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I read in USA Today about how middle-class families and individuals are avoiding seeking medical treatment because of high deductibles in the Affordable Care Act. This is seen as a reversal of what the poor working class did before Obamacare, because they couldn’t afford health care at all.

I am one of those who could not afford health care before Obamacare, and now, I can afford to have health insurance, but I still cannot afford to have any major procedures performed because of my high deductible.

The real problem lies in the fact that the Affordable Care Act relies on middlemen, which is the health insurance industry, to deliver health care policies to Americans, and that means for-profit companies still control cost, and anyway you look at it, Americans have to pay more because they have to buy health care through insurance companies.

In my opinion, health care should be single-payer, administered by the government, the same as Medicaid and Medicare. In fact, Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act should all become one system, and the health insurance industry entirely thrown out. Unfortunately, no matter how much I or anyone else would like that to happen, it is not going to happen. The reason is clear; the government is not going to put large insurance companies out of business, they are here to stay.

Still, if only we had a working congress, much could be amended with the current law. Preventive care is already offered free through Obamacare. It would help though if more were covered as preventive medicine, which is now considered elective.

Years before the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, I suffered through gallstones, and began episodes where my gall bladder would act up for a period of 4 to 5 hours. I knew what was happening to me because I searched on the internet for the symptoms. However, I had no health insurance like tens of millions of other low-income workers. I made too much money to qualify for Medicaid and too little money to afford health care, so I was stuck in the middle.

I just lived with the symptoms for months until I grew very sick with pancreatitis, to the point I had jaundice. Finally, one night at work I almost passed out, so I went to the emergency room from work that night. It did not take long after I arrived and they had triaged me that they had me with an IV running and a hospital bed made ready. I spent six days getting my blood cleaned out, and six months later, my gallbladder.

That visit and the surgery to remove my gallbladder cost me several thousands of dollars, even with a charity kicking in several thousand, and I could no more afford it as I could afford health insurance that would have covered much of that cost. Only thing I could do was work out a long-term installment plan with the hospital.

Gallbladder surgery is considered an elective surgery, the same as hernias and several other medical procedures that if they are not taken care of soon, could become a major health crisis, and even life threatening. These are procedures that could be considered preventive and therefore at no cost, if conservative lawmakers would concern themselves with fixing the Affordable Care Act instead of just repealing it. Instead, they had rather continue to attack the health care law with threats of repeal. That would put millions of Americans again without health insurance, and again, depending on the emergency room when their health issues turn into life and death situations, like mine did.

Unfortunately, the majority who voted in this last election chose to let the Republican Party – the party that does nothing but attack our president and anything he has accomplished – to control both houses of Congress. These are folks who themselves, have excellent health care and they certainly do not care about the poor working class and even the middle-class who struggles to pay for high deductibles from Obamacare.

It would seem that we are going to have to wait a long while before these issues are fixed, when finally, our Congress is once again in the hands of Democrats, and then we will have to pray that those Democrats in Congress by then will have found a backbone enough to fix it. Right now, many of our elected Democrats ran scared from the fact they passed the health care law in the first place, which is probably why they lost the last election.

We need real leadership in Congress, when it comes to amending the Affordable Care Act. Our president has done all that he can do, and thanks to his willingness to take the heat by signing the Affordable Care Act into law, and then standing behind it throughout his presidency. It is up to Congress to amend the law to work better for average Americans. However, we are still a long ways off from where we need to be, and we are not getting any closer with this next congress.

For me, fortunately, I am only a few years out from Medicare. That is unless Republicans find a way to destroy that also before I can get to the eligible age where I qualify for it, in which I have paid into all my working life. So, any major procedures I will need, I will probably have to wait until then. It is a shame though, that those much younger than me do not have that to count on and if Republicans have their way, they will turn Medicare into a voucher program, with limited benefits.

To sum it all up, let us all hope 2016 is a banner year for Democrats, who carry our only hope of amending a health care law that is in serious need of amending.

This is a republish from my website: Fidlerten Place


As a night auditor at a popular hotel brand, and one that used to be a place where cops frequented for coffee and perhaps something from our breakfast items, I have gotten to know quite a few cops. Nowadays, they do not come in much, since most of them do not like my liberal views. Oh Well!

Most cops are conservative, and if they’re not – at least in Oklahoma City where I live – they would be ostracized by their fellow cops. Fox News is popular with them and often, I would be watching MSNBC – which most of them hate – and one of them would switch the channel on me, very impolite to say the least.

Don’t get me wrong, most of them are decent people who care about their jobs and care about serving their community. The problem lies in the culture that they sign onto when they become cops. Cynicism runs rampant within the ranks of law enforcement across the nation because cops deal with the worse people on a daily basis. Every call they get, and every situation they come across when they’re on patrol, puts them in a mindset that expects the worse scenario. It is a tough job, believe me, and they never know when it is going to be a life and death situation.

Some things cannot change; cops are always going to be cynical because it comes with the job. What can change is how they’re trained. Cops are trained to shoot when their life or someone else’s life is threatened. Not only are they trained to shoot, but also they’re trained to shoot to kill. Much of this has to do with America’s gun culture. A cop’s main weapon is a gun and the first thing they do when confronted with a threat is pull their gun.

Most cops nowadays have other means to stop a suspect, such as tasers, and there are rubber bullets instead of metal bullets, thought those alternatives do not get used much it would seem by what we all hear on the news. A gun could also be used in a less lethal manner, such as shooting a suspect in the leg, which would stop them from moving forward at least.

There have been numerous incidents in the past where cops shot a mentally ill individual, who was armed with nothing but a knife or a hammer. The question in my mind when I hear about such incidents is why the cop didn’t shoot the individual in the leg or use a taser instead. Does a knife or a hammer pose such a danger to a cop that the only means he or she saw available to them was to draw their gun and shoot them several times in the chest?

The protests that have been going on for the last few months over the deaths of several unarmed black men have brought the actions of police, and a consistent underlying sense of racism, to the forefront. These protests are going to continue until something changes within police departments across the nation. This has to come down from the federal level because this is a national problem, not just isolated incidents.

First, I suggest a commission sanctioned by Congress through the Justice Department, to find blanket rules, not just recommendations, for all police departments across the country, to insure that all individuals who are confronted with police are treated equally and fairly.

