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Florida Senate mocks Rick Scott. "Atmospheric reemployment" Video. lol
We could see this coming. Sometimes you just have to laugh. Awkward: Watch as Florida lawmaker mocks Rick Scott official for refusing to say ‘climate change’ A smiling Florida state ...
floridagal 03/22/2015 5 12 - -
Herald's Fred Grimm: Florida flunked the test, failed the kids.
The Miami Herald's Fred Grimm said it very well the last week. Fred Grimm: Florida flunked the tests and failed the kids Imagine a 10th grade kid coming into class on test day, already ...
floridagal 03/17/2015 8 54 - -
Columnist/psychologist points out big problems with FL's two-tier education.
I think he describes well what is happening and why. Two-Tier School System Working? Charter, magnet and private schools are able to choose their students. Though any student is welcome to apply ...
floridagal 02/10/2015 20 15 1 -
2009 The Nation. How the architects of the torture programs got rewarded.
This is an important story from Katha Pollitt at The Nation in 2009. She followed the story of those who were so influential in getting our country involved in the use of torture. Better Living ...
floridagal 12/10/2014 4 13 - -
Arresting Arnold Abbott unconstitutional. He's won in court 3 times, won 2 appeals.
He has a great history of caring. His work continued after the death of his wife. Here is some of the history of his group he calls Love Thy Neighbor In 1991, Arnold P. Abbott created Love Thy ...
floridagal 11/08/2014 16 26 - -
FL university has bookless library. Something poignant about that.
From the Tampa Bay Times. A Luddite laments a bookless library for Florida Poly f you have ever spent time at the library, in the cool quiet with the dusty-clean smell of ...
floridagal 08/30/2014 43 10 - -
WP anti-teachers-union op ed written by 2 of Jeb Bush's Chiefs for Change.
It amazing to me how easily the anti-union forces in education get such easy media access. Since the NEA and AFT in effect called for Arne Duncan's resignation, there has been a rash of articles ...
floridagal 07/25/2014 11 20 1 -
Florida mom takes kids from public schools, blames the right people. Supports teachers.
She takes her kids out of public schools because of the experience of her 3rd grader with the new infusion of Common Core into the curriculum. She has been involved in the education of all of her 5 ...
floridagal 07/05/2014 165 241 4 -
Campbell Brown, Dan Senor attack due process for New York teachers.
They have been planning their moves, and now they are ready. After the Vergara ruling in California, we heard there would be lawsuits in other states right away. Reformer groups like theirs have ...
floridagal 07/04/2014 44 8 - -
College presidents upset. Obama's Ed Dept says rating colleges will be like "rating a blender".
They have been basing K-12 school grades on a single high-stakes test which most feel is just about meaningless. Now they are going to start in on grading colleges, and they have the nerve to ...
floridagal 05/27/2014 86 15 1 -
FL teacher to students: Sorry your entire year was summed up in one test.
A Florida teacher wrote a letter to the editor at the Tampa Bay Times at the end of April. She apologized to her students for something that was not her fault at all. She made it clear how all-...
floridagal 05/17/2014 18 36 1 -
When FL charter schools close, taxpayer money remains in private hands.
It doesn't get returned to the public schools. There are so many inequities like that in this state. The worst lately is the spin of oh goody they are giving more money to education this year.......
floridagal 05/10/2014 5 27 - -
WA state educator to Arne Duncan: Stop saying our schools are failing.
This is from a Washington State school board member. David Iseminger is on the board of the Washington State School Directors Association, and active in state and national education advocacy. ...
floridagal 05/04/2014 130 198 5 -
FL budget: $133 per charter student, $18 per public school student
in one school district. I don't have the figures on other individual districts. This really shows Florida's priorities when it comes to education. This is what has been allocated for building ...
floridagal 04/30/2014 16 36 1 -
Florida has no regulations of private schools that receive vouchers.
