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Latest Right-Wing Meme: Greeks Self-Inflicting HIV for Government Benefits
Rush Limbaugh , The Daily Caller , The Blaze , ...
fiver 11/25/2013 6 10 - -
Michigan Police Officer Admits to Disseminating Humiliating Videos of Mentally-Ill Black Man
I searched the tags and didn't see a diary about this already: there's been a disturbing story developing in the Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe Park .At least one Grosse Pointe Park police officer ...
fiver 11/24/2013 18 41 1 -
Iran Nuclear Deal Reportedly Reached
Important update, The New York Times has some vague details of the emerging deal : After marathon talks that finally ended early Sunday morning, the United States and five other world powers ...
fiver 11/23/2013 148 122 1 -
Handcuffed 17-year-old shot dead while in back of police car
There's a tragic and conflicting story developing in Durham, North Carolina. According to their police department, a teenager in their custody for trespassing, somehow shot himself while handcuffed ...
fiver 11/22/2013 99 101 2 -
Let's remember to thank David Waldman today
It's easy to be extremely cynical about the political process and its ability to make the lives of the 99% actually better. But every once in a while an everyday citizen works really hard to ...
fiver 11/21/2013 60 473 2 -
Texans "volunteer" to take women to abortion clinics...only to take them to church instead
This really alarmed us this morning. Just one reminder that getting an abortion in Texas can be very dangerous. — Fund Texas Women (@FundTexasWomen) November 10, 2013 In ...
fiver 11/10/2013 121 208 1 -
Michael Hayden bashes Obama in interview, demanding anonymity...while riding Acela train!!
From the " you can't make this shit up " file: Former National Security Agency director Michael Hayden is more used to being the one listening in on conversations than the one being eavesdropped on ...
fiver 10/24/2013 7 40 - -
Teacher survives multiple tours in be shot in Nevada classroom today
This is just incredibly sad , not that it's likely to change anything... A student opening fire with a handgun he took from his parents. Screaming students running for cover. A teacher, trying to ...
fiver 10/21/2013 20 32 1 -
Ohio expanding Medicaid for 275,000 residents
Great Mixed news from Republican controlled Ohio: they're not attempting to sabotage Obamacare by screwing its residents and rejecting federal funds to expand medicaid . But they are using the new ...
fiver 10/21/2013 28 33 - -
David Corn collecting Obamacare stories on Twitter...You should read them
Over on twitter David Corn has started re-tweeting people's positive experiences with Obamacare so far, and we should make sure people (i.e. the media) know about it. My neighbor, 2 heart attacks ,
fiver 10/16/2013 158 371 11 -
Boy, 15, kills himself after facing charges for streaking
The link to the original story no longer seems to be working, here's a different one . --- Yet another tragedy caused by our legal "justice" system :Christian Adamek, 15, hanged himself Wednesday ...
fiver 10/11/2013 31 27 - -
Obamacare manipulators Papa John's, Applebee's see their reputation plummet
Great news: the people trying to hurt their workers instead of providing them health insurance, and using Obamacare as an excuse, have seen drastic drops in their brand's reputation . According to ...
fiver 10/10/2013 263 395 5 -
Yes, Ari Fleischer is this stupid
This happened : Question to @gov : how come @BarackObama 's last tweet was more than 140 characters? Does he play by different rules??? — Ari Fleischer (@AriFleischer) September 24, ...
fiver 09/25/2013 17 20 - -
Good news: Christie to sign 'gay-conversion' therapy ban
Well, as they say, even a broken clock gets the time right twice a day : Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill Monday barring licensed therapists from trying to turn gay teenagers straight, making New ...
fiver 08/19/2013 12 9 - -
Russia: Snowden was never here
The mystery continues... Russia's foreign minister has said the surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden never crossed the border into Russia, deepening the mystery over his suspected flight from ...
fiver 06/25/2013 40 12 - -
Dog almost killed for being "gay"
Seriously this happened :A dog in Tennessee is going to lose his life today because of suspicions that he is gay. As explained by, "According to the prior owner, the dog was seen '...
fiver 01/31/2013 17 17 1 -
Father accidentally shoots 7 year old son
No, ready access to guns couldn't have anything to do with this :A seven-year-old boy was shot to death by his father on Saturday in the parking lot of a gun store in western Pennsylvania in an ...
fiver 12/08/2012 368 23 - -
The Rotting Conservative Mind
Yesterday The Blaze posted a story about Anderson Cooper with the following image: With a brief explanation: On his talk show Tuesday, Cooper said he was in Portugal ...
