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Why I'm Grateful for Rush Limbaugh
Happy Martin Luther King's Day people. I hope you're all enjoying the long weekend and an extra day off. I'd like to start off this day with some thoughts on racism in America and where it stands ...
eowynsdottir 01/20/2014 11 4 - -
John Boehner to Allow Immigration Reform to "Go Forward."
Of course he's lying! John Boehner, in an effort to eat his breakfast at a DC restaurant, tries to shrug off the pleas of two children of illegal immigrants who ask him to allow them to see their ...
eowynsdottir 11/14/2013 7 7 - -
Rep Patrick Murphy (D-FL18) is Already Flattening Republican Challengers in Fundraising
Representative Patrick Murphy, the young Democrat who unseated Allen West in the 2012 election by a sliver of a vote, is already steamrolling three potential Republican challengers for 2014 in ...
eowynsdottir 10/17/2013 1 2 - -
Hey you stupid liberals! Jonah Goldberg has you all figured out!
Liberals. I mean, what can you say? What is with them and their irrational belief that Ted Cruz is a bad guy?? I mean, they're constantly talking about Cruz's hypocrisy in criticizing Wendy Davis ...
eowynsdottir 09/28/2013 29 18 - -
Possible Small Victory for Abortion Rights in California
California state lawmakers have sent Gov. Jerry Brown a proposal that would allow not just doctors but nurse practitioners to perform first-trimester abortions. Let me just remind you that, unlike ...
eowynsdottir 09/14/2013 9 21 1 -
"There was a SWAT team in my house today!"
Before I tell this story I should introduce myself a bit. I'm eowynsdottir and I'm your typical white progressive feminist living in Florida. If you accuse me of being racist I'll bristle and ...
eowynsdottir 08/18/2013 258 659 12 -
Barbara Bush wants Hillary Clinton to run for President
Barbara Bush, no not THAT Barbara Bush but her grand daughter and daughter of George W. Bush, has thrown her weight behind Hillary Clinton in 2016. Read on! The 31-year-old daughter of the former ...
eowynsdottir 08/17/2013 51 10 1 -
Illegal Abortions Spike in Texas
From the "Saw It Coming a Mile Away" department, Texas' restrictive laws on abortion and birth control have been a boon to illegal abortion providers and miscarriage-inducing drug peddlers. ...
eowynsdottir 07/12/2013 116 189 2 -
Ireland to Legalize Abortion
Ireland is considering legalizing abortion in ...but only in VERY extreme circumstances. Apparently after the tragic and unnecessary death of Savita Halappanaver the government of Ireland have ...
eowynsdottir 07/02/2013 5 9 - -
Ann Coulter calls Sean Hannity a "Liberal"
Ann Coulter threw the "L"-word at Sean Hannity two days ago. Hannity, as he (very) occasionally does, asked a reasonable question to Ann Coulter: "After enforcing border security, what would you do ...
eowynsdottir 06/16/2013 9 9 - -
Join "Tissues for Teabaggers!"
If you are like me, you were probably very moved by Ms. Becky Gerritson's testimony concerning IRS targeting of conservative groups. Gerritson is the president of the Wetumpka Tea Party in Alabama...
eowynsdottir 06/09/2013 12 11 - -
Why a Mandatory Military Draft Makes Sense
Frankly, if anything makes me truly happy, it is pro life guys. Nothing gets a girl going like watching a be-penised individual like Rick Santorum or Rick Perry or George W. Bush or any crowd of ...
eowynsdottir 05/03/2013 26 16 - -
Taking a Page from the Anti-Abortion Playbook
Well, once again a vocal minority has blocked legislation that a majority of Americans supported including the assault weapons ban and background checks. You see, according to the GOP anti-abortion ...
eowynsdottir 04/22/2013 3 4 - -
A Shout-Out to "Dear Abby"
Jeanne Phillips, the daughter of Pauline "Abigail Van Buren" Phillips, deserves a lot of praise. In a recent "Dear Abby" column of hers Ms. Phillips stated the clear, simple truth of abortion. She ...
eowynsdottir 04/14/2013 47 121 - -
Rand and Rubio in pissing contest
Rubio drinks the water and Rand hints that he needs to pee. According to, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are already unzipping their flies and seeing who can go further for the gold in 2016.
eowynsdottir 03/21/2013 7 3 - -
Screw It, I'm Eating at Chick-fil-A
Okay, full disclosure here. I'm not the healthiest of people. Oh my physicals tend to end up all right with no nasty surprises- and for that I'm thankful- but my GP always ends by gently addressing ...
eowynsdottir 03/11/2013 54 7 - -
Starving Academic? Need Cash Now? Deny Climate Change!