There are attendance requirements and rules for the length of the school year. But Florida asserts very little control over private schools. There are two major vouchers types in Florida now ...
floridagal 04/27/2014 3 12 - -
FL school reporter can't write about medical marijuana amendment. Told paper was a "mouthpiece"
There is just something so wrong with a journalism teacher telling a student she can not do this. Even worse is the reason the teacher gave....that their school paper was about "marketing and being ...
floridagal 04/24/2014 5 19 - -
Pearson fails again during testing. Shuts down during FCAT today.
From the Tampa Bay Times. Computer problems shut down FCAT testing in Pasco, Hernando and elsewhere Problems with Florida's annual FCAT test on Tuesday rekindled simmering concerns that the state ...
floridagal 04/22/2014 6 13 - -
Fracking in Florida sanctuary? Environmental agency won't say for sure. Only fined $25,000.
Oil company drilling in sanctuary fined $25,000 for violation that could be fracking From the Tampa Bay Times this week. The Texas company that stirred controversy by applying to drill for oil in ...
floridagal 04/22/2014 15 13 - -
Examples of serious charter school problems in FL. More oversight needed.
These are only 4 examples, there are many others. Those in leadership are aware of the problems, but they are not doing much about it. Each charter school gets public taxpayer money. When the ...
floridagal 01/04/2014 8 19 1 -
Kudos to FL blogger Bob Sikes. Rhee submits Parent Trigger petition with names who did not sign it?
Rhee, Stargel Got Some Splainin to do About Those Parent Trigger Petition Signatures He is updating as responses come in from his calls to those who signed it. Yes, they did: 18 No, they didn’
floridagal 04/28/2013 55 259 3 -
Riverbend's memorable post from 2003 about her country before we invaded.
I was glad to see her new post this week. So many of us have wondered what happened to her and her family. This post from 2003 is filled with a kind of understandable bitterness about the ...
floridagal 04/17/2013 8 23 2 -
They have been trying to "rescue" Social Security through the years. Looking back.
In 1997 John Hess wrote at FAIR that he wondered if Social Security could survive another rescue. I thought that was well said. Here We Go Again "The rescue of Social Security has been a staple ...
floridagal 03/28/2013 22 27 - -
A student who leaves Philly schools for charters takes $10,170, leaving $5,879 with the district.
This is an article by two members of Philadelphia Charter Schools for Excellence, in fact they are leaders of the group. This is truly a whopper of an op ed. It in effect says that it does not ...
floridagal 03/12/2013 27 14 1 -
Is there a backlash now about all the billionaire donations in local school board races?
A union-backed L.A. school board candidate beat one with huge donations from billionaire reformers. From Huffington Post: Steve Zimmer Defeats the Billionaire Boys Club With a Cost-Effective ...
floridagal 03/09/2013 20 16 - -
How to talk to a billionaire ed reformer. Kudos Matt Farmer.
This is a powerful video from last year of a Chicago parent and lawyer holding a pretend interrogation of one billionaire school member who refused to answer a sensible question.
floridagal 03/05/2013 5 18 1 -
What they don't tell you about FL sinkholes. In 2010 growers pumped a billion gallons a day
during the extended freezes here. They don't seem to be mentioning that at all. The Seffner sinkhole making the news is in the strawberry-growing area, only 10 miles from Plant City. They don't ...
floridagal 03/02/2013 158 380 8 -
Another Broad superintendent at work. Philly teachers insulting new contract offer.
This is how education reform is done by the Billionaire Boys Club. Diane Ravitch posts about the degrading way Philadelphia is treating its teachers and other public employees. Philadelphia ...
floridagal 02/28/2013 9 3 - -
Arne D says sequester will force cuts to Title I, Special Ed. Mentions no cuts to ed reformers.
This was just announced by Arne Duncan, President Obama's Secretary of Education. I find it to be a disgusting way to run the nation's schools. His priorities are so out of order. Here are his ...
floridagal 02/27/2013 2 7 - -
"Protections for vulnerable" implies Social Security cuts for the rest of us.