fiver 12/05/2012 2 2 - -
OK Supreme Court Stops Abortion Restrictions
Some welcome news :Oklahoma laws requiring women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound image placed in front of them while they hear a description of the fetus and that ban off-label use of ...
fiver 12/05/2012 6 27 - -
Man with 51 IQ held for 30 years without proper trial
Former Death Row Inmate Imprisoned for 30 Years in Texas With No Conviction :A former death row inmate with intellectual disabilities has languished in the Texas prison system for over 30 years ...
fiver 12/04/2012 79 121 3 -
Anti-abortion zealot Phill Kline facing disbarment
Finally, sort of. Last week former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline was brought before their State Supreme Court :Whether former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline will keep his state law ...
fiver 11/19/2012 11 35 - -
FBI "Whistle-blower" with wingnut "worldview" revealed
So now we know the FBI agent who leaked sensitive information about the ongoing cyber stalking investigation of Jill Kelley to Eric Cantor. Yeah, this guy :Later, the agent became convinced — ...
fiver 11/14/2012 104 128 3 -
Michael Hastings disrupts Petraeus Worship
Via Crooks and Liars :
fiver 11/14/2012 11 19 - -
Tales of GOP in Austerity: Paul Ryan
What's fact, what's fiction? If you're a Master of the Universe, you decide! It's the second chapter of Tales of GOP Living with Austerity . Paul Ryan as a Young Man Paul Ryan's ...
fiver 06/10/2012 5 6 - 75
Tales of GOP living with Austerity: Sarah Palin
Profiles of Republicans living with Austerity Hello, and welcome to what I hope is a regular installment of fact filled posts about the captains of industry, masters of the universe, and very ...
fiver 06/08/2012 3 3 - 134
Surprise! Kangaroo Court recommends Bradley Manning be tried for "aiding the enemy"
Well, no real surprise here : Lt. Col. Paul Almanza's recommendation to try Pfc. Bradley ...
fiver 01/12/2012 95 9 1 176
Bengals vs. Texans Open Thread
Who else excited about the big game? Should be a close one judging by their previous match. Will Foster be enough with the Texans down to their 3rd string QB? Will Dalton and Green be able to ...
fiver 01/07/2012 11 2 - 74
Santorum's Horrifying Vision for Women
Santorum: When I was leading the charge on partial birth abortion,
fiver 01/04/2012 104 128 1 839
Xenophobes' ugly agenda exposed in Maryland
Just how disgusting are these people ? The red and white placards ...
fiver 06/29/2011 9 18 - 119
Santorum: Social Security in "big trouble" because of Women
This is what one presumptive presidential candidate of the Republican party ...
fiver 03/29/2011 26 23 - 251
Wikileaks Reader: An Index
Other Wikileaks Resources: WL Central Greg Mitchell ...
fiver 03/29/2011 5 10 6 77
Wikileaks Reader: Pushback part 2
Ok, sorry if this diary is a little disorganized, I will be making an index shortly so that it is easier to better navigate these Wikileaks ...
fiver 03/27/2011 5 16 - 149
Wikileaks Reader: Pushback part 1
Ok, sorry if this diary is a little disorganized, I will be making an index shortly so that it is easier to better navigate these Wikileaks ...
fiver 03/27/2011 9 15 1 114
Wikileaks Reader: Bradley Manning
Back to Wikileaks Reader Index In this diary:
fiver 03/26/2011 8 13 4 135
Big Gay Victories
Effort To Ban Gay Marriage In Iowa Fails : State Senator Jeff Danielson, a Democrat from Waterloo, told ...
fiver 03/25/2011 11 25 - 105
Wikileaks Reader: HBGary + ChamberLeaks
Back to the Wikileaks Reader Index In this Diary: ...
fiver 03/25/2011 9 24 3 147
Awww, Glenn Beck's "Liberty Coin" huckster found guilty
Remember the "monetary architect" Bernard Von Nothaus who Glenn Beck interviewed on CNN? Well it took a jury just 2 hours last week to find our intrepid Von Nothaus ...
fiver 03/23/2011 18 25 2 304
70-year-old stoned for being gay? (or for money?)
Homophobic rhetoric couldn't have nothing to do with this : Authorities in Delaware County say a 70-...
fiver 03/19/2011 27 16 - 200
Former SoS Warren Christopher has passed...
