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Gov. Chris Christie & Hunger In America
At least 25% of American children are hungry, yet all Governor Christie is willing to discuss are his food issues.
feldo 10/10/2011 3 1 - 57
Michael Steele Was Just Lipstick On A Pig
Michael Steele failed the Washington DC bar exam and is therefore forbidden from practicing law in our nation’s capitol. Those who can’t, become head of the GOP. Steele is black, the ...
feldo 04/06/2010 6 4 - 22
Good Riddance 2009
Just when 2009 couldn’t get any worse Karl Rove announced his second divorce. Shocking. He always came across as such a kind and sensitive husband. Instead Rove’s divorce is turning ugly.
feldo 12/30/2009 10 7 1 31
March Of The CreTin Soldiers
President Obama has almost gone a full week longer than George Bush without an attack on U.S. soil, unless you count the movie Funny People. Congressman Joe Wilson returned the favor by calling ...
feldo 09/16/2009 3 1 - 6
School began not a moment too soon. The depth of America’s stupidity is incalculable because we’re too dim-witted to calculate. Sometimes I don't even know why I bothered dodging the ...
feldo 09/11/2009 9 14 - 1
Labor Day is when we take a break from joblessness to celebrate employees of American companies toiling away in Chinese sweatshops and Indian call centers. Dump Labor Day. It celebrates the ...
feldo 09/03/2009 2 1 - 10
Michael Savage Owns Rock Star Energy Drink
Today’s diary is brought to you by the right wing reactionaries over at Rock Star Energy Drink. Rock Star Energy Drink, the world's third biggest energy drink, the Third World’s biggest ...
feldo 09/01/2009 13 8 - 48
My Imaginary Talk With John Mackey Of A-Hole Foods Market
Recently John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods Market, wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal calling Obama’s health care bill a waste of money. As opposed to vinaigrette infused risotto ...
feldo 08/29/2009 8 - - 21
How Shall You Die? Like Ted Kennedy? Or Lee Atwater?
Lee Atwater was the Republican pitbull who taught Karl Rove much of what Karl knows when it comes to winning at any cost. Atwater helped coin the phrase “wedge issues.” Atwater was the ...
feldo 08/27/2009 51 53 6 244
Glenn Beck Meets "Red State" Channels
During the 50's the GOP salivated over the blacklisting of communists. If you worked in television or radio you had to prove you weren't a communist otherwise you didn't work. The right mobilized ...
feldo 08/25/2009 14 1 - 37
Meet The Public Option's Loyal Opposition
Before everyone starts calling Dick Armey and his minions idiots, at least listen to them first. If you caught Meet The Press last Sunday you would see that there are two sides to every argument. On ...
feldo 08/22/2009 3 - 1 5
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