A majority of Americans already support the idea of cops wearing cameras. Surely, that would bring about a much higher level of accountability. It would not only serve to protect citizens but law enforcement officers when they’re accused of police brutality or other complaints, in which they’re innocent. It would also bring about a change in how cops treat those they deal with on the job.

I understand that cameras is not the cure-all for all the problems that exist with the way cops deal with suspects, but it certainly would bring and improvement across the nation.

An incident in New York involving a man named Eric Garner, who was selling individual cigarettes on the street, was filmed all the way through, but still, a grand jury did not find enough evidence to charge the cop who put a stranglehold on Mr. Garner, which caused his death.

That incident, as surely many more, could have been dealt with entirely differently by the cops at the scene. First, the crime that Mr. Garner was allegedly committing was a non-violent misdemeanor. A simple ticket would have been more appropriate. Secondly, Mr. Garner was a large man and to drag a large man like that to the ground was unnecessary and hazardous to his health. There was a wall directly behind him, and if the cops felt they had to arrest him, asking him or even forcing him to turn around and face the wall would have been a much better alternative. There was no need to force him into a position that caused him to lose his ability to breathe. Then, when Mr. Garner tried repeatedly to inform the cops, who had piled onto him – and there were several – that he could not breath, they all ignored him and continued to hold him down.

Then cops wonder why they have lost not only the trust of the communities they serve but also respect. Always, cops need to listen to what is being said to them and to always give a benefit of a doubt that their actions might be causing serious harm to the individual.

I have heard the argument from some cops and their supporters that if the individual who is being arrested will just do what they’re told, then there won’t be a problem. That is simply wrong, because in some cases, to do as you’re told can put you in a life and death situation, as the Garner incident surely indicates.

Cops need to establish trust in their communities and one way to do that is to listen to what their communities are telling them. There is also a time to use a heavy hand and there is a time to be merciful.

The example of Eric Garner is a good place to start. Here was a man who was simply trying to make some extra money; not stealing, not threatening anyone, just breaking a law that says you cannot sell individual cigarettes on the street, for whatever reasons. Here was an excellent opportunity for a cop to show a little mercy instead of making a mountain out of a molehill by having several cops come onto the scene and drag this man to the ground like a calf they needed to brand, and they all – the cops that is – are cowboys.

A simple ticket or even a warning to Mr. Garner not to be caught selling cigarettes again would have been sufficient, not a pile on of cops as though Eric Garner had just robbed some liquor store.

There are a few good cops and there are a few bad cops, but most cops are somewhere in the middle, who want to do a good job but they’re playing follow the leader in what they’re taught to do. Bad cops lead other cops into bad scenarios that cost lives and lose trust with those they supposed to serve. Good cops lead other cops to be better cops, and it is those cops who should be leading, not the bad cops.

Change the culture and give cops better and less lethal ways to deal with what they are confronted with doing their jobs every day, and perhaps then, we will receive in return, a breed of better cops, something we surely are in sorely in need of in this day and age.

This is a republish from my website: Fidlerten Place


Mon Dec 29, 2014 at 07:55 AM PST

I Was Alone and No One Came

by fidlerten

I was a child, hungry and afraid, abused by my parents who supposed to love me, and no one came.

I was homeless, addicted to alcohol and drugs because I was weak, left out in the bitter cold, and no one came.

I was born in Africa, abducted by slave traders, taken to a foreign land, sold into slavery, and no one came.

I was falsely accused of a crime I did not commit, and because I was black, I was given no trial, just hung from a tree by a lynch mob until dead, and no one came.

I was an abused wife, beaten by my husband who supposed to love me, my body bruised and swollen beyond recognition, and no one came.

I was hung from a fence in the middle of nowhere, my body bashed, my bones broken until I bled inside and died all alone, just because I was gay, and no one came.

I was pulled over in my car by a police officer because of the color of my skin, forced down on the street at gunpoint, shot, and killed, even though I was unarmed, and no one came.

I was poor and without a job, I had no food to put on the table for my family, no Christmas presents to put under the tree at Christmas, and no one came.

I stood out in the rain and the cold in the middle of the street, crying for help as strangers passed me by, and no one came.

I was someone’s pet, a dog, a cat, a horse, I was abused, neglected, and not fed, and no one came.

I was the victim of hate, of bigotry, of misdirected anger and ignorance, and no one came.

I was a child who lived in Africa. I did without food for so long that I would have been so happy just to eat the food you threw away. I suffered so long until finally, I died of hunger and disease, and no one came.

I was the voice of dissent, in Iran, in North Korea, in China, in Cuba, and in many places around the globe where oppressive regimes and governments rule. I was abducted in the middle of the night, imprisoned, beaten, and killed, and no one came.

I lived, I loved, I spoke up, I stood up, I cried out, I failed, I suffered, I died, and yet, no one came, to rescue me.

Whom are we, those of us who stands on the sidelines, watching, waiting for someone else to do something? Reach out in compassion, stand up against oppression, speak our mind against tyranny, and against the powerful and the evil forces of extremism, bigotry, and hate.

Do we fear retribution from the same evil ones who would bring such atrocities against the decent, the weak, and the innocent, those who cannot stand up for themselves? Do our hearts not bleed enough? Are we hypocrites of our own sermons, of our own political campaigns? Do we only pay lip service to those who would naively believe in us?

Have courage, be bold, be not silent, stand up for the right at all cost. Be fearless against the fearful, be calm against the storm, and look within yourself and find what it takes. Find a cause, be passionate, care enough, and let no one stand in your way.

Seek for the truth, look up to the right role models, such as Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, Malala Yousafzai, Jesus Christ, Gandhi, Pope Francis, and so many, many more brave and true voice of the past and the present.

Close your ears to the voices that preach hate, violence, and extremism, and stand against those voices that would divide us all. Be brave for these are surely perilous times, and look past your own selfish needs. Be like a tree, planted by the water that shall not be moved, by the turmoil and troubles of this world. Have faith in yourself, and listen to your heart when confusion would overwhelm you. Nothing is impossible, and love conquers all. The light overcomes the darkness in us, if we will just open up and not close our minds in hubris and false excuses.

We are all in this together, and in the end, the only thing that will matter, and the only things that will stand true are, did we stay faithful and true to ourselves and to those who so much needed us, without delusion, and without fail.