We lost a great man and diplomat yesterday, he was 85 and suffered from kidney and bladder cancer. Condolences to his family and friends. ...
fiver 03/19/2011 8 9 - 69
Remembering Rosie Jimenez: First Victim of the Hyde Amendment
Rosie Jimenez was a poor ...
fiver 03/18/2011 6 32 1 145
Government Subsidies for the Rich: Tax Expenditures
Every year the Government doles out billions of dollars to the wealthiest Americans that our corporate owned media never talks about: itemized deductions for property taxes, mortgage interests, ...
fiver 03/18/2011 26 19 1 99
Diary Guide to Formatting, Linking, Images, Embedding, and Tables
Ok, I know many users already know how to format their diaries and add images etc., but for every one else this is a guide to making your diary look like the pros. First thing to remember is ...
fiver 03/16/2011 149 400 499 3752
Woman pulls plow until she miscarries
Yes, it's another sad story from a time when abortion was illegal, a time some would take us back to:
fiver 03/16/2011 18 34 1 287
Obama: Fox assures me hens are safe
Ok, obviously there's a lot going on in the world right now between ...
fiver 03/15/2011 7 13 2 244
Iowa Woman Jailed for Thinking about an Abortion
Sounds far-fetched, right? Well it isn't. The anti-choice zealots aren't content to limiting a woman's access to safe and legal abortion,
fiver 03/14/2011 258 528 25 4121
Does anyone else notice a pattern?
I'm sure you do: Republican governance is a man-made disaster that the public fails to learn from and must be reminded every so often by an unmitigated disaster that results from their short-sighted "
fiver 03/13/2011 100 322 15 2821
13-year-old, denied treatment and abortion, left paralyzed for life
That's the sad story of L.C. :L.C., the young woman in the video, lives in poverty in ...
fiver 03/08/2011 80 232 11 1902
Anonymous to target Defense Officials responsible for torture of Manning
I know this has been mentioned before , but ...
fiver 03/08/2011 99 27 - 319
Eco Roundup 3.8.11
Wall Street Journal poll: Most popular spending cut is subsidies for new nuclear plants :
fiver 03/08/2011 5 10 - 53
NE Woman denied abortion, forced to watch baby die
Please, if anyone is still reading this, check out this diary And Then He Died by gratis4 about being denied the ...
fiver 03/07/2011 193 398 11 2699
Wikileaks Reader: Video and Radio Resources
Ok, this is a collection of videos and radio programs on Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning etc. as an organization. It is hoped to be a resource to those of us wanting to now more about ...
fiver 03/06/2011 3 12 2 82
Report: 4 WI Repub Senators Wavering...
Greg Sargent: Are Wisconsin Republicans preparing to break with Walker? (h/...
fiver 03/05/2011 11 21 2 205
"Get an abortion or leave"
That's the stark choice many pregnant teenagers are faced with. Here's one such heartbreaking story from Project Voice , ...
fiver 03/03/2011 26 57 4 318
NYT: Gathering Firewood, 9 Afghan Boys Killed by NATO Helicopters
Sigh, and one wonders why "they hate us" ?Nine boys collecting firewood to heat their ...
fiver 03/02/2011 23 32 - 141
13-year-old self-aborts using pencil
If it were up to Republicans and their anti-choice agenda horrific stories like this would become ...
fiver 03/02/2011 210 335 14 2369
Wikileaks Informationthread: The Movie
It looks like Dreamworks have bought the rights to Inside WikiLeaks: My Time ...
fiver 03/01/2011 5 27 1 105
Greenwald on our Media's Subservience to Power
Sunday, Glenn Greenwald wrote a great article on the media's reaction ...
fiver 03/01/2011 11 42 1 205
DEMOCRAT Rush Holt beats Watson at Jeopardy
In case you needed proof that Democrats are indeed intellectually ...
fiver 03/01/2011 15 15 - 130
If only Bradley Manning had...
If only Bradley Manning had stayed silent while Iraqi detainees were whipped across the back with a large rod ...
fiver 02/28/2011 3 15 - 67
Now is not the time for pooties
There's a lot going on in the world right now and we can't allow ourselves to become ...
fiver 02/27/2011 43 65 1 538
Anonymous to target Koch
Important update: It seems to have begun! Try visiting Americans for Destitution (h/...
fiver 02/26/2011 524 626 35 5689
Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators
I didn't see this mentioned here yet, but Rolling Stone's Michael Hastings has another blockbuster report up on the Army's use of Psy-Ops on American Senators such as John McCain and Al Franken.
fiver 02/24/2011 10 16 - 85
Wikileaks Information Thread: Assange to be Extradited
For previous Wikileaks Information Threads check out cedar park's diaries.
fiver 02/24/2011 17 14 - 122
Wikileaks Information Thread
From Cedar Park's last thread, 63 , CP directed us to the WikiLeaks ...
fiver 02/23/2011 19 22 - 115
No Rec'd Diaries on Mid-East Protests?
