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O'Malley and the Consequences of Broken Windows
I'm assuming most here understand the concept of At its most basic level, this law enforcement theory says that if you more aggressively pursue law ...
fcvaguy 04/29/2015 23 27 - -
O'Malley & Sanders the Big Hits @ SC Dem Convention
Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders were the big hits at the South Carolina Democratic Convention today. Both received several standing ovations during their speeches to the audience of Democratic ...
fcvaguy 04/25/2015 206 150 1 -
White House Correspondents Dinner - Live Blog
Just putting this up there for those interested/watching.
fcvaguy 04/25/2015 246 32 - -
Martin O'Malley's Proposal to Deal with the Student Loan Crisis
Last week, I wrote a diary about Martin O'Malley's views of the Student Loan Crisis. There's no doubt that one of the most important issues that needs to be discussed and debated in the ...
fcvaguy 04/24/2015 146 121 3 -
If you care about the TPP, O'Malley is your candidate
For Democrats who care about our bedrock Democratic principles like standing up for the American worker and the middle class, this past few weeks have certainly been discouraging as we see yet ...
fcvaguy 04/23/2015 116 36 1 -
O'Malley: A Principled, Authentic Leader
I have my own personal theory for how people vote. Setting aside blind partisans who just pull a lever for one party or another without even a fundamental grasp of what the candidates stand forI ...
fcvaguy 04/22/2015 27 25 - -
O'Malley: Against the TPP
Watching President Obama tonight on Chris Matthews. First, I love this President and I think he's done a great job. I'm listening to his defense of the TPP and honestly I feel even less convinced ...
fcvaguy 04/21/2015 21 28 - -
Pride I had the pleasure of watching a great move last night. The film is called "PRIDE". It was recommended to me by some friends while I was at a pub in London this past weekend. Very few ...
fcvaguy 04/20/2015 29 40 - -
O'Malley Hits a Homerun in NPR Interview
National Public Radio (NPR) played its interview with Martin O'Malley this morning. Interviewing him was Steve Inskeep. Inskeep asked O'Malley several questions over a broad range of topics. Below ...
fcvaguy 04/20/2015 335 318 12 -
Martin O'Malley on Student Loan Debt
There's no doubt that one of the most important issues that needs to be discussed and debated in the upcoming 2016 Presidential primaries needs to be the student loan crisis. Bluntly, student loan ...
fcvaguy 04/19/2015 273 71 2 -
O'Malley Proposes $15 Minimum Wage
Martin O'Malley continues to step up as a full throated, unabashed Democrat who embraces core Democratic values. Follow me below the fold to see how he's doing it.
fcvaguy 04/18/2015 76 23 - -
O'Malley Starts To Take the Gloves Off
I'm glad to see Martin O'Malley making the differences clear between himself and Hillary Clinton. While there are many differences ranging from the TPP to Wall Street, to Marriage Equality, Martin O'...
fcvaguy 04/16/2015 66 32 1 -
Martin O'Malley is the Democrat We Can Believe In
In this diary, I've put together some youtube vids for those who really don't know Martin O'Malley but would like to hear more about him. I thought the best way to do that would be to put together ...
fcvaguy 04/13/2015 352 150 5 -
O'Malley in Iowa: His Vision for the Democratic Party
Martin O'Malley continues to work hard with trips to both Iowa and New Hampshire this week. In Iowa, he did a far ranging interview with Ari Melber for MSNBC/The Cyle . He talks about bringing the ...
fcvaguy 04/11/2015 304 299 4 -
O'Malley Working Hard in New Hampshire
While the media and most Democrats continue to speculate on when the most highly visible Republican and Democratic candidates for President will announce, Martin O'Malley continues to do what he ...
fcvaguy 04/04/2015 64 48 - -
O'Malley: Republicans are Shameful
Martin O'Malley is in New Hampshire today, working the grassroots from morning until night. This morning he was the headliner at a "Politics and Eggs" forum in Bedford, NH. Attendees were an ...
fcvaguy 03/31/2015 133 119 3 -
Martin O'Malley: "The Presidency is not a crown to be passed between two families"
After dozens of visits and speeches over the past year in places like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, doing the dog's work of raising money for Democrats and campaigning for Democrats, ...
fcvaguy 03/29/2015 660 265 5 -
Democrats Can Nominate A Ham Sandwich and Win the Presidency
Over at HuffPo , H.A. Goodman makes the obvious argument that Democrats can nominate any Democratic Presidential candidate and he or she can easily beat the Republican, as long as that Democrat ...
fcvaguy 03/25/2015 127 31 - -
Hey MoveOn, Time to MOVE ON !!
