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The Water's Fine
There really is no reason to be tied down by a proprietary system any longer. Everything you need to do is available in a Linux distribution of your choice. All you need to do is get the iso file, ...
fareast 09/13/2008 14 3 1 6
Security DIY
With all the concern shown in recent days about privacy and security, it's no surprise that more and more folks are hopping on to the Open Source bandwagon. If you are waiting for UltraMegaCorp ...
fareast 06/25/2008 14 14 5 5
Back Up
Concerned about privacy ? Ever wonder how secure your system is? Tired of paying ...
fareast 06/20/2008 11 8 2 5
Ready To Make Nice
There's no better time to make sure you are safe and secure in your online life than now; while the proprietary vendors *say* that you are extra super safe, why take their words for it? Just a ...
fareast 03/15/2008 6 8 - 6
My Neighbor Kubuntu
Greetings all! Sorry to have been absent for so long, but was starting up a Linux diary (blog) in another space. I started writing about Open Source ...
fareast 10/03/2007 27 8 - 5
Open Source: Don't Dis The Gibbon!
Don't ever Dis The Gibbon! After a long wait, Ubuntu (
fareast 09/28/2007 29 5 1 2
Open Source: Greatest Hits
This is like Greatest Hits week, visiting all the of the old favorites from the past year; today is the turn for LinuxMint , ...
fareast 09/27/2007 8 11 1 1
Open Source: PC-BSD 1.4
This is a release I've been waiting for quite a while; it's a nifty front-end installer for FreeBSD 6.2 (the latest and greatest version of FreeBSD) ...
fareast 09/26/2007 16 10 1 -
Open Source: It's Over. Linux Has Won.
Time to hang up my Open Source spurs. The battle is over, and Linux has won. Back when I started this series (early April of this year), things ...
fareast 09/24/2007 63 26 5 1
Open Source: Mandriva 2008
This is the second look at the seven major Linux Free and Open Source Software operating systems; yesterday was OpenSuse 10.3 RC1 (release candidate one,
fareast 09/23/2007 8 6 1 7
Open Source: The Seven Pillars of Linux
The crazy season is upon us, when a ton of Free and Open Source Software operating systems are being released to an increasingly larger crowd of enthusiasts, and I'd like to take a moment to ...
fareast 09/22/2007 37 11 2 -
Open Source: Anticipation
There's never been a better time to jump into the Open Source Software pool. In the next several weeks, we'll witness the true coming of age of Linux, *BSD, and other Open Source operating ...
fareast 09/21/2007 19 8 1 1
Open Source: Hacker's Nightmare
NimbleX is the latest lightweight Linux distribution to hit the internets; it's somewhat unique in that it uses the KDE desktop environment in less than ...
fareast 09/04/2007 31 15 4 8
Linux: TinyMe
If you are interested in getting that really old machine up and running again, with as little as ~32MB of ram, then there is a shiny new competitor to ...
fareast 09/01/2007 8 15 2 11
Open Source: Staying Safe With Firefox/NoScript
This is not really an Open Source diary, but rather a response to the script attack that several diarists have been having trouble with. So no conversion/evangelism/etc. on Linux/Open Source,
fareast 08/29/2007 145 108 25 21
Open Source: Own Goal
Lunar July. Ghost Month . Specifically, the worst day of Ghost Month, the 15th, when the gates of hell are wide open, and all manner ...
fareast 08/27/2007 55 18 - 1
Open Source: Moondance
fareast 08/21/2007 18 10 - 1
Open Source: Coming Soon
Time to dust off these pages and fire off another shot. If you are trying to share content with others, or even yourself within your own home, be sure that you have paid for it, at least ...
fareast 08/04/2007 21 11 - 1
Open Source: Red Flag
Whoopsie! Last time I diaried about Open Source in China, I was, well, pwned . Seems that things aren't as bad as I feared. ...
fareast 07/30/2007 15 7 1 -
Open Source: Pwned
It's all over for Linux and Open Source. You can read the gory details here. What has happened to lead to this horrible state of affairs, you may well ask; simply put, Microsoft has ...
fareast 07/28/2007 44 21 1 7
Open Source: Open Access
The content and information gatekeepers want to keep you ignorant. They want to be sure that you can only watch what they decide is important, and want to control how you access that content,
fareast 07/25/2007 5 11 - -
Open Source: The End
Pay attention, you will be quizzed after the following demonstration:
fareast 07/24/2007 38 20 1 6
Open Source: Help Desk
Open Source software and systems continue to gain adherents worldwide, in addition to Japan recently deciding in favor of the Open Document Format (quite significant in and of itself), we ...
fareast 07/23/2007 15 5 1 -
Open Source: Sabayon Business Edition
Tempted to call this diary 'Open Source: Recommends', just to see how far I could push the diary pimping, but as Open Source just isn't very sexy, it has no command such as apt-...