This is a republish from my website: Fidlerten Place


Congressional Republicans are so unmistakably predictable, which I believe is something our president has figured out and is now using to his advantage. If Obama moves one way, they will surely move just the opposite. It does not matter if the issue is something they have always supported, such as the federal mandate to buy health insurance; they will surely stop supporting it once it has the president’s name on it.

First, I have to admit, I have been highly disappointed in the president’s support of the 1.1 trillion dollar budget, which gave the big banks the ability again to destroy our economy with their foolish actions, like sub-prime mortgages. Perhaps, it was something he wanted to get out of the way so that he could do some things he wanted without having to waste his and the American people’s time on another government shutdown. Still, I consider it a bad move and one that will surely hurt us in the future.

However, since that budget sign on, he has made two executive moves, that show his mastery of manipulation over the so predictable moronic idiocy of the GOP. As surely has the sun does rise in the east and sets in the west, Republican lawmakers will attack anything and everything President Obama does, even at their own peril.

On a side note here, it is important to mention, that certain Republicans and right-wing media talking heads have tried in the past to show Obama as being stupid and weak, which anyone who has kept their eye on this man with a clear head, knows is just the opposite. For instance, U.S. House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers – obviously not so intelligent himself – made a comment on Fox News about Obama not being as bright as Russian president Vladimir Putin.

“Putin is playing chess and I think we are playing marbles, and I don’t think it’s even close,” said Rogers. “They’ve been running circles around us, and I believe it’s the naïve position on the National Security Council and the president’s advisers that if we just keep giving things to Russia, they’ll wake up and say, 'the United States is not that bad.’ That is completely missing the motivations of why Russia does what Russia does,” referring to Putin’s moves into Ukraine.

However, the Russian economy is heading south, thanks to his dependence on Russian oil to prop it up, as will Putin’s approval numbers eventually, if the Russian economy continues spiraling downward. So now, who is playing chess and who is playing marbles?

Hispanics for the most part, are exceptionally happy with Obama right now over his last two executive orders, first on immigration and then, the move to start lifting the embargo on Cuba, of course except for the minority of Cubans who disapprove of the latter. Predictably, Republicans have attacked those two orders, promising to fight him with whatever means they have in their power, which is exactly what Obama is counting on.

If Republican lawmakers continue to alienate Hispanic voters by not passing legislation for a comprehensive immigration bill that gives undocumented Latinos, who have been here for years, a path to citizenship, they risk heavy losses in 2016, including Democrats once again securing the White House. The icing on the cake for Obama is his executive action on Cuba, which is also viewed favorably by a large majority of Hispanics. It should make us all wonder what else our dear president has up his sleeve to further reveal just how out of touch the GOP is with ordinary Americans.

President Obama obviously has been paying close attention to history, and the civil rights bills signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson in the 60s, which solidified the African-American vote for the Democratic Party for decades to come. Likewise, Obama is now doing the same with the Hispanic vote, and the GOP is assisting him by not doing as he has told them repeatedly to do – pass a comprehensive immigration bill – and not something piecemeal like border security, which only secures the border but leaves millions of Hispanics already here in limbo.

Fortunately, for the Democratic Party, Republicans have allowed their stubborn hate for Obama and anything that even smells Obama, to buck up and refuse to pass an immigration bill. Now, Republican lawmakers like Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), are standing strong in opposition to his move on Cuba, one that will surely win very little support among Hispanics in 2016, for Rubio or his party; that is if Sen. Rubio decides to run for president, which is highly expected.

Republican predictability is President Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s best friend for the next two years. As long as the GOP continues to do as they have done in the last six years by going against everything President Obama does, it will not only keep Hispanic voters in the pocket of Democrats but it will also push an even larger portion of the American public toward voting Democrat in 2016. That is because the Republican Party continues to paint itself as the exclusive party for narrow-minded bigots, and a tool for the agenda of the super wealthy.

Obama assuredly knows what he is doing with his executive actions, and for a successful outcome for the Democratic Party against the Republican Party in the 2016 Election, his last move will be a predictable, checkmate.

This is a republish from my website: Fidlerten Place


I appreciate Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) for being courageous enough to stand up for America against those who would destroy America’s reputation by torturing prisoners.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has got a lot of nerve going on news stations defending his part in approving methods of torture. As far as I am concerned, he is an evil little man who should have never been allowed to assign himself to the office of the vice presidency of this nation, which is exactly what he did. He has helped bring a scourge on this country that will take eons to live down.

As expected, the political party that claims the moral high ground has shown itself to be the party of no moral values. Instead of placing the blame where it should be, on Dick Cheney and other Bush administration cohorts, and demanding punishment for those who would escape justice because of their one-time high positions in our government, they attack the very person who was willing to stand up and call out the atrocities that took place behind our backs by the CIA, Diane Feinstein.

I am proud of Sen. Feinstein for not bending to political pressure to drop the investigation and then the revelations concerning torture, approved by and ordered by members of the Bush administration, especially Dick Cheney. Some of those from the right would like to point fingers at her for doing what she was doing when she should instead be commended.

Americans have a right to know what our government is doing and has done, especially when it is as damaging as the so-called “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques”, which amounted to nothing but torture. Just because you put a nice name to something, does not change what it really is.

Personally, I have never been so ashamed of our nation, and yes, I have been ashamed before, such as when we went bull rushing into Iraq, because of false claims of weapons of mass destruction. The last administration, including former President George W. Bush, his evil sidekick Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and all the other little henchman of that administration, did nothing but lie to us, time and time again, just to have their little war against the regime of Saddam Hussein. Now look what Iraq looks like; does it in any way look like the free and democratic country the Bush administration said it would be?

This evil little man – Dick Cheney – should know better than to show his face in public, let alone showing up on news shows, telling his sick and demented version of what he thinks torture is and is not. We need to have protest in the streets demanding his arrest and extradition to The Hague, so that the world can see that America does not hold ourselves to a lower standard that what we have demanded from the rest of the world.

How can we sit by and allow those very leaders to go free whom ordered torture done in the name of our nation, when we have executed war criminals of other nations in the past, for doing that very same thing to our troops? It is despicable! If we stand by and do nothing, then we are no longer an exceptional country, just full of false pride in a nation that has fallen far from its righteous past.