It was sad to watch Anna Galland, Executive Director of on the Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC, last night. As she was trumpeting MoveOn's continuing effort to Draft Warren, ...
fcvaguy 03/24/2015 124 78 - -
Hey Boston Globe: O'Malley is running the campaign you want from Warren
Matthew Yglesias at Vox has a great piece up which I was cheering as I was reading it. Martin O’Malley is running the campaign people want from Elizabeth Warren In his run through Iowa this ...
fcvaguy 03/23/2015 51 52 1 -
O'Malley Is Working it Hard in Iowa
Martin O'Malley continues to plod ahead in what is amounting to a successful weekend of campaigning in Iowa. He's speaking with a strong progressive voice and is getting a strong and very positive ...
fcvaguy 03/22/2015 172 121 - -
Martin O'Malley: Reinstate Glass-Steagall, Break up the Banks
In an Op Ed in the Des Moines Register this week, Martin O'Malley is clearly setting his policy agenda in a way that should make Elizabeth Warren smile. More below...
fcvaguy 03/21/2015 327 373 5 -
Martin O'Malley is off to Iowa
Martin O'Malley is off to Iowa this weekend. But, it's not his first trip to Iowa. Over more than a year now, he's made several visits, commitments and put his money where his mouth is for Democrats ...
fcvaguy 03/20/2015 18 28 - -
Presidential Democratic Party Straw Poll
Interesting results of a straw poll from Congressman Gerry County's St-Patrick's Day celebration in Northern Virginia and Richmond. 1100 people. Results below ....
fcvaguy 03/19/2015 61 10 1 -
Do we want an O'Malley America or a Jindal America
US News and World Report has a good article which reads like a "Tale of Two States" , comparing the results of progressive governance in Maryland over the past 8 years to conservative governance in ...
fcvaguy 03/18/2015 14 24 - -
O'Malley Takes On Wall Street
A great opinion piece yesterday from the Washington Post . First, its encouraging to see that the Post, in a very clear, unqualified way, says what many of us believe: A contested Democratic ...
fcvaguy 03/17/2015 372 274 4 -
O'Malley Still On Track for a Presidential Run
This weekend, Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) threw a curveball by suddenly announcing that she does not plan to run for reelection in 2016. This has opened a wide and deep field of potential ...
fcvaguy 03/03/2015 43 22 - -
White Supremacy
Its difficult to find common ground in a debate or argument when we don't share the same common definition of words or phrases. So, I wanted to explore a phrase which has proven to be very ...
fcvaguy 02/14/2015 272 75 - -
Perplexing Anti-Vaxxers
Given all the discussion about the current Measles outbreak, Vaccines and Anti-Vaxxers, I thought I'd share this experience I had today at lunch...
fcvaguy 02/02/2015 30 28 - -
Martin O'Malley Still Considering 2016 Presidential Run
Its been clear for several months now that Governor Martin O'Malley (D-MD), has been seriously considering a Presidential run in 2016. He's not only been saying it, his actions have demonstrated it. ...
fcvaguy 01/13/2015 20 8 - -
Bob McDonnell: No Justice
Former Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell (R) was sentenced today for his massive criminal corruption.
fcvaguy 01/06/2015 26 21 - -
New DFA 2016 Poll - HRC 3rd Place
Picked up on this today and looked to see if anyone had already diaried this ...
fcvaguy 11/21/2014 43 13 1 -
Sodomites Spreading Ebola at Starbucks
I've been in awe over the past few months as we've reached 33 states with marriage equality. I would have never imagined I would see this in my lifetime, especially given where we came from - near ...