At the White House website on February 21 there was posted the president's final offer to Boehner on deficit reduction. A Balanced Plan to Avert the Sequester and Reduce the Deficit In the middle ...
floridagal 02/26/2013 40 31 - -
FL leader says public school teachers not to expect same treatment as charter teachers.
If you can read this statement by Florida's Senate President Don Gaetz and not be alarmed, then the anti-public school propagandists have done their job too well. It looks like the state will pass ...
floridagal 02/22/2013 34 81 - -
Michelle Rhee's group buys the L.A. school board race. $250,000. Bloomberg one million.
That is a huge amount of money to give to local candidates for school board. The article names 3 of the ones to receive the donations... school board President Monica Garcia as well as Kate ...
floridagal 02/21/2013 9 23 - -
Esquire writes about Michelle Rhee and the empire she built.
The education reform efforts of Michelle Rhee are finally getting attention in some media, and it is not always the glowing praise she is used to receiving. The Empire Michelle Rhee Built The ...
floridagal 01/08/2013 19 22 - -
Labor board decides Chicago charter school is really private, subject to private sector laws.
This school has gotten at least 23 million in taxpayer money. I am assuming they will still get public taxpayer money. Yet they will not be subject to any regulation by elected school boards or ...
floridagal 01/02/2013 10 39 1 -
FL failed charter school did without computers, library, or cafeteria. Principal got $824,000.
NorthStar High School in the Orange County School District has shut down. Their phone is disconnected. State Sen. Bill Montford, a Tallahassee Democrat, is trying to get legislation that will ...
floridagal 11/03/2012 166 356 6 -
Florida says it will investigate unlicensed children's homes for abuse, neglect
Apparently this has been going on awhile, according to research by the Tampa Bay Times. It seems their investigation has gotten the attention of Florida's Department of Children and Families. Some ...
floridagal 11/01/2012 3 10 - -
Perceptive write-up comparing Biden and Obama debate styles. Biden sets own framework.
From the New York Magazine: Joe Biden Dispenses With the Niceties I so much agree with these paragraphs. The contrast with Obama lies not merely in their very – very, very – different energy ...
floridagal 10/11/2012 7 24 - -
FL charter school says enroll with us, get free Nintendo DSi.
Florida is looking to grow the charter school enrollment here, so I guess that is one way to do it. Since the school will get $6,300 for each student they enroll they can afford it. ...
floridagal 10/09/2012 3 8 - 43
Metro Nashville Public Schools lose $3.4 million funding for rejecting charter school. Power play.
This is the third time that school district had rejected Phoenix-based Great Hearts Academies. It appears to be much like the situation in Florida now where the state board can overrule local ...
floridagal 09/23/2012 9 22 - 127
Online Educator K12 Being Investigated By Florida Department of Education
I think there is a definite place in education for online classes. I do not think there is a place for such a misuse and abuse of taxpayer money. K12 leaders appear to be squirming and trying to ...
floridagal 09/11/2012 12 20 - 118
Parent Trigger is the "Parent Tricker"..not the "coup" they expect it to be.
That really is a good way to describe these new laws called the Parent Trigger laws. The backers manipulate the parents into believing that schools are failing their children and that only the ...
floridagal 09/09/2012 10 18 - 170
Crew Member of “Won’t Back Down” speaks of regret, disagreement with theme.
I understand their wanting to distance themselves from this movie, but it has been unleashed now. Too late for regrets and concerns from those involved. I will remember the three stars harshly, ...
floridagal 09/07/2012 32 25 - 634
Jeb Bush: comparing education to milk since 2009. Really.
I call that being a broken record and having no creativity. From the RNC convention 2012 his words on flavored milk: Jeb Bush: Choosing Schools Should Be Like Shopping For Milk On Wednesday, ...
floridagal 08/30/2012 8 3 - 57
Kind words for teachers from Tony Danza. Much needed.
