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Pitchforks and torches
I no longer recognize my home state of Indiana. Up is down, down is up, Indiana conservatives are attacking Pence with astonishing vehemence, and the greater portion of the state has turned on ...
feduphoosier 04/02/2015 11 14 - -
Pence and the Indiana Legislature were warned by 30 expert law professors
I'll get straight to the point. Pence and the Indiana Legislature were warned - in advance - that this RFRA was very different than the ones passed in other states. ...
feduphoosier 03/31/2015 291 489 5 -
Funeral for Hoosier Hospitality
For the last few days I have been too distraught to write. I can muster a comment here or there, but for the most part I feel utterly betrayed by our supposed governor and state leader Mike Pence.
feduphoosier 03/30/2015 21 22 2 -
Please kick us in our assets!
This is not who we really are. Today is a terrible day to live in Indiana. This morning our Republican governor, Mike Pence, closed himself into a room with a few other narrow-minded people and ...
feduphoosier 03/26/2015 10 17 1 -
Of Gettysburg, and JFK...
Two national anniversaries are rapidly approaching, and will fall within three days of each other. One recalls a stirring, uplifting speech given in a time of great national darkness. The other, a ...
feduphoosier 11/08/2013 6 4 - -
Latest Washington Post/ABC News poll buries GOP
The Tea Party is tearing the GOP asunder. The latest poll should put aside any doubts as to whether the shutdown was worthwhile to the majority of Americans. And yes, we already knew this... but ...
feduphoosier 10/22/2013 15 28 - -
Klandestine... not so much.
Embarrassing times here in Indiana... Billboard Shows Obama As Hitler, Demands President's ...
feduphoosier 10/15/2013 5 2 - -
Their Oily Legacy (A Photo Essay)
Fire Sale! ...
feduphoosier 11/18/2008 7 3 1 28
I want this car, and I want it now!
Imagine that the auto industry had the capital (and would use it) to build cars that customers could afford - cars that don't run on the overpriced gasoline that the customers ...
feduphoosier 11/13/2008 156 35 2 29
A. Lincoln: Concerning the Greater Good
Dear President Bush: At the behest of my late friend and fellow Hoosier (yes we also claim him) Abraham Lincoln -- I believe you would know him as a former occupant of your current residence, The ...
feduphoosier 11/11/2008 6 4 1 14
Indiana rejoins the Union: Klan no more!
Its a little eerie looking at the electoral map today. Not simply because Indiana is strangely blue. I can't help but notice that the Midwestern demarcation of the Mason-Dixon line is back. ...
feduphoosier 11/05/2008 55 55 2 55
McConnell to Stevens: Resign from Senate or be expelled
Politico is reporting that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has joined a growing list of senators demanding that Ted ...
feduphoosier 10/29/2008 79 35 - 23
Stranger buys foreclosed home, gives it back to owner
My husband and I were driving around Bloomington this past weekend, and couldn't help but notice two huge, wooden signs posted in front of two homes in different areas of the city. Both advertised ...
feduphoosier 10/28/2008 390 775 15 120
McCain explores boundaries of erratic (Video)
I saw this live on CNN today and couldn't believe my eyes (or ears.) McCain comments to a Western Pennsylvania crowd about all of the nasty things Obama supporters have been saying about ...
feduphoosier 10/22/2008 11 2 1 9
Obama fighting hard for Indiana
If Indiana turns blue at last , it won't be simply because of overwhelming turnout in Lake County or the Democratic ...
feduphoosier 10/20/2008 45 44 1 21
Today is my father's birthday
It is amazing how much can change in a year... how outwardly everything can seem exactly the same, but in reality nothing will ever be the same again. Most days slip by unnoticed, flowing from one ...
feduphoosier 10/17/2008 14 6 - 10
Passive-aggressive racism: my response to the Washington Post
American Heritage Dictionary rac·ism (rā'sĭz'əm) n. 1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race ...
feduphoosier 10/12/2008 17 21 - -
Allegations of ACORN fraud in Indiana
The 'Battle for Indiana' is heating up. The first thing I thought as I read this CNN Story, was: "they (the ...
feduphoosier 10/10/2008 40 9 - 27
Indiana now a toss up!