fcvaguy 10/29/2014 50 35 - -
Breaking: Julian Assange "Leaving Embassy Soon"
Just saw this on SkyNews in London. Julian Assange held a press conference along with the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister to announce he's leaving the Ecuadorian Embassy "soon" in order to get medical ...
fcvaguy 08/18/2014 19 7 1 -
Mount Sinjar "Stinks of Death"
A first hand report from Jonathan Krohn of the UK's "The Telgraph". After more than 40,000 Yazidis have fled their largest town, Sinjar, after it was overrun by ISIL.
fcvaguy 08/13/2014 10 10 - -
U.S. economy bounces back sharply
Sort of surprising good news.
fcvaguy 07/30/2014 36 13 1 -
GunFail: How To Conceal Carry Anywhere You Want
I just had to shake my head on this one. Imagine being able to carry a gun no matter where you go - to the bathroom, in the bathtub, to Church, to Parent/Teachers conference, on a plane, on a train,
fcvaguy 03/24/2014 19 10 - -
Was Michael Dunn Drunk?
For those who followed the trial of Michael Dunn in Florida, I'd like to discuss the role alcohol played in the incident and more specifically, why wasn't it a major issue in the trial? In this ...
fcvaguy 02/20/2014 95 23 - -
Stop The Bullying
Reading a diary tonight, and frankly it pissed me off. Not a lot of words below the fold:
fcvaguy 01/30/2014 402 25 1 -
Remind me: Is this a Partisan site?
I'm pretty sure I know the answer. Yes it is. Its a progressive/grass roots site, who's ultimate purpose is to elect more and better Democrats. Sometimes though, my head spins. I see diary/...
fcvaguy 01/10/2014 694 392 2 -
Obama's Eulogy for Mandela
Following is some excerpts from the President's Eulogy this morning. As he took the stage, the President was greeted with a standing ovation from the people of South Africa. It was amazing to see. I ...
fcvaguy 12/10/2013 14 23 1 -
US set to sell its remaining GM stock
As many of you may recall, the US Government through TARP, invested $50B in General Motors (GM) in 2009 to save the company. Its now set to sell its remaining shares of GM by the end of next month. ...
fcvaguy 11/22/2013 45 9 - -
Thanks For Not Killing My Dad
This diary is sort of like tossing a bottle in the ocean with a message. I just want to take the time to thank the man who chose to help Dad all those years ago rather than shoot and kill him.
fcvaguy 11/08/2013 45 195 1 -
Virginia - I voted
Very short diary. Was looking for an open thread, but doesn't appear to be one.
fcvaguy 11/05/2013 50 31 - -
NV School Shooting: Parents Could Face Charges
Many of you have probably already read about the 12 year old Nevada boy who shot and killed a teacher and wounded two fellow students. Now, police say charges may be brought against the parents of ...
fcvaguy 10/23/2013 38 23 - -
Nobel Peace Prize goes to OPCW
Nobel Peace Prize goes to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.
fcvaguy 10/11/2013 15 17 2 -
I Concede: Guns are like Cars
For years, up to and including today, we hear the same old false equivalencies; walking down the street with a gun is like walking while, Black, or Jewish, or Gay or whatever. But, the most tried ...
fcvaguy 09/30/2013 191 240 8 -
Paul Ryan for red lines before he was against them
The Republican Party continues to demonstrate their agenda is singularly focused: Obama Hate. Paul Ryan amply showed that today.
fcvaguy 09/11/2013 6 12 - -
Didn't want to respond to a closed discussion on the help desk and re-open it. But, to Elfling - thanks for the prompt response and helping me get reinstated.
fcvaguy 09/09/2013 83 66 - -
A Day in Dominica
For the past week, my partner and I had the pleasure of being on an Atlantis cruise. The cruise left from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and its itinerary included Grenada, Barbados, Dominica and St-Barts. ...
fcvaguy 03/25/2012 29 23 - 327
Marriage Equality, Maryland, Obama, Cheney, and AA ministers
Last night, history was made in Maryland as it became yet one more state headed towards full marriage equality. I celebrate every state that passes marriage equality as if it were the first one and ...