This week I learned that both the RNC and DNC are welcoming not only Michelle Rhee's group screening the movie Won't Back Down...but also welcoming Rhee herself to be interviewed by Chelsea Clinton.
floridagal 08/28/2012 9 25 1 180
Chicago principals told to report all union activity by teachers, even "legal" activity.
Substance News verified a memo from Chicago school system lawyers to principals. Principals are asked to report any union activity by teachers. CPS officials disrupt schools through incompetence, ...
floridagal 08/21/2012 8 26 1 125
Looks like Rupert Murdoch will profit from "reform" of Chicago school system.
It seems so odd that things like this can happen in our education system now. It just doesn't seem to matter about that alleged illegal phone hacking his News Corp has been doing. I guess the ...
floridagal 08/20/2012 2 5 - 53
"Dreadful Dangers" of learning to think. Australian blogger's journey out of fundamentalism.
I was very impressed with this post about what happens when the realities and facts are allowed in. I was amazed that she quoted from the new platform of the Texas Republican party. Guess their ...
floridagal 08/10/2012 7 9 1 103
Some British want to ban US-based preacher for kicking people as a means to heal them.
From Huffington Post: Todd Bentley Controversy: British MP Wants To Ban Preacher From United Kingdom For Kicking People In one interview, Bentley claims that the "Holy Spirit" told him to kick an ...
floridagal 08/06/2012 26 8 - 160
So many big stars on board for CBS Teachers Rock to push Parent Trigger laws. TFA to get proceeds.
I was just reading all the big-name stars who are getting on board for the parent trigger, and I am really stunned by some of the names. Do they know what it means to lightly turn a school over to ...
floridagal 08/03/2012 91 85 1 748
Florida sent TB patients to cheap motel, told them to stay there.
The Palm Beach Post has revealed this has gone on for two years. State sends TB patients to $35-a-night Jacksonville motel The state paid the Monterey Motel in Jacksonville more than $11,000 ...
floridagal 07/30/2012 12 39 1 217
Unregulated charter school finances wasting taxpayer money. Fraud is rampant, harm to students.
One after the other leaders of charter schools are being investigated, and schools are being closed for financial discrepancies. That is public money, taxpayer money. Who in the world decided no ...
floridagal 07/25/2012 13 31 1 145
3rd District Court of Appeals reverses state decision about Miami charter school closing.
This is a good thing in my opinion as the state appears to be firmly controlled by those who support charter schools above public education. The state has overturned many local decisions about ...
floridagal 07/15/2012 4 10 1 122
You're all being fired, but first we are giving you a big party. So smile.
There's very little being said about the real hurt and pain, about how the University of South Florida let bully state Senator J. D. Alexander in effect get his own university. There's not much ...
floridagal 06/29/2012 15 12 - 219
In FL a charter school management company raised fees to taxpayers from $1 million to nearly 3.2 mil
That was just in one year's time from 2010 to 2011. That's shocking to me. It takes money from traditional public schools, and it gives those resources to schools with little accountability. As ...
floridagal 06/14/2012 4 19 1 102
Two major Florida newspapers highly critical of high stakes state test, the FCAT.
The FCAT is the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. The writing section scores came out last week. The scores were shockingly low on this new version. The state lowered the requirements ...
floridagal 05/19/2012 7 16 1 81
FL Ed Commissioner says students did not get dumb overnight. Lowers FCAT requirement.
I feel so sorry for Florida teachers, parents, and students. They worked their butts off preparing for a new tougher FCAT 2.0. The failure was massive. I think one good thing may have come from ...
floridagal 05/15/2012 13 8 - 136
FL county may approve KIPP's second charter after first school received an F. Failed last year also.
More and more lately it seems that accountability is only for public school teachers. The Jacksonville charter school was at the bottom of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) scores ...
floridagal 04/27/2012 9 8 - 81
Believe Charter school network founder indicted on 11 felonies, including creating false evidence.
