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The Great Divide: What Differentiates Liberals from Conservatives
What determines our ideologies? Why do wealthy liberals like Seth MacFarlane and Warren Buffett support higher taxes for the wealthy? Why do straight liberals care about gay rights? Why are ...
ezperkins 04/21/2013 14 16 - -
The Biggest Republican Voting Block: Masochists
If you're a straight, white, American-born, fair-skinned, Christian, male business owner who is in the top 1% of the economic spectrum: vote Republican; vote for the party that is fighting to ...
ezperkins 08/11/2012 4 5 - 36
Gay Rights: the Achilles' Heel of the Conservative Movement
Conservatives use a handful of arguments against gay rights. Some of the most used arguments are that homosexuality is in defiance of biblical teachings and that marriage has traditionally been ...
ezperkins 08/09/2012 19 33 - 343
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