If we are to pick ourselves up from the deep muck and the deceptive belief that somehow the torture done in our name was justified, we must start with doing the very same thing that we once demanded of other nations. We can only do that by turning over our war criminals, and the first one that should be turned over is Dick Cheney, then work our way down from there. Who else in the Bush administration gave the okay to torture human beings, even innocent people who never was guilty of a crime, and even died because of that torture?

If we are to be a great nation in the eyes of the world, and if we want the world to follow our example, then we must rise above the actions of our enemies, even if that means it endangers our national security. There are some things more important than our security and safety. Men and women have died for this country, and not only for our security, but for what we stand for, and torture, no matter what some lawyers in the Justice Department called it, is not part of what we stand for.

One message I have for Dick Cheney is that as far as I am concerned, you no longer belong to this country anymore because you marred its name with your evil and sadistic tactics done in the name of national security, which by the way, served no real purpose but to lower our moral standings in the world. I for one demand your arrest. I doubt that I will see that actually happen because when it comes to powerful and corrupt people like you, the only real punishment we can count on for you is when you finally stand before God and give an account for the evil you have done. I wonder then, if you will again say to the ultimate judge of your heart, “I would do it again in a minute”.

This is a republish from my website: Fidlerten Place


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“Helpless” is a word I feel right now, when it comes to what is going on in the nation. The nation is arguing about if “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” are torture and if those “techniques” provide any valuable information. The U.S. House of Representatives just voted – with huge Democrat support – to allow banks to have their risky financial behavior, such as selling sub-prime mortgages to people with bad credit, to be protected with OUR deposited money. On top of that, they also opened the door even wider to allow wealthy donors to donate even more money to political parties. Merry Christmas to you too!

We are slowly losing our democracy here.

Let’s start with these so-called “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques”. I have a good idea; let’s try some on former Vice President Dick Cheney and see if he thinks they’re not torture, when we’re done. We should also try them on anyone else who authorized those special techniques.

It does not matter if they gleaned valuable information or not, torture is not America, or at least the America I grew up to know. I have never been as ashamed of this nation as I am right now. We no longer deserve to be called exceptional. Our leaders chose to lower themselves and the nation to the standards of our enemies and torture people. It’s appalling.

Fear is a powerful emotion that can cause men and women to do terrible things, if he or she allows fear to overcome their better nature.

I like Chris Matthews of MSNBC but I was very disappointed in him recently because he seem to want to believe that if the torture that was used on detainees by CIA operatives, gained valuable information, that made it okay to do. He has reasoned with himself and his viewers that perhaps those “techniques” protected the nation. This is voodoo reasoning and it takes us down a dark road, or perhaps to that dark side that Dick Cheney went down a long time ago, when he too reasoned with himself that it was okay, he’d do it all over again. What a sadist!

The world is watching closely now, and many of our friends and allies are no longer looking up to us for leadership but down at us for our failure to uphold the highest principles of morality in the face of taunting danger.

Our Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their grave, to think that we lowered ourselves to the level of our enemies by doing what we swore America would never do.

Then there is the budget bill that just got passed in the U.S. House. I was already rolling mad over the information about the CIA torturing prisoners with the worse kind of torture and now our elected representatives again signed onto a budget bill that would again reward banks with a bail out if those banks decide to make money off of risky financial dealings.

Have we already forgotten that after we bailed these guys out, it was ordinary Americans that took the brunt of those bailouts. We lost jobs and took pay cuts while Wall Street was back to giving themselves huge bonuses for their bad behavior, and banks were refusing to back mortgages for people with decent credit, to buy homes and cars.

Republicans were then talking about wealth distribution, and how high taxes were for the wealthy and all the time, wealth was being distributed upwards, from the pockets of hardworking middle-class families. Who has more money now, Wall Street or average hardworking Americans?

Don’t worry, those politicians in Washington DC made sure to include their own pocketbooks in the wealth distribution, by raising the amount wealthy donors can give to the RNC or the DNC. That’s to pay for their loyalty to Wall Street while they give the rest of us lip service. In Addition, don’t listen to those Democrats who voted “yes” to Wall Street because they are in the pockets of those wealthy donors too.

America, we are being sold down the river by our elected leaders. We can’t even get a minimum wage increase and yet Wall Street can do what they want, our money will protect them from any losses.

President Obama doesn’t get a pass this time either, by this very loyal supporter, and I mean loyal; just read any of my past blogs and you will see what I mean. He pushed Democrats in the U.S. House to sign on to the bill, so I am definitely unhappy with him right now.

Helpless is how I feel, because it feels my vote does not matter anymore. I am sad to say, America is not the same anymore, we have been sold down the river by a bunch of greedy politicians with their hand out. Now, to wait for the GOP to take over all of Congress next year and watch as they push our little rowboat even further down that river with deregulation of polluting industries and even more money into the hands of the wealthiest. Merry Christmas to you too!

This is a republish from my website: Fidlerten Place


A hungry child will wake up on Christmas morning, not to Christmas presents under a tree but to a drunk or drugged out parent passed out on the couch and with nothing in the refrigerator or the kitchen cabinets to eat.

A conservative pastor will get up before his congregation the Sunday before Christmas and talk about how liberals and atheist continue trying to take the word “Christmas” out of the holidays, before he heads off in his Mercedes to his mansion in a wealthy neighborhood to celebrate Christmas with his family. He likes to call it, “The War on Christmas.”

Yes, there will be a lot of giving over the holidays to the needy. Missions will open their doors to the needy and feed hundreds of thousands, the well-to-do will write huge checks to help buy that food and gifts too, and they will feel like they have done their part for the Christmas season. Oh, the joys of giving, if only for one season out of the whole year, just to relief the guilt of selfishness all year-long.

A family will gather around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning and exchange gifts to each other, a warm and wonderful time for sharing with the ones you love.

A lonely beggar will lie down in an alleyway for the last time and die from the bitter cold, on a lonely Christmas Eve night. His family, if he has any, far away, will be enjoying their own Christmas around the Christmas tree, and will know nothing and perhaps care nothing too.

A hostage held by Islamic extremist will say a prayer, hoping that someone will rescue him or her before Christmas arrives, so that he or she can be with his or her family like so many holiday seasons before. Instead, death comes, by his or her beheading, in the name of a god that cares nothing about his or her prayer. Only death waits, no yuletide Christmas cheer.