fcvaguy 02/18/2012 236 21 - 732
Issa Takes On Obama Administration over OccupyDC
My home OWS location is OccupyDC and McPherson Square. Its not been as big as OccupyOakland or OccupyNYC or other locations, and it has certainly struggled to garner more support from the DC ...
fcvaguy 12/14/2011 14 20 - 98
No More Violence Porn on DailyKOS
There was a rash of violence porn today on DailyKOS. Its been building up for awhile since OWS started, with the occasional calls for violence as a protest tactic. I guess today it came to a head ...
fcvaguy 11/15/2011 112 33 - 564
Who are the 1%?
Money Magazine had an article today which provided some interesting data on who exactly is the 1%. It has some tidbits of info that I wasn't aware of. For example, while we're focused on Wall Street,
fcvaguy 10/20/2011 8 6 1 114
What Really Happened Inside Citibank Saturday?
This past Saturday, a number of protesters walked into a Citibank branch at LaGuardia Place in New York City to close their accounts and several were arrested. That was the story we heard Saturday ...
fcvaguy 10/17/2011 73 22 - 383
Recession's Tragic Effect on Innocent Babies
We're all fully aware of the appalling effects this Great Recession has had on Americans, especially the less advantaged. From expiring unemployment benefits, to losing homes, to being forced on the ...
fcvaguy 09/19/2011 8 7 - 60
Returning from the Boycott
Like many others, I've met my commitment of conscience. I'm glad to be back. Sadly, there are many who I hold in high regard, and have for years, who have said they will not be returning. I ...
fcvaguy 09/18/2011 138 50 2 669
I stand with my brothers - Boycott
Before deciding what I was going to do, I read Sistahspeak's diary and every comment in it. Took me a few hours. It is not a choice I am making. Its something I have to do.
fcvaguy 09/11/2011 20 44 1 169
Kate Marshall NV-02
I have to confess that I completely forgot about this important upcoming special election. I wonder how many others have. So, here it is. Kate Marshall hasn't gotten much support or attention here ...
fcvaguy 08/18/2011 14 18 - 50
Bachmann: Happy Birthday Elvis!!
SUBTITLED: I Hope Bachmann Stays in the Race to the End. Michele Bachmann offers another facepalm moment - comedy gold - almost as good as when she recently schooled us on the Founding Fathers and ...
fcvaguy 08/16/2011 33 6 - 134
Did MB's rules leave with MB?
I think this is an important question. I'd like to see what other Kossacks think on this issue as we move forward. While he is indeed gone, should his rules endure?
fcvaguy 08/11/2011 178 9 - 600
Look at EVERYTHING S&P Said! Not just the stuff you like
Folks, there are at least a few diaries this morning cherry picking what we want to hear on the S&P debt downgrade. But, can we look at what S&P said and at least try to be somewhat objective?
fcvaguy 08/06/2011 76 38 1 386
Sarah Palin - The Re-Defeated
Sarah lost big in 2008 and it looks like she lost even bigger in 2011. Details below the fold.
fcvaguy 08/01/2011 23 17 - 182
Understanding Country Credit Ratings
With all the discussion of the current deficit crisis and whether or not we'll be defaulting on our debt, as well as the side discussion about losing our AAA credit rating, I thought it may be ...
fcvaguy 07/27/2011 26 33 3 203
We stand at the brink
We are we in the debt-ceiling crisis? Judging from comments in other diaries, I know at least a few here don't really care and don't see our ability to not pay our bills next week as such a big deal.
fcvaguy 07/24/2011 40 10 - 199
Wasserman-Schultz a "vile", "despicable", "coward"
Well, at least that's what Congressman Allen West thinks of her. This and what follows is what we've all grown to expect from the new Tea Party crowd. This is why we need to work hard in 2012 to win ...
fcvaguy 07/19/2011 315 402 7 2950
What I Learned at Bear Week in Provincetown
I had the privelege of being able to spend part of last week in Provincetown at Bear Week. For those that aren't aware, the must succinct and mostly ...
fcvaguy 07/18/2011 17 8 - 155
Do We Really Have the Stomach to Follow Germany's Lead?