Public school money has been involved, and the authorities are trying to figure out where it has gone. From the NYT School Book: Believe Charter Network Founder Indicted The office of the ...
floridagal 04/23/2012 7 33 - 208
3rd whistle-blower suit filed against FL's Mavericks charter high school.
Two other lawsuits are pending. They claim the charter high school is not being honest about enrollment and is falsifying grades. Third Whistle-Blower Suit Filed Against Mavericks Charter ...
floridagal 04/08/2012 13 29 1 187
Billionaire-funded ed reform group moves into North Carolina. Plus new Rhee/Klein group to NY.
The group called “Campaign for Achievement Now” is funded by the Gates Foundation and the Walton Foundation among others. They say they are building "citizen" movements, but with that much ...
floridagal 04/04/2012 4 7 - 70
When a political call is made to my home...they need to listen to my words.
This will probably go down as one of the most unpopular diaries ever written during election year. But the teacher still in me though I am retired is heartbroken over the assaults on public ...
floridagal 04/03/2012 17 12 - 166
Teachers under attack today must feel like we did in the 80s over Reagan's Nation at Risk report.
Well, in reality I think it is worse today because the onslaught is so obvious. The media has bombarded the public with poor teacher images, and there is not a single party to defend public ...
floridagal 03/16/2012 12 12 2 75
Video: Jesus Camp's Becky Fischer in Singapore to show kids how to raise the dead.
This is from September of 2011, and I was just stunned to view it. Jesus Camp was disturbing to me when I watched, this is just unbelievable. Hat tip to the Progressive Puppy blog for finding this.
floridagal 03/04/2012 20 21 1 197
Rush yearly salary raised to 38 million, Clear Channel laid off thousands. 5 Palm Beach mansions...
and 6 luxury cars each worth about half a million. That was in 2009. And he gets to say anything he pleases. From the New York Times in 2008...Late Period Limbaugh. Late-Period Limbaugh “...
floridagal 03/02/2012 27 33 - 276
FL's new "parent trigger" law will let charter companies take over public schools more quickly.
From Washington Post's The Answer Sheet: What Florida is doing to its public schools This portion of the article says it succinctly: "The parent trigger law is misnamed as a “Parent Empowerment ...
floridagal 03/01/2012 41 15 1 134
El Salvador judge on abortion: the longer the sentence the better.
This is so shocking to read. Here are the words of the judge who hears cases of women who are suspected of having an abortion. Donna Ferrato for The New York Times The Judge: Margarita Sanabria,
floridagal 02/28/2012 17 28 1 157
Sarah Posner is correct. The right is still winning on birth control.
We may win a little skirmish now and then in the battle for women's rights, but the fight to subjugate women continues anew the next day. There is really no powerful organized opposition from our ...
floridagal 02/25/2012 27 35 2 198
Many more FL schools may fail next year due to deal to get NCLB waivers.
The deal will mean that ESE students, mostly learning disabled and profoundly learning disabled will have their test scores count in the grade for the school. Florida schools are graded on an A to F ...
floridagal 02/22/2012 8 12 1 84
So now the corporate ed reformers are making a big movie about the "parent trigger."
What the movie Waiting for Superman did for charter schools, a new movie called "Won't Back Down" hopes to do for the parent trigger movement. That is a national movement started by charter ...
floridagal 02/21/2012 22 16 1 174
Florida Imagine Charter Schools pay huge leases to a company owned by...Imagine Charter Schools.
Some bloggers have pointed this out for a few years now, so it is a good feeling to see the Tampa Bay Times (previously known as the St. Pete Times) cover it so extensively. Good for them. They ...
floridagal 02/20/2012 13 40 - 177
FL already requires ultrasound before abortion. Now planning to toughen restrictions even more.
A couple of years ago Chan Lowe with the Sun Sentinel said it quite well in pictorial form. With all the serious problems this state has, the Republican-dominated legislature always ...
floridagal 02/18/2012 19 31 - 204
How the denigration of the word "liberal" and the politicalization of women's rights are connected.