A bomb will go off somewhere, in a church, a synagogue, a mosque, an abortion clinic, or even a gay bar, killing innocent people, including maybe children, all in the name of God, though they call him Jehovah, Yahweh or Allah, all on some Christmas day, or another holy day, or does it even matter?

Christmas brings hope for many and hopelessness for others. Some are just happy to see Christmas pass and life to return to normal, because it means nothing to them but heartache and loneliness, or at least a reminder of the loneliness they have felt all year-long, perhaps for many years that have passed already.

Christmas has become a huge commercial project that simply brings huge profits into the hands of businesses, as so many spend huge amounts of money on buying presents for their loved ones and Christmas decorations to light up their homes and businesses, with huge electric bills to follow.

Jesus was born in a manger so that he could bring light into a world of darkness. We might celebrate Christmas to honor that day, when such a man, though you believe in his deity or not, brought compassion where there was no compassion. Yet, we dishonor him when all year-long we fail to reach out to the lives of those who have fallen beneath life’s burdens, as Jesus himself fell beneath the cross he carried up that hill to Calvary.

Long ago, I stopped going to church, not because I quit believing in the man, and the deity, Jesus Christ as the son of God, but because I could no longer find him in the hearts of so many of those who attended those churches. I would hear a minister talk about how prayer had been taken out of school but nothing to say for all the hate and self-righteous piety he and his own church members carried in their hearts for the very sinners Jesus came here to save.

In the early days of Christianity, Christians were fed to the lions; their faith gave them courage to stand against such horrible deaths. Many of the original Disciples of Christ died horrible deaths, standing true to their faith, refusing to deny their steadfastness in Christ. If Christianity is failing, it is because those who claim the mantle of Christianity have failed to lift the true Christ up before humankind.

Preachers who harp about nonbelievers attacking Christmas should look to their own example of Christ and their own failure to show the true Jesus to the world. One thing I do know; nonbelievers have no problem with Jesus, just with those who claim to represent him. Even comedian, and well-known atheist Bill Maher, may not like religion and what it has brought to the world but when it comes down to the man, Jesus himself, he has no problem with, just those who claim to follow him.

It is easy to love Christmas and all the wonderful joy it brings us, that is if you have family and loved ones to share it with, in a nice house, under a beautiful Christmas tree with all the lights flickering. Yet, the true Christ is still back at that manger because there was no room for him in the Inn, with compassion for even the least of us, who also have no room in the hearts of churchgoing so-called Christians. He does not care if we say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”, only that we love our neighbor as ourselves and show compassion for the least of us – especially for the least of us – all year-long.

If the true Christ lives in our hearts, no monster or monsters can take that away from us. Terrorist would have no one to terrorize, if every hungry mouth was fed, every lonely soul content and poverty no longer existed upon the face of the earth. Love conquers all, though it is through Christ or through whatever religion or non-religion we believe in or stand by.

The true monsters of Christmas is not atheist or sinners or even terrorist, but selfishness, self-righteousness, greed, bigotry, hate and a lack of faith in the true nature of Christ. The true spirit of Christmas is love, compassion and an open heart to all, no matter what their religion, ethnicity, race, color of skin, or even their sexual orientation.

For me, all l I can say is, if you call yourself a Christian let the true compassion of Christ shine within you, and watch as all the weapons formed against you fail. Then it will be Christmas for us all, all year-long, and then the monsters that would destroy us will tremble in fear, then run and hide from that very bright and shining light, that shines in us all.

This is a republish from my website: Fidlerten Place


Big, Bad, Evil Government; this is what Republican talking heads like Jonah Goldberg want us to believe, which really is just a cover for the real evil; wealthy billionaires using our government for their own personal gain. A recent USA Today opinion piece he wrote, Mr. Goldberg assails Charles Schumer concerning remarks he made about government and the Democratic Party’s embrace of it.

Government is just what we the People make it to be. If government is evil, it is because money corrupts it, to the core. You never hear conservative journalist like Goldberg talk bad about guys like the Koch brothers, because it would be like cutting off his own foot. It is the super wealthy who keeps the Republican Party and the Democratic Party to some extent, afloat. Without those big bucks flowing into their campaign coffers, politicians would have to find real jobs in the real world, not jobs that allow them to decide if poor working class people deserve a raise in the minimum wage and if polluting industries can pollute our air and water without penalty.

I understand well what Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) means when he says, "Democrats must embrace government. It's what we believe in; it's what unites our party. If we run away from government, downplay it, or act as if we are embarrassed by its role, people won't vote for our pale version of the Republican view."

Government, in all its failings, makes our lives so much better. Government builds our infrastructure so that we have good roads to drive on and for clean water to be pumped to our houses, not private industry. Government protects us, stands guard over us, and sees that we have what we need, even the least of us, the poor, the middle-class and even the wealthy who consistently works to control it, no matter if private industry provides for us or not.

As usual, Jonah never misses an opportunity to take pot shots at our president, Obama, mentioning the president saying, “You didn’t build that.” This of course is very true because without those government-paved roads, those businesses could not even get their products to market, but conservatives like Jonah Goldberg and guys like the Koch brothers do not like to admit they needed anyone’s help to build their businesses. To hear them tell it, it was they who stood on hard concrete floors 8 hours a day, at least 5 days a week, producing a product to take to market, not workers who, no matter how much they were paid, never even came close to what the owners and shareholders of those businesses made in profit.

Sen. Schumer and President Barack Obama does not have blinders on like Jonah Goldberg and his ilk, they both know what it takes to make a nation, and it is not just a bunch of rich guys and their money. If it were up to the super wealthy, we would all be living in extreme poverty and journalist like Mr. Goldberg would be telling us just how lucky we are to have a job in the first place, even if it only pays a few pennies a day.

I also really take offense at Jonah Goldberg taking much of what Sen. Schumer said about Obamacare out of context about “how the law was designed to help mostly poor people who for the most part don't vote”. He called what Schumer said, “Uncompassionate Liberalism”. No Mr. Goldberg, you have it all wrong. Sen. Schumer was simply pointing out that Obamacare is not all about politics but about taking care of the least of us, though we vote or not, or in other words, true compassionate liberalism.

True, the poor do not vote much and that is because they do not trust that their votes really count. Sen. Schumer believes we should take care of the poor, though they vote or not, unlike you and your wealthy conservative politicians who only seem to care about those who show up at the polls to support their greedy, uncompassionate conservative politics.