There's a diary on the rec list which touts Germany's success in how they've dealt with the ...
fcvaguy 07/09/2011 21 4 - 157
Some Days Are Chock Full of Good News
Some days are just brimming with good news. IMO, today was one of them:
fcvaguy 06/29/2011 10 23 - 171
Please advise: Tag or No Tag
This won't take long. Quickly go below the fold:
fcvaguy 06/27/2011 211 6 - 410
Short, sweet, to the point. Well, maybe not too sweet. This diary is an appeal to TUs who have been here long enough to remember one of the darker days on DailyKOS - the days of UGOG. For those who ...
fcvaguy 05/19/2011 137 17 - 600
Greenwald - Grow Up
Grow Up. Quit Your Whining. And, stop being your own worst enemy. That's the immediate reaction I had when I read Mizner's diary on the rec list. Greenwald has been very vocal in his support for ...
fcvaguy 01/25/2011 212 32 - 90
Jared Loughner & American Renaissance
I know since yesterday, everyone across the blogosphere has been desperately trying to determine if there's a political angle to the mass shooting and attempted assassination in Tucson. Other ...
fcvaguy 01/09/2011 43 9 - 126
"I Just Might Take You Up on That"
But he never did. Because, last month, my brother decided to take a different approach and end his own life. I'm not sure why I'm writing this diary. But, deep inside, something tells me I need to. ...
fcvaguy 11/17/2010 45 43 1 223
An Expat Rant
Over the past several days we've seen 3 or 4 diaries dealing with the issue of expats. I'm going to get to the nut of it - some of the comments in those diaries are just downright disgusting and not ...
fcvaguy 11/10/2010 105 21 - 73
Al D'Amato's Righteous Rant
I know there's a diary on the rec list right now slamming Kossacks praising Republicans. But, when Republicans deserve praise, they should get it especially when they call out teabagging racists for ...
fcvaguy 09/20/2010 11 8 - 27
Poblano Debuts on the NYTIMES
Today, our very own Poblano aka Nate Silver aka, made his long expected debut on the NYTIMES:
fcvaguy 08/25/2010 11 43 - 45
The Real Teabagger's Guide to Washington DC
I had posted this in a comment on a diary that has since scrolled off the list. Several people had suggested I post it as a diary, so I have. Some background: This is in response to Teabagger ...
fcvaguy 08/24/2010 39 18 - 70
Pity Us All if the Bush Tax Cuts Expire
Don't get me wrong. They need to expire for the rich. But, if they do expire in their entirety without any other action taken, we will all be paying more taxes. More below the fold...
fcvaguy 08/02/2010 83 2 - 42
Please Rec This Diary
Not this diary, but this diary: More below the fold.
fcvaguy 06/24/2010 21 32 - 201
Clean Slate? BLECH
Its taken me about 3 days to finally come to that conclusion. When Meteor Blades first posted it, my first reaction was uncertainty and confusion. It didn't feel like anything that has been done at ...
fcvaguy 04/10/2010 155 14 1 38
Got the Blues? OBAMAPALOOZA!
Since the weekend, I've spent more time than I probably should have dwelling on the recent spate of violence stoked by the the angry voices to our right; waaaayy to our right. I've especially spent ...
fcvaguy 04/07/2009 2 5 - -
Poplawski Linked to Stormfront and Glenn Beck *UPDATED*
Some of us over the past few days have been working together "sleuthing" the internet for anything related to Richard Poplawski. I can't speak for others, but my interest was driven by the fact that ...
fcvaguy 04/06/2009 604 788 26 209
Anti-Semitic cartoon appears in US papers today
I have no idea how many papers its appeared in today, but a rather anti-semitic cartoon created by nationally syndicated and Pulitzer Prize winning Pat Oliphant appeared in the Washington Post, Slate,
fcvaguy 03/26/2009 539 15 - 30
Human Rights Watch Presents Evidence Israeli War Crimes
Today, Human Rights Watch released a comprehensive 74 page report documenting evidence of war crimes perpetrated by the Israeli Defense Forces during the recent Gaza incursion. The focus of the HRW ...