I have been wondering how we got to the place in this country when there is such a public and raging debate over the fate of women and birth control and abortion. It is as though we were going ...
floridagal 02/17/2012 2 8 - 98
Charter school network collected $386, 745 in behavior "fees" last 3 years.
Among the things mentioned that draw a fine are not looking a teacher in the eye, having untied shoes, running a pencil along the side of a desk, or bringing chips to school. I can not imagine ...
floridagal 02/13/2012 52 30 1 256
What are Southern Baptists saying about birth control? Not God's will. And much more.
The Reverend Al Mohler is the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Reading his words gives you an indication of what is being taught there to ministers in ...
floridagal 02/09/2012 52 36 2 295
New bill would take millions from Central Florida schools to give to privately run charters.
It would mean that charter schools would get more money per student than public schools get. The article says that Orange and Polk Counties would be hit the hardest by the bill. UPDATE: The bill ...
floridagal 02/06/2012 26 25 - 126
Alabama state senator says rapture likely coming before retirement needed.
There is an audio of his remarks at the Birmingham News site. Also there is a partial transcript. He had some very weird things to say about the pay of teachers and legislators. I find it ...
floridagal 02/04/2012 94 137 1 1118
Chris Hedges on why the US is destroying its public school system.
He wrote an article last year about the issue, and unfortunately it could have been written today. The same things are happening, teachers are still being treated as second class citizens, schools ...
floridagal 02/01/2012 29 42 3 334
Ken Ham says dinosaurs were on Noah's Ark. His KY theme park gets 43 mil tax break.
The Democratic governor, Steve Beshear, approves of the project and supports the huge tax break. Unfortunately at the same time they are cutting 286 million from education and cutting social ...
floridagal 01/31/2012 67 29 - 202
1997 Newt reprimanded by congress, fined $300,000. 1998 he stepped down. 2012 he leads in FL.
Isn't that amazing? It's like the past has disappeared, and he's actually leading right now in the Florida GOP presidential primary. From the Washington Post in 1997:
floridagal 01/25/2012 12 8 - 82
A teacher evaluation from hell by a principal with true ignorance about good teaching
I call it teaching in groups, they may call it by another name now....or it may have been discarded as the latest fad in teaching took over. This principal seems to have no clue at all about what ...
floridagal 01/23/2012 283 220 4 1529
Scrutinize those who write and grade the tests that judge teachers, students, schools.
That is a lot of power given without much those who formulate and grade the tests that judge so many. One of the biggest of these is Pearson, and they greatly affect many states. ...
floridagal 01/20/2012 9 14 1 94
FL billboard company cut down 2000 trees along highway, paid no fees, had no plans to replace.
It's called a "viewing zone". Such an action supposedly requires a "vegetation management plan" and an appraisal by a Certified Arborist. A grand jury investigating this tree cutting scandal ...
floridagal 01/15/2012 6 20 - 134
Only FL charter schools got money for maintenance 2011. Some public schools had to give back money
There is an article in the Tampa Bay Times, previously known as the St. Pete Times, confirming that traditional public schools got no money this year for construction or maintenance. Charter ...
floridagal 01/14/2012 11 19 - 103
K12 Inc online charter school being investigated for potential securities fraud
From The Perimeter Primate's Charter School Scandals: Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP Announces Investigation of K12, Inc.
floridagal 01/12/2012 5 8 2 58
Florida in 2011: "Hell's 1400 acres" closed after 100 years. Article from 1968 detailing abuse.
In 2008 the men who call themselves the White House Boys, the ones who were "graduates" of Dozier, were able to place a plaque on the front of the building where the beatings took place. It read:
floridagal 01/11/2012 7 25 1 167
It is becoming more profitable for Florida schools to have charter school status.
The whole education mess in Florida is out of control now. It should be the other way around. Public schools should be well-funded as more is demanded of them. The state should not be giving ...
floridagal 01/08/2012 14 9 - 91
Matt Damon and Mom refuse NEA award nomination over coziness of union head with TFA founder.