I just read Christian Dem in NC's diary with's latest snapshot, and felt a sudden rush of hope...
feduphoosier 10/08/2008 49 12 - 24
The Clinton Impeachment: Shock Doctrine at work?
I believe that an overlooked but critical example of shock doctrine was the nationally humiliating and ...
feduphoosier 10/05/2008 37 10 1 13
To dust we shall return
Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. - George Santayana As we live through day after day of searing heat and severe drought, I find myself pondering ...
feduphoosier 09/05/2007 44 21 3 158
My neighbor, John
Tonight I sat down with great expectations to watch my neighbor John Mellencamp on Real time with Bill Maher. Mellencamp is very quiet about his political leanings here in Indiana; but his music is ...
feduphoosier 09/01/2007 343 304 11 137
Riding out Rita in a Katrina animal shelter
Alternate title: Going to the dogs after Katrina Like many countless other Americans from all over the country, I somehow found a way down to Louisiana after Katrina. I wasn't ...
feduphoosier 08/28/2007 38 47 2 17
Action item: new Gulf Coast petition (and video)
feduphoosier 08/28/2007 1 3 - 9
eRain Dance (This better work)
Once again a massive line of storms full of precipitation has passed just to the North of us, leaving our poor gasping forests parched; the bushes brown and brittle, the soil dry as ...
feduphoosier 08/25/2007 30 16 1 22
Reporting LIVE from the bunkers of Indiana (Daily Show snark)
Golly jeepers, what a show! Thank you -- thank you Jon Stewart and Rob Riggle for finally reporting on the living hell we Hoosiers face here every day, in our frightening outdoor summer ...
feduphoosier 08/21/2007 15 7 - 3
A. Lincoln: Endless war
After writing my original diary, in which I asked my late friend Abraham Lincoln if he might speak on my behalf ...
feduphoosier 08/11/2007 30 19 - 78
Yours truly, A. Lincoln
As I have had no luck at all in my frequent correspondences with my congressman and senators, I have finally come to the sad conclusion that I am simply not important enough, and my opinion is of no ...
feduphoosier 08/10/2007 40 34 4 176
UPDATED: Three dead in Princeton, Indiana mine accident
It appears coal mines, like interstate bridges, aren't safe. From CNN: Three people have died ...
feduphoosier 08/10/2007 35 19 - 12
Mia Farrow offers to exchange her freedom for Darfur rebel's safety
Actress Mia Farrow has offered to trade her freedom for that of an ailing Darfur rebel leader, so that he can be guaranteed safe passage out of a hospital to receive advanced medical care. ...
feduphoosier 08/08/2007 12 11 1 10
Gingrich calls the War on Terror 'phony'
Gingrich is up to something. Oh yes, he is definitely up to something. Newt Gingrich is now publicly claiming that the War on Terra is 'phony.' Come again? Yes, ...
feduphoosier 08/06/2007 22 13 2 -
FBI wants to build a huge network of U.S. 'informants'
At last... a return to the good old days of witch hunts! The FBI has proposed building a network of U.S. ...
feduphoosier 08/01/2007 38 17 - 11
Tailgating tanks; my very small window into PTSD
A few weeks ago I wrote ' Arbitrary. ' after I was rear-ended on the highway at high speed. As a quick update: my ...
feduphoosier 07/30/2007 38 12 - -
Are we still a democracy?
I have read a lot of diaries about impeachment (and written a few myself. ) I have written a diary or ...
feduphoosier 07/29/2007 18 18 1 19
Bushies, Bushies everywhere!
