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Cranky Users
Cranky Users is a group for Kossacks who think DK4 is scary or weird or hard to figure out. We're gonna hold hands, help each other out, ask dumb questions, laugh ourselves silly, and make DK4 work for us. Join the group and/or favorite the tag.
DKos Florida
All about Sunshine State politics!
Florida Georgia Line Kossacks
This group will serve as a gathering place for North Florida and South Georgia Daily Kos members and all others who are interested. Our focus, both online and with real life meet-ups, is sharing and organizing political activism; disseminating social, political and progressive issues; community building; and support and encouragement for our red state brothers and sisters. We will organize meet-ups in both the panhandle and eastern seaboard of our states as well as share information on events o...
In Support of Labor and Unions
A group devoted to tracking and fighting attacks on all workers and organized labor, and expanding unionization...
North & Central Florida Kossacks
Florida was under one group but due to the layout of the state and the need to meetup more often, this area is for the North and Central Florida Kossacks to meetup and become more active. This is better than trying to gather folks from all over the state which does not seem to work very well. The state is just too big ! We need frequent and productive meetups located in North and Central Florida. Everyone is welcome ....Join us if you are in Central Florida including both coasts... Of course yo...
Progressive Policy Zone
PPZ: For constraint-free discussion of American domestic and foreign policy and world affairs from an unabashedly left/progressive perspective.
Pushing back at the Grand Bargain
Chained CPI will effect over 30 government programs by adjusting the Federal poverty levels via Chained CPI. This achieves long term deficit reduction and increases income taxes on working class families by 65 billion over 10 years. The goal of this group is to build awareness of the wide ranging impacts of Chained CPI beyond cutting Social Security and VA benefits.
Social Security Defenders
The enemies of Social Security have been on the offense for 75 years seeking to gut Social Security and wipe out the legacy of the New Deal. Time to join the defense?
Teachers Lounge
This group is for discussion of teaching and education at all levels, from elementary to university, from international to continuing education, and everything in between.
The Amateur Left
Alternative universe for those interested in policies and politics that transcend pure partisanship. I.e., the "better" -- or even the other -- vs. the "more."
What's for Dinner
A Saturday evening get-together where friends share recipes, talk about good food and help others answer culinary questions.

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