Liberalism or progressivism, whatever they want to call it, is the future. Backward-minded people like Goldberg will find themselves preaching to the choir as they continue to point fingers at those who are willing and bold enough to tell us the truth, like Sen. Schumer and President Obama. Jonah Goldberg would like us to keep believing that government is the evil that besets us all and not the wealthy interests behind government, pulling the strings behind the curtain.

As far as Sen. Schumer’s remarks, he is right on; Democrats need to stop running from who we are and stand tall when it comes to defending the government. Yes, the government needs fixing and to fix it, we need to stop letting the wealthy control it with their dark money in our campaign system. We need to publicly finance political campaigns and make it illegal to donate even a dollar to elect anyone, then we can begin cleaning up our government and making it work the way it was intended to in the first place.

Like Obama said, “Government is us.” Now let us ordinary working class Americans wrestle control of our government from the hands of the super wealthy so that our votes really do count and then Jonah Goldberg’s rich friends will only have the same power the rest of us have, which is one vote for each American, rich, poor and anyone in between.

This is a republish from my website: Fidlerten Place


Tue Dec 02, 2014 at 08:02 AM PST

If Life Only Had a Reset Button …

by fidlerten

(I realize this is really not a political blog, but I would like to share it with you anyway as it is very personal, so please bear with me. Thanks!)

I have made many mistakes in my life. I chose not to get a good education and so now, I am poor, as far as average living standards go that is. I also hurt others with my life choices. I know I would change just so many things if I could do it all over again, but unlike video games – which I love to play so much – there is no reset button for life.

I know there are many out there who are like me, who if given the opportunity, would push life’s reset button, back to an earlier time so that they could start over again and not make those same mistakes they made which altered their life in such a negative way.

I am sure many lost souls in prison would love to have a reset button so that they could go back and not commit the crimes they committed, that not only sent them to jail but hurt others in such tragic ways. Many murderers would choose not to kill and many thieves would choose not to steal. I realize that my regrets are not so profound but still, resetting my life back to an earlier time, I would do so many things differently.

One of those things is the way I treated my grandmother. She raised me for many of my childhood years and I just did not appreciate it, as I should have. I said some cruel things to her, mostly out of the despair of my own life. I watched her shed many tears over those hurtful things I said, which was out of the hurt I felt myself. Now that she has died and gone on to be with the Lord she worshiped so sincerely, I wish so much I could take all those mean things I said back.

I dropped out of school when I was 17 years old and moved out on my own. It was the mid-seventies, I had been bused across town to a school that was mostly black, and many of the black students seem to resent the fact that I was now going to their school. I had no problem with going to school with mostly black students, as one of my best friends was black who went to my mostly white school, so I got a taste of what he went through every day and it scared the hell out of me. Someone threw a pencil at me the first day of school and because of that incident; it was the last day I went to that school. I lost my education and faced a life of poverty from then on.

I allowed fear to rule my life, even though I suppose, if I would have hung in there, the black students at that school would have come to realize that I was not the threat they took me to be, the same as they were not the threat I took them to be.

It did teach me a valuable life lesson and that is not to allow fear to rule one’s life. Since that time, I have become friends with many black people, gone to church and worshiped with them, become roommates with a couple of them, and learned that they are so much like me, in so many ways. I had no reason to be afraid; we had so much in common.

Of course, I could sit and blame circumstances, and my own mother for my downfall and my lack of success but much of it is just my own fault for not looking beyond my circumstances as so many who came before me did. Abraham Lincoln studied by candlelight but went on to become the nation’s 16th president and one of the nation’s greatest presidents.

Many immigrants came here with nothing and faced great opposition from those already here, and yet they overcame all that stood in their way and started businesses that grew into large corporations, all because they faced down their fears and did not let their circumstances stand in their way. Hispanics now face some of that same opposition, some of them will make it, and some of them will fall by the wayside. All that separates all of us is our willingness to stand against the odds, the fear, and the hate, or to let it dictate our lives and like me, fail to see what potential lies ahead for those willing to stand firm.

All of us who are born into this world will face opposition, all of us will be tried by the fires of life and those fires will consume us or they will harden our resolve and make us strong. I wish I had made the right decisions in my life and not let so many things stand in my way, and if I had that reset button, if I could do it all over again, I would do so many things differently.

I meet many young people in my life and I try to pass on to them what I had to learn the hard way, but many just see me as just another old person who has no idea what they face, and it is true because every one of our lives are different. However, they must realize, if they are to succeed, that whatever their trials are, they must overcome and not let those trials drag them down. It is those personal trials put before them, which will determine their lives far ahead; how they deal with them will matter so very much when they reach my age and they have a chance to look back again.

Yes, I wish I could say that I do not regret anything and I do not need a reset button but unfortunately, I made so many wrong life choices. All I can hope for is a loving God who, with a merciful heart, will give me yet another life beyond these troubled shores, and hopefully, that reset button really does exist – after all.

This is a republish from my website: Fidlerten Place


The GOP had a good night Tuesday Night, sweeping into a majority in the U.S. Senate – though still not enough to overcome a super majority of 60 seats, which is what it takes to get anything passed in the Senate – and growing their numbers in the U.S. House. Not to worry, the shoe will be on the on the other foot next election when it comes to Republican seats up for grabs. All we Democrats need to do is give Republicans enough rope to hang themselves for the next two years, by letting them go blindly forward with their agenda.

Voices from the far right, such as conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, will continue to push the idea that the Republican Party won a mandate to push their agenda through Congress, which at the top of the list is investigating and finally impeaching President Barack Obama. That will never happen but for the sake of spinning out the clock until next election, the GOP’s agenda will not be pretty nor will it be what the American people want out of their government, though those conservative voices will insist it is, no matter what the polls say over and over again.

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell the Minority Leader and soon-to-be Majority Leader has made public remarks, saying he believes he can work with the White House on some common ground issues. Do not believe it for a moment, every election we hear the same thing from leaders of both parties, of how they are all going to get along and tend to the nation’s business, but then, they never really do.