Sure Daily Kos 4 and cute kittens are exciting, but lets not forget those risking their lives to finally bring freedoms to a region that seems perpetually mired in oppression. Of course there is the ...
fiver 02/14/2011 18 23 - 133
20 awesome news sources
fiver 01/22/2011 34 9 1 86
Let's remember Bradley Manning today, tomorrow, and the next...
Right now Bradley Manning sits in isolation 23 hours a day and has so for nearly 7+ months now.
fiver 01/12/2011 12 15 - 195
I'd settle for a top tax rate of 36%
Contrary to popular belief we live in a time of unprecedented wealth and prosperity. Let's stop pretending our country need run huge deficits to pay for things like quality eduction, universal ...
fiver 12/09/2010 16 1 - 76
What SB 1070 looks like (video)
I apologize for the brevity of this "diary" but didn't see this video mentioned on the front page or another diary (update: it is in this recommended ...
fiver 08/06/2010 18 10 - 25
Vitter's Oil Spill Solution: More Presidential Photo Ops
Heather has a great post over at Crooks and Liars regarding Senator David Vitters comments on Fox ...
fiver 07/20/2010 2 2 - 27
Lieberman's Contribution to the Democratic Party
Ever since Al Gore made the mistake of giving Joe Lieberman a greater taste of power he can't let go. Putting politics above the principles of Democracy, he continues to con his way into powerful ...
fiver 11/13/2008 13 3 - -
How ignorant is Sarah Palin?
Sarah Palin continues giving interviews to only the friendliest of "journalists" , after ...
fiver 11/01/2008 58 16 - 17
The modern day Republican Party
(Cross posted at Watership Down ) The majority of Americans have rejected the "conservative" idealogy that has brought us needless wars, ...
fiver 10/31/2008 8 3 2 1
McCain running as panderer in chief
(cross posted at Watership Down ) "
fiver 10/30/2008 2 2 - -
Food not Bombs meeting in Flagstaff
Today we held our first Food Not Bombs feeding at Thorpe Park on a beautiful day in Flagstaff, AZ.  We hope to meet every Sunday and ...
fiver 10/26/2008 6 4 - 14
Why a 50 state strategy matters
Arizona's First Congressional District has only elected one Democrat, for one term, in the last 56 years . But with ...
fiver 10/22/2008 6 9 - 24
Let's support Bernie Sanders bailout bill
While many of us are wringing our hands in frustration at the thought of entering the next Great Depression, Vermont's Senator Bernie Sanders ...
fiver 09/30/2008 13 21 - -
The Right Liars
What's the greatest form of flattery ? I don't know, I'm just a dumb rabbit, so I think it's flattery: Daily ...
fiver 09/29/2008 1 - - 56
Trickle down economics explained
There he ...
fiver 09/24/2008 1 - - 23
What more can I say
Sarcasm changes nothing. Snark elects nobody. Let's not express the anger and frustration we've felt the last eight years in sarcasm and snark. Let's express it in action: ...
fiver 09/21/2008 1 - - 22
Obama Talks, McCain Balks
fiver 09/09/2008 13 1 - 38
Updated: Let's tell Biden to stop praising McCain
Our vice presidential nominee is making victory in November less likely the more he continues to praise our opponent John McCain. The McCain campaign wants this election to be about personality, ...
fiver 09/06/2008 96 6 - 18
Obama demeans his own intelligence and party
Yesterday I proudly voted for Barack Obama and since I didn't register in time to vote in my new state in 2006, that will make 3 elections in a row that I have been able to vote for a very ...
fiver 02/06/2008 29 4 - 1
Brace yourself for Black History Month
The article can be found online here . ---------------------------------------------------- Admittedly, it must be hard to write ...
fiver 01/16/2007 21 13 - 9
I care about the primaries
While I agree that pointless, 1-2 paragraph diaries spewing common wisdom make me as nauseous as the next Kossack (as does endless speculation), but having penned my ...
fiver 12/06/2006 2 1 - -
Please, no Obama or Hillary
I'm from Illinois and voted for Barack Obama in the primaries and Senator in 2004 (would gladly do it again) and felt his election was just about the brightest result of the otherwise dismal ...
fiver 12/04/2006 61 8 2 5
You must be shrooming: mushrooms and cancer
fiver 11/17/2006 54 9 - 12
Digest this: Portabellas
fiver 11/14/2006 39 14 7 168
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