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Harry Reid Mocks Ryan!
I am liking Harry Reid these days after going after Romney over taxes now he is onto Paul Ryan's fake marathon time. Harry has some gravitas on this subject having run 15 marathons himself. In fact ...
eternallyvigilant 09/10/2012 17 59 - 539
SF Bay Area Shooter Mad at Left Wing Politicians
An angry ex-felon engaged California Highway Patrol officers on a major Bay Area freeway on Sunday. The shooter was wearing a bullet resistant vest and was hit numerous times but is recovering in ...
eternallyvigilant 07/19/2010 30 20 - 60
Virtue in Midst of Cantu Tragedy
KRON in San Francisco reported on their morning newscast that the migrate farmers who found the body of Sandra Cantu have refused the $32,000.00 reward.
eternallyvigilant 04/12/2009 7 1 1 16
David Brooks says something intelligent!
I have often read on Daily Kos about the stupidity of David Brooks and certainly agree with the idea that he is a dinosaur of the MSM. I have watched him on NPR's Shields and Brooks and thought "...
eternallyvigilant 01/01/2008 14 - - 2
My Father the WWII Ace
I read Don't Buy the Numbers by Horsefeathers last night. It was an interesting Diary that questioned the legitamcy of numbers. ...
eternallyvigilant 06/17/2007 38 35 1 145
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