For the next two years, the Republicans will have a small list of things to do, which will be the same list that they have been pushing for a long time now. As always, there will be a push to repeal Obamacare and it will certainly not gain much ground, but those Republicans who made campaign promises that if they win the Senate, they will repeal and replace Obamacare, has to show they tried to do something. Still, even if they were able to get a bill through Congress to repeal Obamacare, once it landed on the president’s desk, he would surely veto it, and no way, would there be a two-thirds majority to overturn that veto.

Then, there is Obama and that same drumbeat; Benghazi, Benghazi, and Benghazi; you would think President Obama ordered the attack himself on the embassy where four embassy staff members was killed, by the endless investigations into the tragedy. The war in Iraq and the deception that led us into it is something we all should just move on from of course, but let us squeeze anything we can out of Benghazi, Benghazi, and Benghazi.

Then there is the IRS scandal plus the idea that President Obama has used his executive power to do what they, the Republicans have tried so hard to keep him from doing, which is to do his job when it comes to the pressing issues of our times. They will Investigate, investigate, and investigate, anything and everything they can use to scrutinize this president, his administration and his possible Democratic replacement nominee in 2016, former New York U.S. senator and secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

One thing we can always count on from Republicans when they are in charge is a huge push to cut taxes for the wealthy, while at the same time, working to cut social programs for everyone else. We will hear the same old song and dance about how letting millionaires and billionaires keep more of their money will mean more jobs for the rest of us. The problem with that old trickle-down economics theory is that the trickle never comes; the wealthy get wealthier and everyone else makes less and less money as time goes by, yet pays more for everything, from real estate to food.

Another important issue, immigration reform, will get a lot of lip service from Republican lawmakers but as always, fear of the big bad wolf, the Tea Party, will keep Republican leaders from compromising with Democrats and the president, so nothing will get done meaningful on immigration. Republicans will continue to ignore the needs of Hispanics at their own peril and comprehensive immigration reform will not happen before the next election in 2016, and then only if Democrats once again wrestle control of congress from Republicans and also hold onto the White House.

To sum it up, unless the president can get the current lame duck congress to make some bold last-minute moves, such as raising the minimum wage or immigration reform, it will likely not get passed in the next congress either. The next two years is going to be a bumpy ride that will do nothing but take us in circles, with no progress being made in Washington D.C. except by executive order from the White House.

Let me add here, even though the president will be vilified by Republican lawmakers and the conservative media for doing so, Americans will look at the dysfunctional U.S. Capitol and realize that the only wheels turning, no matter how small, because of his limits, is President Obama’s executive power.

The GOP will do what it always have done in the last several years, which is to ignore the voice of the majority of Americans, for the voice of the few, which is those who are wealthy enough to feed those hungry campaign coffers of theirs to the hilt.

Republicans lawmakers like Sen. Ted Cruz and media personalities like Rush Limbaugh will tell Republicans lawmakers what they believe America wants from them, no matter what those “bias” polls say. Repeal Obamacare, cut corporate taxes, build the Keystone pipeline, cut regulations on polluting industries and financial institutions, the same old, same old, and nothing new will come from the Grand Old Party who cannot see past their own noses when it comes to the needs of average Americans.

President Obama will get the blame of course, good old scapegoat Obama, for vetoing their bills and for, as they say, destroying the country. Republican lawmakers will take it all the way to 2016, proclaiming their failure to get things done was all because of the president and the Democrats who refused to sign on to their legislation.

Perhaps the predictions I have made here will prove to be wrong, and if so, let us only be glad of it, because miracles never cease. America’s voice; that means the voice of the rich, the poor, the middle-class, African-Americans, Hispanic, Asians, straights and gays, women and men, all have spoken out loud and clear, when it comes to immigration reform, a minimum wage increase and equal rights for all Americans. If Republicans decide not to listen to that voice come November 2016, there will be a reckoning of huge proportions, and all the money in the pockets of the Koch brothers, will not save them from it.

This is a republish from my website: Fidlerten Place


“And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6 - New American Standard Bible

Simply being religious is never enough; whatever one calls their god: Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, or one of the many other names of god or gods throughout the world’s religion, they must believe in their god or gods, with all their heart.

Though I quoted out of the Bible – as that is the text I am familiar with – the above verse quoted is really a literal truth, because without faith, that god of theirs does not really exist, except perhaps for some concept of a god that is used as an excuse for hate and maybe then also, the use of violence.

Perhaps someone who does not have faith, but is religious, has a purpose for his or her religiosity instead of faith. Throughout history, religion has been used to wreak violence and terror upon societies. Those who accept those kinds of things as a way of serving their god, obviously have a perception of an angry god, one who seeks to destroy and harm those who do not follow that god’s strict religious edicts. Not only is their god perceived as being angry, but also limited to the employing of followers to carry out that anger upon that god’s own enemies.

Where the religions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are concerned, all are based on the same god. Of course, there are those who disagree with me but historically, I am correct. One thing I know is clear about all three of these religions is that faith is an important ingredient, because without it, no relationship with their god really exists.

In each religion, there are many faithful believers. They follow their religions by heart and they truly believe in their god. They pray, they go to houses of worship and they do what their religion has taught them to do, because they believe. If they have a problem in their lives, they take care of it on their knees; Muslims, Christians, and Jews, all pray on their knees. If they are real believers, then after they pray, they believe their god has sent an answer and they will receive it. That is faith, whatever religion it is they follow.

All those three faiths also believe in the Devil, Satan, or Lucifer, who fell from Heaven. Those religions even share many of the same understanding of sin, as far as murder, thievery, or even adultery and sex before marriage. All three of them also believe that God is the creator of all things, including the creator of humankind. Surely, we all can ask ourselves, why would a god who created all things, need his followers to carry out acts of violence against his enemies? Does he not have the very power to take the breath of life away from them, if he really wants them dead?

If my god asked me to go out and kill those who do not believe in him, I would want to know why he wanted me to do the dastardly deed instead of himself, being that he is god after all and it was he who created what he now wants me to destroy.

If I may be so blunt, perhaps the god of terrorist is just a psychopathic spiritual being – if he exists even then at all – and not a real god at all, who enjoys creating things just so he can turn around and destroy them. Instead of a god, he sounds more like a spoiled little child who needs to be told how to treat his toys.

One other thing all those three religion have in common is they have followers who commit violence in the name of their god. It is easy to understand that just because someone commits violence in the name of a god, does not mean that god had anything to do with it. In fact, it shows just the opposite. Any real god would not need some human pawn to carry out their will, as though somehow they are a helpless god in need of assistance from us little humans.