Okay, so you finally got the damn degree, but you're over a hundred grand in debt and your dick of a supervisor at KFC won't give you more hours. What are you going to do? Ask Mom for a loan? Sell ...
eowynsdottir 02/10/2013 37 45 2 -
I Read Charles Krauthammer So You Don't Have To
Halloween has arrived two months too late... but boy has it arrived with a vengeance! Dear readers, before I continue on with this column, let me just unburden myself of what is easily the most ...
eowynsdottir 12/25/2012 31 21 - -
Holy Moly! Rich Lowry Just Became a Liberal!
For those of you who choose not to pollute your brains with right-wing cranial fecal spray (cranial santorum?) that is regularly spewed from the cavernous depths of the National Review here is a ...
eowynsdottir 12/20/2012 12 31 - -
I Read Michelle Malkin So You Don't Have To
You know, it must be very hard to be a female conservative these days. Not only must Republican women strive their best to ignore the same things Republican men strenuously ignore (the droughts, the ...
eowynsdottir 12/17/2012 11 20 1 -
Professor Michael Mann is suing the National Review
As people may know on Dailykos, I am a fairly new diarist. What is my hobby? My hobby is reading conservative columnists. Why do I do this excruciating thing? I do it so *you don't have to.* You may ...
eowynsdottir 12/13/2012 133 409 1 -
I Read Mona Charen So You Don't Have To
Ah, another day another dumb. As I relax with my cup of coffee and spread my local Conservative paper across my lap I see that Mona Charen, conservative columnist and scheduled speaker at what must ...
eowynsdottir 12/06/2012 9 8 - -
OMG!!! Teh Book That Would Have Destroyed Teh Obama!!!1!!1!
Thomas Sowell, conservative columnist and owner of the most slap-dash website I've ever seen , has blown the cover off an explosive new book that would have cost Obama teh election!!! It's ...
eowynsdottir 12/02/2012 83 177 3 -
Why Karl Rove (Probably) Didn't Hack the 2004 Election
Recently, the hacktivist group Anonymous claimed it stopped Karl Rove from hacking voting machines in Ohio. Many Obama supporters, including myself, have been debating Anonymous' claim quite hotly.
eowynsdottir 11/20/2012 32 11 - -
Mitt's "Gift" to the Democrats
So Mitt Romney, during a big conference to his (no doubt steaming-mad) campaign donors, said that Obama won because the President promised "gifts" to minorities (y'know, blacks, women, hispanics... ...
eowynsdottir 11/15/2012 15 14 - -
Romney's team say they can win without Ohio.... and why I think that's good news for us
Recently, like within the last day or so, the Mitt Romney team has started to change their narrative. "We can win without Ohio!" Well, I think that's fantastic news! Why? Because Mitt Romney has ...
eowynsdottir 11/03/2012 28 7 - -
Are "undecided" voters Obama voters in disguise
In this wwno article here a local sports show host, Marc Hochman, described himself on air during one show as an "undecided voter." Remarking on how the second presidential debate would pre-emt ...
eowynsdottir 11/02/2012 13 5 1 -
Oh Crap! Obama's Gonna Lose!
Seriously guys, it's time for Obama to stick a fork in his campaign and go off to write his memoirs or something.... the guy is done for. No, that's not a bottomless assertion! I've got the numbers..
eowynsdottir 11/01/2012 34 33 - 2
Mr. President, We Need an Emergency Speech From You
Mr. President, it is about nine days to the election and we have a really big storm about to barrel into New York. We need you back in the White House. We need you to get off the campaign trail, ...
eowynsdottir 10/27/2012 26 8 - -
I want to see the Obamas' divorce papers
Donald has-taken-steaming-shits-with-more-moral-integrity Trump announced that he had a huge ("YOOJ!!") announcement that was going to shake up the Obama campaign. Rumors swirled around the less-...
eowynsdottir 10/26/2012 36 2 - -
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