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Unemployment is mine, now.
On April 24, 2013, at 4:00 pm in the afternoon, I was let go from my job. I was told it was "not for cause" and I was certainly eligible to apply for other jobs at this employer. The manager who ...
enufisenuf 04/28/2013 48 76 - -
Oh, How I Hate You, Republican Party
Yes, you, Republican Party. I. Hate. You. I hate with you with an unrelenting loathing that is sure to send me to straight to Hell, and somehow, I just can't bring myself to care about that.
enufisenuf 02/23/2011 11 13 - 92
Testify, brother!!
I am a great fan of The Colbert Report, and of Stephen Colbert, who manages to both personify and satirize conservative right-wing ideology. Last night, December 16, he said something should be ...
enufisenuf 12/17/2010 22 4 - 40
Hollywood to the Rescue!
I first read about this in the May 23, 2010, Sunday edition of the Omaha World Herald - which is not exactly a bastion of liberalism. It is, however, a pretty respectable newspaper that can be ...
enufisenuf 05/25/2010 1 2 1 12
What My Husband Said
Yesterday, my husband said something that really grabbed my attention. He does that once in a while. :) I thought I'd pass it along to see if anyone might agree ...
enufisenuf 03/22/2010 30 13 - 18
What I'd love to hear Grayson ...
...or any other Democrat with a spine (I know, I know) say to all those Republicans and neoconservatives and the rest of wingnuttia, right there on the floor of Congress. Why? Maybe because I'...
enufisenuf 11/13/2009 8 10 1 84
Today I received another one of those e-mails that just make me insane. Supposedly, this one was written by the comedian Bill Cosby, with his "platform" to be a write-in candidate.
enufisenuf 05/26/2009 22 1 - 12
COBRA, the Stimulus, and my friend
Today I found out that my best friend, currently unemployed due to layoffs, is being helped by the COBRA part of the stimulus package.
enufisenuf 03/27/2009 8 17 1 18
Usury, motherf**ker - do you speak it?!
Usury. A word many Americans are clueless about. A word that has not been used in far, far, FAR too long. A word I'm about to get intimately involved with.
enufisenuf 10/03/2008 18 9 1 2
What is Barack is even smarter ...
... than we've given him credit for? What if he's deliberately pulling us together, without us even realizing it? My own little conspiracy theory below the jump ...
enufisenuf 07/03/2008 13 2 - 1
The Knucklehead Vote
Last night, on Countown, Howard Fineman made a comment that really caught my attention. He said that a "African-American journalist" (unnamed) he spoke with after Obama's speech said he wasn't sure ...
enufisenuf 03/19/2008 19 1 - 1
And I thought I was cynical ...
....but I just discovered today that I am freakin' Pollyanna compared to some people. Allow me to explain ...
enufisenuf 03/11/2008 15 2 - 4
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