Gosh, another wet-behind-the-ears, clean cut, know-nothing Bushie aide (Liberty college?) blocked a medical report drafted by then Surgeon General Richard Carmona because... aw shucks... it just wasn'
feduphoosier 07/29/2007 7 6 - -
A dream, a warning
Warning I had a dream, of darkness and despair; And in that blackness I did see a man And he, when saw me, reached out for my hand. I knew the face, the countenance so bleak And I: ...
feduphoosier 07/28/2007 9 8 - -
Would you walk away from $5 billion to save the land?
Would you walk away from $5 billion to protect and preserve your tribal land, if you were the last ...
feduphoosier 07/26/2007 43 56 3 13
UPDATED: Newly Posted RNC Emails: voter suppression in five states
UPDATE: Video of 'Voter Caging' segment of NOW is available on the web, watch it! I'd just like to draw your attention to ...
feduphoosier 07/26/2007 55 62 5 27
A request for Democratic candidates...
Please come out to Daily Kos and talk to us! I realize there are risks - and I suppose some 'danger' of being misquoted now that O'Reilly is watching this site, looking for things to smear. ...
feduphoosier 07/25/2007 1 2 - -
AP ridicules Feingold, censure
The AP is really slipping. Or perhaps it 'slipped' long ago. But at times it is impossible to even read AP news alerts - the bias literally shrieks off the page. Take ...
feduphoosier 07/24/2007 4 6 - 7
GOP smashing previous filibuster record
Remember the good old days, when the GOP was determined to get rid of the 'filibuster' entirely?
feduphoosier 07/21/2007 20 18 - 9
Coming soon: 'Domestic spying surge!'
Torture, secret prison camps, the suspension of habeas corpus, American war profiteers in Iraq, the abuse of our troops abroad -- and the wounded that return... this administration is a veritable ...
feduphoosier 07/18/2007 21 24 - 18
Perished from the earth
Over a hundred years ago, Abraham Lincoln gave one of the most stirring speeches in American history: Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this ...
feduphoosier 07/17/2007 14 10 1 6
ACTION ITEM: Call your Senator! Habeas Corpus Vote Tomorrow!
At some point, most likely within the next 24 hours, there will be an up and down vote in the Senate on the Specter-Leahy ...
feduphoosier 07/16/2007 21 27 2 7
That word keeps going through my mind. I think I'm still in shock. I hope this makes sense when it is finished. ar�bi�trar�y 1. Determined by chance, whim, or ...
feduphoosier 07/13/2007 47 26 1 140
Bushie accuses war protesters of 'not paying taxes'
Anti-war, pro-impeachment protesters heckled Nancy Pelosi as she attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for some ...
feduphoosier 07/10/2007 22 22 1 24
They shouldn't be walking alone!
From the Chicago Tribune : Ashley Casale, 19, and Michael Israel, 18, are walking 3,000 miles from San ...
feduphoosier 07/09/2007 10 17 1 23
Follow-up stories re: Aaron Hall murder
This is a long title, and a short diary. Let me say, up front, that I am posting this diary to let everyone know that there are two excellent follow-up stories, posted in the blog section of the ...
feduphoosier 07/08/2007 - 4 - -
Happy Birthday... RIP
Independence Day was supposed to be a happy day. A celebration of the founding of our nation: a nation of free people, a constitutional democracy. Representation, reason and the rule ...
feduphoosier 07/04/2007 16 21 2 160
$#%@& Stop spinning me! (A graphic-rant)
Warning: This is a rant, and I've been writing it for days... although due to a planetary convergence (and the outrageous gall of our commander-guy,) I am posting it at the apex of my fury.
feduphoosier 07/02/2007 31 23 2 11
WSJ reporters staged protest against Murdoch
We were catching up on Bill Moyers tonight (we taped him while we were out of town last week) and I have to say, I loved his take-down of Rupert Murdoch. It also reminded me that I once ...
feduphoosier 07/01/2007 10 12 - -
Al... you could end this nightmare!