Glad to see this happen. There has been too much of teachers' union leaders standing with reformers in ways that harm the public school teachers who trust their union. From Huffington Post today:
floridagal 01/05/2012 148 214 3 1534
FL's "Religious Freedom" amendment would fund religious schools and churches with taxpayer money.
A columnist in the Miami Herald recently explained how misleading language is being used in this state to direct public money to religion. He said it quite clearly.
floridagal 01/03/2012 5 15 - 108
Eva Moskowitz moving her charter into another school that does not want it.
Eva Moskowitz is moving one of her Harlem Success charter schools into a building which houses three other schools, one of which serves students with disabilities. She is doing so with the ...
floridagal 12/28/2011 20 16 - 140
Reagan called protesting students "freaks" and "cowardly fascists". Called for a "bloodbath."
Then Kent State happened four days later. He said his words were just a figure of speech, and he said that anyone who was upset by them was neurotic.
floridagal 12/22/2011 13 15 - 119
Florida, you gotta smile. Tebow statue, "Mile High Messiah" removed from manger scene
The manger scene was on the courthouse lawn without "official approval" as well, but they decided Tebow was a little out of place there beside the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The statue appeared ...
floridagal 12/17/2011 25 12 - 213
FL's richest charter school company has close ties to state legislators, Bahamian retreats.
The Academica charter schools have really great retreats for their principals. If they were not getting public taxpayer money, I would not care about their fancy retreats. But they are getting it, ...
floridagal 12/15/2011 10 18 1 96
FL charter school gets praise and high ranking..yet sent 12.5% of students back to public schools.
One school in this system of charter schools sent over 12% of its 2009-2010 class back to the public school district. Two others dismissed 5% and 7% of their student enrollment. So there you have it.
floridagal 12/11/2011 19 12 1 106
TFA may come to Cincinnati in spite of "glut of laid-off veteran teachers"
A program that started out with much promise has changed course along the way. Now they are replacing experienced tenured teachers instead of going to schools where they are needed. It costs ...
floridagal 11/03/2011 7 5 1 71
A Teach For America blogger questions the direction the group has taken. Feels harm may be done.
I find myself reading his blog at the TFA blog site frequently. He has been recognizing that Teach for America has changed. It was a group that was meant to work in difficult schools where there ...
floridagal 10/31/2011 8 17 2 122
"For this to go on at the public's expense seems to be unconscionable."
Those words were said in frustration by the lawyer for the Polk County, FL, public school system. He is speaking of the continued drive of the charter schools in the county to get more and more ...
floridagal 10/29/2011 14 17 - 164
Miami charter school loses district funds over special education. Owner has colorful history indeed.
I am glad to see the Miami-Dade district holding this school accountable. The owner recently called the parents ignorant and uninformed when they questioned his leadership. At times recently it ...
floridagal 10/27/2011 18 20 - 152
Standardized tests for kindergarten. A new lunacy required for Race to the Top funds.
A hat tip to education blogger, Susan Ohanian, for calling attention to this. Arne is doing away with NCLB because he says 82% of schools would have failed this year. He is replacing it with ...
floridagal 10/25/2011 23 28 2 143
Florida charter school spends 44% of its funding for its lease. $1.4 million a year.
An Imagine charter school in Melbourne, Florida, got an F grade last year. The school is in trouble not just over grades but over financial struggles. Many of the problems are due to the ...
floridagal 10/24/2011 9 22 1 134
FL charter school owner calls parents ignorant, misinformed.
Some parents sent a letter to Dade officials about the way the school is being run. Then the owner of the charter school, the Academy of Arts and Minds, became angry. When the parents sent the ...
floridagal 10/22/2011 39 122 - 735
Hillary is fighting legal precedent in pushing for FL and MI delegates.
I am no lawyer, do not pretend to be very knowledgeable on the topic. But I can read and understand when an organization has the courts on their side. This new insistence on seating Florida ...
floridagal 02/18/2008 69 8 - 2
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