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Skew the NRA Poll!! Rec it up!
I picked this up from Occupy the NRA on Facebook -- 2013 Election Year Truth About Gun Owners (TAG) Poll It's an NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislative Action) poll, ostensibly meant to be used to ...
ewmorr 03/28/2013 26 14 - -
Int'l Banks Given Permission to Wreck Economy...Again
Global banking regulators, The Basel Committee , have recently agreed to relax international banking rules that were to go into effect in 2015. The original rules were worked out and agreed upon ...
ewmorr 01/06/2013 3 8 - -
Rachel Maddow practices real journalism on Pelosi
Watching Rachel Maddow last night interview Nancy Pelosi, it was very refreshing, but all too rare, to see some actual "olde tyme" journalism taking place. Between segments of her taped interview ...
ewmorr 02/26/2009 47 58 2 24
Dear Barack: My conscience needs you to hear this
I'm sure I'm not the only engaged citizen who's been distractedly fuming about yesterday's Senate approval of the FISA bill giving telecom companies and the Bush administration a free pass on their ...
ewmorr 07/10/2008 63 6 - -
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