This letter has been writing in my mind for a long time, but today I've reached my threshold. Al... you could end this nightmare. All of it. Dear Vice President Gore:
feduphoosier 07/01/2007 22 19 - 16
Is Blackwater a 'Standing Army?'
I originally wrote this up for my own blog in late April , but it still lingers in my ...
feduphoosier 06/30/2007 19 24 - 7
Pride in San Fran
We are in San Francisco this week for a business trip (my husband's -- I'm merely tagging,) and by accident - if you believe in accidents - our hotel is one block from the Pride Parade. We just ...
feduphoosier 06/24/2007 58 21 - 2
Saving Patriotism (Song for America)
A song in pictures We recently began rehearsals for our annual July 4th 'Pops' Concert. Independence day, fireworks, the 1812 Overture, and many other traditional standards. ...
feduphoosier 06/22/2007 14 21 2 145
Hell YES it was Katrina! (w/poll)
You know, I'll be the first to admit that I was slacking prior to Katrina. It wasn't that I was somehow oblivious to the lawlessness of the Bush Administration, the war in Iraq, or the general ...
feduphoosier 06/21/2007 31 13 1 -
John Denver is dead
Last weekend my husband and I found ourselves watching a PBS special about the life and music of John Denver. I haven't thought about him in a long, long time. I suppose in these cynical days, ...
feduphoosier 06/18/2007 349 429 32 32
UPDATED: Violent hate crime in Indiana... why no coverage?
Media coverage updates posted at the end of this diary Three young men in Jackson County Indiana said they were so freaked out when 'propositioned' by Aaron Hall on April 12th, ...
feduphoosier 06/12/2007 402 515 12 405
34,750 lobbyists ran off with our democracy
I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is ...
feduphoosier 06/11/2007 9 16 1 135
Calling out my 'Blue Dog' congressman
May I remind you sir: you swore and oath... I do ...
feduphoosier 06/10/2007 23 16 2 11
The greatest speech you never heard
One morning a few weeks ago, I flipped on C-Span to hear Dennis Kucinich speak about U.S. efforts to privatize Iraqi oil ...
feduphoosier 06/07/2007 30 17 2 8
I cannot be impartial
Anger or hatred is like a fisherman's hook. It is very important for us to ensure that we are not caught by it. -His Holiness the Dalai Lama Anger... or anguish? Or does ...
feduphoosier 06/05/2007 22 19 3 141
Meet me at camera 3
"Congress has abdicated its duty..."
feduphoosier 06/02/2007 39 7 - -
Waking up: A poem of grief
I wrote the poem one night last winter, after watching a searing documentary on Iraq. I posted it on my own, personal blog to 'commemorate' the fourth anniversary of the US invasion. The photo ...
feduphoosier 05/31/2007 9 5 - -
"I'm Cindy"
Yesterday, I spent a long time reading through the hundreds of comments on Cindy Sheehan's online diary, here at Daily Kos. ...
feduphoosier 05/29/2007 15 18 - 2
To be Republican... Democrat... or American.
Cindy Sheehan quit the Democratic Party yesterday. I and many others happily welcome Cindy into the freedom of '...
feduphoosier 05/28/2007 13 5 - 10
Truth or consequences
Posted originally on "What Would Lincoln Do?" I wonder if we as Americans can ever break free of media influence and elect a ...
feduphoosier 05/27/2007 11 8 1 141
Tough (GOP) guys don't cry
While defending the continued funding of President Bush's war in Iraq on Thursday, House Minority Leader John Boehner wept openly on the House floor, asking when America was going to 'make the ...
feduphoosier 05/26/2007 13 7 - -
Manufacturing a Reagan
If the Democratic party were just a little more clever - inventive - they would realize that the answer to all of this Reagan worship is to create a Reagan of their own. If you build it, ...
feduphoosier 05/14/2007 3 1 - 4
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