fareast 07/22/2007 12 12 4 -
Open Source: Rescue Rangers
That title ought to get some attention, eh? Well, what about this:
fareast 07/21/2007 41 21 4 151
Open Source: Pirates 'R Us
If you are not familiar with Open Source software, then an excellent place to start is here ; a more in-depth examination of Open Source operating systems,
fareast 07/20/2007 11 11 1 -
Open Source: Train Wreck
If you are curious about the significance of Open Source in the world today, I've tried to answer some of those concerns in the top two links on the blogroll to your right; other fine links ...
fareast 07/19/2007 15 9 - -
Open Source: CentOS Live
This is where I'm supposed to put a bunch of links related to the significance of Open Source, how the values of the Open Source movement are by and large the same as our very own Democratic ...
fareast 07/18/2007 11 7 - -
Open Source: Gentoo Live
Planned on taking a break, but this was just too important to pass up. Apologies again for being so close to the morning apertif; work constraints made posting earlier unavoidable. If you ...
fareast 07/17/2007 27 6 - -
Open Source: Process
Not familiar with Open Source? Some information on how Open Source software impacts you and what it can do for you and your community are available here ,
fareast 07/16/2007 8 8 1 -
Open Source: FAQ
Are you new to the world of Open Source software? Do you wonder how it can and does impact your life, now and in the future? Some fine sources of information can be ...
fareast 07/15/2007 36 20 4 74
Linux: Famelix 2.0
If you are new to open source, Linux, FreeBSD then some information is available for you here ,
fareast 07/14/2007 13 8 1 -
Linux: Mint
Are you new to open source? Do you want to learn more about it and its significance for you? If so, some sources of information are available, all just a click away:
fareast 07/13/2007 16 8 2 -
Linux: #97 The Larch
How does open source affect you? Well, for starters, you may have heard of an ...
fareast 07/12/2007 15 11 2 85
Linux: Granular
New to open source? Some fine sources of information are here , here ,
fareast 07/11/2007 29 11 3 28
Linux: Rasta!
New to open source? Some information can be found here , here , here , ...
fareast 07/10/2007 51 10 - -
Linux: SAM
If you are new to open source then some fine links to check out are here , here ,
fareast 07/09/2007 34 7 1 25
Linux: MusixGNU
MusixGNU +Linux1.0r2_Stable (hereafter referred to as MusixGNU) is a specialty Linux distribution with musicians/artists in mind. The project's main ...
fareast 07/08/2007 9 10 1 -
Linux: Slax
New to open source? A fine list of links can be found to the right on the blogroll; additionally there are a number of diaries on this subject by clicking on ...
fareast 07/07/2007 13 7 2 -
Linux: DreamLinux 2.2MMGL
If you are new to open source, then just click on by; I can't be bothered to explain every darn thing from square one to you. Just kidding. Click on my ...
fareast 07/06/2007 17 8 1 -
Linux: DesktopBSD
If you are new to open source software, then some fine sites to visit are here , here ,
fareast 07/05/2007 19 5 2 193
Linux: OpenSuse
If you are new to open source then check out the sites here , here , here ...
fareast 07/04/2007 9 10 3 178
Linux: Austrumi
If you are new to open source software, then please check here , here , here , ...
fareast 07/03/2007 19 8 3 1
Linux: LinuxConsole
From France comes a nifty little wonder guaranteed to run on just about any x86 box ever made, LinuxConsole . ...
fareast 07/02/2007 34 9 1 -
Linux: Open Sourcerer
Somebody want to pony up some cash to buy these folks a clue: "I applaud AT&T's decision to take action ...
fareast 07/01/2007 17 12 3 -
Linux: Vector
After yesterday's experience with Wolvix; I thought I'd try to install another Slackware ...
fareast 06/30/2007 16 8 2 -
Linux: Wolvix
Wolvix is a lightweight distro that just reached release candidate stage; in actual fact, there are two releases, Wolvix Cub (243M) and Wolvix Hunter (482M). I downloaded the Hunter ISO and ...
fareast 06/29/2007 12 10 2 16
Linux: BLAG6K And Beyond
BLAG7K Is in Alpha release , so I thought in anticipation of it going final, I would try the 6K install. BLAG stands for Brixton Linux Action Group, ...
fareast 06/28/2007 13 9 1 -
Linux: Full Carpal Tunnel
Anytime you do something for a bunch of days in a row (got to be close to eighty now), you get some pretty darn sore wrists, fingers, and so on. Just can't be helped. Actually had to put ...
fareast 06/27/2007 17 8 4 -
Linux: Sans Souci
You may remember something a bit paranoid written in these diaries a few days ago; turns out it wasn't paranoid enough--there is indeed ...
