary I decided to try my hand at Minnesota, partly because I've lived there in the past and partly because it is a place where we have failed to maximize out ...
emilysdad 05/09/2011 37 4 - 333
MT-Sen Breaking: Rehberg to Challenge Tester in 2012
[Roll Call] reports that Rep. Dennis Rehberg (R, MT-AL) will challenge Sen. Jon Tester (D) for reelection in 2012.
emilysdad 01/31/2011 30 8 - 119
I suppose I should be grateful
According to the [Politico], Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), has been endorsed for reelection by Boeing--not by Boeing's PAC, but by the corporation.
emilysdad 06/07/2010 11 2 - 24
Meta: When to Primary an Incumbent
Periodically on dKos, there are calls for a challenge to an incumbent Democratic officeholder for renomination. I would like to outline my ideas for when such a challenge makes sense. A few notes ...
emilysdad 05/23/2010 19 5 - 30
OH-Sen: Brunner goes PUMA
In advance of Ohio's Senate primary on Tuesday between Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher and SoS Jennifer Brunner, Brunner told the [Dayton Daily News
emilysdad 05/02/2010 226 12 - 39
ROFL! Grayson on Palin
This weekend Sarah Palin visited Orlando, the home of Rep. Alan Grayson (D, FL-08). Naturally, she took the opportunity to criticize Grayson.
emilysdad 03/15/2010 616 1012 18 2184
Breaking: Sen. Chris Dodd has Prostate Cancer
According to the [Hartford Courant,0,3879555.story], Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) has been diagnosed with "early-stage prostate ...
emilysdad 07/31/2009 17 11 - 3
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