For some reason, the god of terrorist wants some people dead, either because they are his enemies or because they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If he really is a god and someone displeases him so much, a lightning strike from Heaven is a much easier and better way to carry out a slaying, or a fireball, even a tornado or some other method that only a real god can do. Instead, the god of terrorist shows he is weak and impotent, and needs these able-bodied men and sometimes women and children, to go out and commit terrible acts against innocent people, and sometimes – no – many times, upon people of their own faith. This god is a god that gives religion a bad name. Instead of drawing people to a loving god who loves them and cares for them, this god sends his followers scrambling for their lives, to the point they must wonder, why did he create them in the first place, if all he was going to do was lay out his wrath upon anyone who displeased him, believer or non-believer alike.

A true believer, in whatever religion, believes in the power of their god not to only take care of their needs, but also trust their god to deal with their enemies. Someone who claims to believe in a god, and yet carries out terror upon others in the name of that god, does not really trust their god to care for them, or to even to deal with their enemies.

As a Christian, I believe in my heart that Christianity is the one and only true religion. However, many Muslims believe just as much as I do that their religion is the one and only true religion. Same thing goes for Jews, in their heart of hearts, they believe that their religion has to be the one and only true religion. Still, we can live side by side with each other, share our lives with each other and even marry each other and love each other, as neighbors and friends. We even sometimes join in to celebrate each others religious holidays.

We have learned from each other because we are willing to respect each others beliefs, and we open our hearts enough to accept that others believe in their god, or may I say God, the god of us all, enough to share the same values, because God put those values in us, those who choose to believe, and do.

In conclusion, you can put a gun to my head or a knife to my throat, and threaten my life if I will not believe in your god. Maybe I will be courageous and full of faith and refuse, then die knowing that Heaven awaits me, or maybe I will be afraid and my faith fail me at that moment of truth, and I claim a conversion that does not really exists. Yet, even then, I would be lying, because no gun, no knife, no bomb, no terrorist threat of any kind, nothing would make me believe in the impotent god of a terrorist, because fear does not produce faith, only love can do that. Faith is, after all, the opposite of fear.

This is a republish from my website: Fidlerten Place


Same-sex Marriage is now legal in 30 states, and in the last several years, we have seen not only an escalation in gay rights and gay marriage, but also a sea change of opinions about gay rights and marriage equality.

Marriage equality opponents, such as the Alliance Defending Freedom – the organization’s name defies what they actually do, which is to block freedom from certain groups of Americans, namely LGBT members – are losing their battle to keep marriage between only a man and a woman.

Personally, I live in a state, Oklahoma, which was affected by the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to listen to repeals from lower federal courts that had overturned state laws banning same-sex marriage.

Then of course, Governor Mary Fallon is having a tizzy over it all – oh my gosh, gays getting married in our state, eek! Her state government’s first response is to consider the possibility of banning all marriages in the state – I not kid you. That is because when gay people marry each other, it just destroys straight marriage somehow. Really, please, someone explain that to me where it makes sense, not nonsense as it does now, that the idea of two consenting adults who happen to be both of same sex, deciding to commit their lives together through marriage, will destroy marriage altogether. Of course, traditional marriage, now and before the first gay marriage in the nation, has been a real success; excuse the sarcasm.

Eventually, same-sex marriage will be legal nationwide, in all 50 states, no matter what those who oppose it wants or thinks. Just like every other civil rights issue, our nation has always moved forward, not backward, when it comes to respecting the rights of all, no matter what makes them different.

The question that comes to my mind when I listen to the determined and insistent voices from the right, who fight so hard to deny me and my gay brothers and sisters the right to marry the one we love: Why do they care who I marry? Why would I, by marrying the one I love, be a problem for straight marriages? I fail to see a connection, and perhaps, that is why so many federal judges have sided with marriage equality, when it comes to tearing down those same-sex marriage bans; they fail to see the connection also. Perhaps they cannot see the harm it does to the plaintiffs in this matter, and the so-called affected parties, are claiming injury or injury that has not occurred yet, have no case to claim.

It will be long after the fact, after same-sex marriage is well accepted by society, that history will show how wrong today’s same-sex marriage opponents were in their assessment of what gay marriage will do to the nation and the institution of marriage. I cannot see the negative impact they claim it will have, now or in the future. Gays will marry, and they will divorce, and they will fight and they will make up, just like straight marriages. Some will have children, either through natural childbirth or adoption, or have children from a previous marriage, etc, and some will choose not to have children. Everything that heterosexual couples go through today, gays will go through the same very thing.

The last 20 states will eventually succumb to marriage equality, and eventually, the U.S. Supreme Court will have to weigh in, and what are those justices going to do: reverse all the same-sex marriages that have already taken place? I cannot see that happening, no matter how much gay marriage opponents want it to happen. The devastation, not only on the couple but their families, especially their children.

You know what makes marriage equality so great for me. It is that I now know that when a young teen discovers they are gay, it will not be the end of the world for them, as it was for so many gays throughout history, including me. They no longer have to hide and pretend to be straight, not for their families or anyone else for that matter. They can now look forward in their lives to marriage, kids, and a happy life just like everyone else.

Same-sex marriage is not about the religious morals of anyone but those whose lives it actually affects, which is the couple who is getting married. They are the ones who must live with each other, wake up each morning with each other, and look at each others face day after day, week after week, month after month and eventually, year after year. As a single person who intends on staying single, that sounds entirely boring to me but hey, if that is what they want, who am I or anyone for that matter, to stop them.

Of course, the families of gay couples may be affected to some extent by a gay marriage, but that is a private matter for families to deal with. No religious morals of some preacher or some religious organization, or some senator or other politician in government who believe their own personal religious morals should be enforced by the law on all Americans, should have any say in what two consenting adults decide to do between them. Some families will be divided and then some families, thanks to a strong bond of love, will get over the rough bumps, and they will get past all the moral issues too. Love has a way to open eyes, at least those willing to open their eyes.

So maybe we should ask those who take the time out of their own happy lives, to put a stop to any possible happiness for gay couples: Why does it matter to you who I marry anyway? All I have to say to them is to concern themselves about their own marriages and their own lives and let me and my gay brothers and sisters, concern ourselves with ours.

This is a republish from my website: Fidlerten Place

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