fareast 06/26/2007 11 7 - -
Linux: Second Life
If you are unaware of what Second Life is, then here is a good source of information; another fine place to look ...
fareast 06/25/2007 41 10 - 39
Linux: Closing Time
If you are new to this series, then you should probably take a look here first. These are nice sites ...
fareast 06/24/2007 59 14 4 2
Linux: Marketplace
It's one of those battles that you're not sure who to root for; in this case I've got to pull for ...
fareast 06/23/2007 21 7 2 -
Linux: Digitize It
Turns out that the troubles I had on Wednesday (chronicled here ) were not mine alone; it seems that the Pentagon had to sever ...
fareast 06/22/2007 19 12 1 -
Linux: New Love
Before everyone jumps down my throat, yeah, I know I'm terrible about remaining loyal to one and only one open source operating system. I've got no excuses. It's just that when you read all ...
fareast 06/21/2007 30 12 1 -
Linux: Spooky
Oh snap ! In the middle of a rant yesterday I suddenly lost my internet connection. And considering what I've been writing about ...
fareast 06/20/2007 29 13 2 -
Linux: Victory
When you have to resort to threatening to sue potential customers, you know that you are trapped in a failed business model. Witness the attempts by the RIAA, MPAA, Microsoft and the rest.
fareast 06/19/2007 98 27 1 18
Linux: Get It
Time to get it. It's not about 'Is Linux ready for the desktop?', or even switching to open source software , be it Linux, *BSD, Solaris, etc.; it's ...
fareast 06/18/2007 193 32 2 10
Linux: Fire Sale
Took a look around the local electronics shop, and was struck by the low prices of laptop computers, many of them going for little more than five hundred dollars new. All of them were set up ...
fareast 06/17/2007 60 26 3 12
Linux: Nation
When you have a favorite sports team that you watch year in and year out, one that always seems to break your heart right at the end--yet you continue to support them and watch them, ...
fareast 06/16/2007 25 12 4 -
Linux: Da Purty
When Apple postponed releasing Leopard, otherwise known as OS X 10.5, from April of this year until October it was rumoured to be because of the rollout of the iPhone, as well as some last ...
fareast 06/15/2007 38 8 1 -
Linux: Content Free
Concerned that the internet is getting less and less free? Well, you probably should be; what with the FBI watching (...
fareast 06/14/2007 24 10 2 -
Linux: Fear Of A Tux Planet
If you've never tried Linux, then there's probably a host of reasons why you haven't done so; and no, I won't bring up the whole 'well, Linux is more secure' canard thrown around by true ...
fareast 06/13/2007 9 8 - -
Linux: FlameOut
Really interesting thread (at least to me) yesterday on the relative advantages of KDE versus GNOME, and other window managers/desktop environments; I'm fairly new to Linux, so I missed the ...
fareast 06/12/2007 4 7 1 -
Linux: Phases
Very interesting DistroWatch Weekly this week , with a ton to chew on; if you're not familiar ...
fareast 06/11/2007 19 11 1 -
Linux: LiveUSB
Well, finally some success in the liveUSB department; Stux 1.0 was ...
fareast 06/10/2007 23 9 3 -
Linux: Deluge
Deluge is a very nice minimalist gtk bit torrent client that features UPnP, DHT, and all the other features one expects in a torrent engine. It's in the ...
fareast 06/09/2007 22 5 1 6
Linux: Another Reason
How much longer will you be able to get those free distros ? By the look of things, not very long. Now that congress is ...
fareast 06/08/2007 29 16 2 14
Linux: Wear It
Well, perhaps not wear it, but with specs like these , you could certainly put in your purse or fanny pack: EeePC 701 ...
fareast 06/07/2007 7 6 - 9
Linux: Day 59
Oops! Spent too much time playing with Revisor , and failed to get this up in good time. If you are new to ...
fareast 06/06/2007 50 15 2 12
Linux: Roll Your Own
Linspire's Click 'N Run software repository will be coming online very shortly, could be in the next couple of days: the website is ...
fareast 06/05/2007 8 9 1 11
Linux: Take Two
About Fedora 7. After two installs of the KDE desktop, I'm getting the GNOME version, which by all accounts, is the traditional Fedora desktop. There is a very nice review ...
fareast 06/04/2007 18 12 1 -
Linux: Last Stand
With the rollout of the General Public License version 3 less than four weeks away, the folks corporations with the ...
fareast 06/03/2007 23 16 4 20
Linux: A Distro A Day
Sounds ambitious, doesn't it? But after yesterday 's experience, I feel that I have to give some of the other distros a shot, just for the sake of ...
fareast 06/02/2007 24 16 4 132
Linux: Fedora 7
Fedora 7 is out. Had to get the torrent and download it as soon as I heard the news; though I had briefly tried out the ...
fareast 06/01/2007 33 11 4 82
Linux: Gone Native
Finally ditched the last thing holding me back from full on wolf native Linux, my Airport wireless dongle. I had held back on converting my Intel iMac to Linux because of the airport admin ...
fareast 05/31/2007 11 13 - 5
Linux: Game On?