fcvaguy 03/25/2009 402 36 3 22
A Tribute to my Mémère; a proud immigrant
This morning I got some bad news - my M�m�re died this morning. In fact, today was also her birthday. She was 97. For those of that don't know, "M�m�re" is a Qu�b�cois ...
fcvaguy 03/24/2009 63 28 - 21
The Making Crime Not Pay Act
Sometime today (I couldn't find the quote online), Chuck Grassley said the AIG bonus recipients, instead of taking the bonuses, need to do like the Japanese do - stand in front of the American people,
fcvaguy 03/16/2009 9 9 - 2
Senator Sir Ted Kennedy: The Lion Roars
Senator Sir Ted Kennedy, recently knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, travelled from Florida to make an appearance at the Health Care Summit. When he entered the room, people rose and gave him ...
fcvaguy 03/05/2009 35 45 1 14
I Lost My Best Friend 20 Years Ago Today
Twenty years ago today, I lost my best friend. Although, my friendship with him spanned only 2 years, never has a friend impacted my life in such an intense, postive way; a friendship which ...
fcvaguy 02/28/2009 29 34 4 227
Reflections on DFQ and the Posse
I was one of those who was shocked and deeply saddened by the death of Davefromqueens. I didn't know Dave personally, but I was in awe of him when he was a Kossack writing diaries on a daily basis. ...
fcvaguy 02/18/2009 671 20 2 114
"This is good". Obama signs the CHIP Bill; Updated with Video
That was President Obama's opening line in today's signing ceremony for the CHIP bill. He emphasized the importance of the bill to children and families across the country. He reminded us that a ...
fcvaguy 02/04/2009 132 137 2 28
Gillibrand: The Great Evolver
It has certainly been interesting to see the narrative unfolding on Daily KOS with respect to Kirsten Gillibrand. So far, we've seen death-defying, tight rope walking diaries arguing that she's in ...
fcvaguy 01/26/2009 275 18 - 18
Caroline Kennedy Fallout
I wanted to focus on what the fallout looks like from the Kennedy/Paterson/Gillibrand mess. In my view, the relentless Purist "anti-Dynasty" campaign against Caroline Kennedy has certainly ...
fcvaguy 01/23/2009 216 22 - 22
Is the Two State Solution Dead?
In the past few days, I've posted two diaries oriented towards the path forward in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. My first ...
fcvaguy 01/11/2009 145 8 - 27
U.S., Israel Should Talk to Hamas
Yesterday I posted a diary summarizing a pamphlet of essays for President-elect Barack Obama, published by the Washington Institute of Near East Policy called Prevent Breakdown, Prepare for ...
fcvaguy 01/09/2009 95 11 2 21
I/P: Breakdown to Breakthrough
There's a bit of irony in the title of my diary. I think its fair to say that the vast majority of Daily KOS diaries on the Israeli/Palestinian tragedy can be described as "Breakdown". Even the ...
fcvaguy 01/09/2009 42 4 - 16
The Wasilla Hillbilly Just Ruined My Thanksgiving
Why can't Sarah Palin just go away? Today, Sarah Palin desperately seizes another moment in the spotlight as she follows the tradition of granting Executive Clemency for a single turkey. Uncle!
fcvaguy 11/21/2008 131 4 - 88
Obama Won't Bring ALL the change we need
Obama will win Tuesday. That is a certainty. He will bring change to our politics, our national policies, and the way we interact with the rest of the world. But, there are other changes he ...
fcvaguy 10/30/2008 9 5 - -
Tips on Being a Better Diarist and getting tons of MOJO
In the history of Daily KOS, there is an all too predictable phenomena which takes hold as we approach an election, a major political event such as a scandal or a presidential debate. Irrational ...
fcvaguy 09/28/2008 37 10 3 2
Pseudo-Canvassing Punxsutawney, PA
A year ago, if someone told me I'd be spending Labor Day Weekend in Punxutawney, PA, I would have said they were nuts. The only thing I knew about Punxsutawney is that is where Phil, the groundhog ...
fcvaguy 09/01/2008 19 4 - -
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