After having downloaded (via Automatix ) Crossover Office , I was planning on doing a bit ...
fareast 05/30/2007 11 9 - 6
Linux: FUD Overdrive
I really could care less if someone chooses to use a Mac, a PC running XP (or Vista), or whatever. What drives me nuts though is the people who try ...
fareast 05/29/2007 36 10 3 6
Linux: Education
While blogs and news reviews have talked about the 'Year of the Linux Desktop', Linux has quietly been making its way into the classrooms of the world. From places as varied as Indiana(...
fareast 05/28/2007 4 16 3 -
Linux: Tech Support
Some certain individuals are wishing they used gpg ...
fareast 05/27/2007 76 11 2 6
Linux: Fresh And Hot
When industry leaders are predicting your (and Google 's) ...
fareast 05/26/2007 20 11 1 -
Linux: Ubuntu Endgame
Sad, but true. The days of Ubuntu, and likely the open source movement, are in their final throes. According to this fellow:
fareast 05/25/2007 6 5 - -
Linux: Bios Rhythms
The majority of the distros I've been talking about in the past few weeks are fairly straightforward in their installation routines; after entering ...
fareast 05/24/2007 59 9 2 -
Linux: Chinese Watch
(phone rings) Excuse me (he answers phone), not now......shtoom...shtoom....right......yes, we'll have the watch ready for you at midnight.......the watch.....the ...
fareast 05/23/2007 13 11 1 -
Linux: Good Day To Sue
You may have seen the story of Linux users putting their names on a list at digital tipping point;
fareast 05/22/2007 5 10 2 -
Linux: Clear View
Or should that be clairvoyant? Just yesterday I was talking about certain companies wanting to lord it over us little ...
fareast 05/21/2007 47 14 4 10
Linux: Hard-Wired
I linked to this article yesterday, but it's still bugging me. In it, the writer begins: Over in the DesktopLinux ...
fareast 05/20/2007 18 9 1 6
Linux: The Other Shoe
You may remember a few days ago, when certain individuals associated with a certain large corporation were ...
fareast 05/19/2007 19 4 3 -
Linux: Hitting The Big Time
No, not Linux. Me! I was hitting all the usual Linux blogs as usual today, trying to find some inspiration for a new post, and I came across ...
fareast 05/18/2007 51 16 4 26
Linux: Carpe Festem
My latest dual boot fun is with PCLinuxOS . If Ubuntu is the most solid of recent easy to set up distros, then PCLOS is the fastest and most complete ...
fareast 05/17/2007 37 10 3 36
Linux: The Tao Of Dual Boot
Throw away holiness and wisdom, and people will be a hundred times happier. Throw away morality and justice, and people will do the right thing. Throw away industry and profit, ...
fareast 05/16/2007 10 5 2 -
Linux: Moving Out
As in 'out of existence'. Is The Onion missing a writer?. This from yesterday: "The Free Software ...
fareast 05/15/2007 16 6 1 -
Linux: Ubuntustudio And Web 2.0
Web 2.0. Software as a service. Heard of those terms before? Well, they are one and the same. What Web 2.0/Saas means is turning over all your personal data to Microsoft/Google/XCorp and no ...
fareast 05/14/2007 42 9 4 8
Linux: Killer Rabbit
Second brother: And Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high, saying, 'O Lord, bless this thy hand grenade that with it thou mayest blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy ...
fareast 05/13/2007 22 6 3 -
Linux: Lockdown
Linux is about free software, without restrictions , that you can modify ...
fareast 05/12/2007 180 17 6 28
Linux: Fresh Eyes
I've discovered a few things since I've been using Linux: one is that I can completely change the look and feel of my desktop environment with a couple of clicks of the mouse; I can do the ...
fareast 05/11/2007 12 5 1 9
Linux: Tune Town
Linux is nothing if not a great place to watch your favorite vids and listen to your favorite tunes; today I'd like to focus a little more in depth on the what there is in the music player ...
fareast 05/10/2007 40 11 - 6
Linux: Break-Up
Leaving behind an old paradigm can be hard; you've found ways to work around the ...
fareast 05/09/2007 19 14 2 25
Linux: OpenSuse Edition
Everyone has a favorite distro . Maybe it's Debian , or its many offshoots. Or perhaps one of ...
fareast 05/08/2007 18 9 - -
Linux: Power Users Edition
Gather round, all you Power Users; hey! where are you going? Yeah, you! You don't need to leave--you're a power user, too. Don't believe me? Well, decide for yourself. What I'm about ...
fareast 05/07/2007 75 10 1 -
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