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We had love, but she doesn’t remember.
Years ago I dated a wonderful woman. She was so full of life and love. I just loved being around her. I have a quirky sense of humor and she does too. We made each other laugh and laugh over ...
fmrgop 04/08/2013 4 21 - -
Romney's Strategic Choice on Immigration
President Obama has thrown down on immigration by elevating the Dream Act on the national political agenda. This diary is not intended to discuss the virtues of the Dream Act as others have done ...
fmrgop 06/16/2012 2 - - 29
Freak Show vs. Dodd Frank
Herman Cain has a way of simplifying a concept so that people can easily understand and remember his ideas. Tonight Cain articulated the GOP opposition to Dodd Frank in a way that makes much more ...
fmrgop 11/09/2011 12 5 - 83
Sharia Law in exchange for raising debt ceiling
Suppose that the Republicans had not taken over Congress in 2010, but rather the Taliban. Suppose further that they had demanded we institute Sharia Law in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. ...
fmrgop 07/31/2011 2 1 - 48
A letter to Anthony Weiner
Dear Congressman Weiner: After some unconvincing denials, you have confirmed that reports that you sent out photos of yourself either unclothed or partially clothed. Andrew Breitbart claimed ...
fmrgop 06/06/2011 25 11 - 143
Rand Paul helps define Tea Party
One of the most difficult things about the Tea Party has been defining its core constituency. Pundents say that the Tea Party is the manifestation of anger in America, but anger is not a ...
fmrgop 05/20/2010 8 4 - 11
Letterman and Palin: Contrasts in Misunderstandings
“Sarah Palin went to a Yankees game yesterday. There was one awkward moment during the seventh-inning stretch: her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.” David Letterman,
fmrgop 03/30/2010 37 15 - 25
Sarah Palin at the peak of her popularity
We are now approaching primary season. Filing deadlines are upon us, consultants are being hired, strategies are being mapped. In Republican primaries, candidates are trying to figure out how to ...
fmrgop 02/11/2010 39 4 - 17
Is it wrong to hope Sarah Palin runs?
There are times that I find myself hoping that Sarah Palin runs for President. I imagine her at an actual news conference. I picture her debating President Obama. I see an enormous amount of Tina ...
fmrgop 02/07/2010 125 8 - 33
The ways of Washington have not changed
One of the most memorable and heartening lines of the Obama campaign was, “I know I haven't spent a lot of time learning the ways of Washington. But I've been there long enough to know that ...
fmrgop 01/19/2010 4 - - 12
China forbids news on Google
According to my journalist friends from China, the Chinese Communist Party yesterday, through the Propaganda Department, issued warnings to all media outlets to not write anything about Google's ...
fmrgop 01/16/2010 31 11 1 32
The Republican Purity Test (Let's have an election!!!)
Jim Bopp, Indiana member of the Republican National Committee is circulating the following test for candidates. If Bopp's concept is adopted, a candidate who fails more than three of these ...
fmrgop 11/28/2009 17 18 1 202
The Daily Show Conspiracy Theory
I began noticing it in 2007 when the Bush Administration made some very unpopular announcements right after Jon Stewart went on vacation. I think there were wiretap stories and maybe some torture ...
fmrgop 07/04/2009 46 15 - 94
Things you can learn on right-wing blogs v.1.1
Reading right wing blogs can be trying, so as a public service, I’m scanning some of them and reporting back some of the interesting and valuable things I learned.
fmrgop 01/01/2009 21 6 1 -
Sarah Palin: The new Monica Goodling
Alaska needs to investigate the so-called “troopergate” allegations to get to the bottom of the case. Did Sarah Palin try to use her office to take care of a personal matter? I have ...
fmrgop 09/21/2008 13 8 2 16
My questions for John McCain (add your own)
Since John McCain no longer wants to answer tough questions from the media, maybe he will answer my question. OK. I'm not going to hold my breath. But here are my questions. I'd like to hear your'
fmrgop 09/03/2008 14 1 1 -
McCain to bring competent conservatism
According to Republican sources, Hurricane Gustov is an ideal way to demonstrate the basic difference between John McCain and George Bush. McCain is a conservative and believes in all of the ...
fmrgop 09/01/2008 37 3 1 4
Take the Saddleback Quiz
Are you a Christian? Are you a Manchurian Candidate? Have you been raised a Muslim? Take the Saddleback Quiz and find out if you are a genuine Christian.
fmrgop 08/17/2008 32 11 1 85
Burdens of the Presidential candidates
All of us have burdens, but each of the Presidential candidates has a man who is a special burden to them. That man represents an association which is likely to engender an industry of negative ...
fmrgop 04/30/2008 - - - -
San Francisco Giants need some superdelegates
I love the Giants. Always have. They are as great this year as ever, except for one thing: they are losing too many games. But this year, I think the Giants are really entitled to go to the World ...
fmrgop 04/23/2008 18 9 - 9
McCain Girls (with poll)
Now we have the second video by the McCain Girls which seems to give more evidence that they are really Democratic operatives. The "Peeping Tom" McCain pretty much confirmed it for me. But if ...
fmrgop 04/08/2008 27 5 - -
As far as I know, Hillary Clinton is not a Republican
She says that she is not and I take her at her word. George W. Bush is not a rejected character out of a Pixar movie. He says that he is not and I take him at his word. Dick Cheney is not an ...
fmrgop 03/03/2008 21 8 2 -
Superdelegates: What’s the point?
One of the most curious comments I have heard about the so-called “Superdelegates” is that if they should not express their independent judgment about the two candidates, what ...
fmrgop 02/16/2008 19 2 - -
It was Tom Daschle all along
Now, after years of hiding under a blanket of silence, the truth is revealed by the man who’s name is synonymous ...
fmrgop 12/02/2007 11 9 - -
The Death of the California Republican Party
The California Republican Party is slowly dying. It may be that November 4, 2008 will be the time of death. The only relevance that the Republicans have now in California is the requirement that ...
fmrgop 11/26/2007 21 8 - 1
2008 Senate Elections
Of course it’s a bit early, but the 2008 Senate elections are starting to form up. At this point, things look promising. Lots can happen between now and November of 2008, but the GOP looks ...
fmrgop 09/08/2007 16 7 1 1
In Defense of Senator Craig
Let’s stipulate some things. First, we can probably agree that Senator Craig has been a terrible Senator. Although his ideology is representative of general thinking in Idaho, he has ...
fmrgop 08/29/2007 21 3 - -
Letter to Paul Gigot
Yesterday Paul Gigot, Editor of the Editorial Page of the Wall Street Journal, moderated a discussion of Dick Cheney on Fox News. What follows is my letter to him about it.
fmrgop 08/12/2007 8 3 - -
Interest in Presidential Campaigns
"One of the frustrations is that there is more attention on Britney Spears getting out of a car without underwear than there is about who is going to be the next president." -- Mike Huckabee, ...
fmrgop 06/14/2007 2 1 - -
Scooter Libby Pardon: A Primer
As anticipation builds over a Bush pardon for Scooter Libby, it is worthwhile to go through the administration's policy on pardons just to make sure that there is a consistent application of policy.
fmrgop 06/06/2007 13 6 - 35
Justice Department Immigration Judges
LA Times Article The LA Times reports that the Justice Department has been promoting ...
fmrgop 05/26/2007 4 7 - -
Richard Gere and the kiss on the cheek
Richard Gere, traveling in India to promote AIDS awareness, kissed the beautiful and glamorous Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. Shetty built her fame on the reality show “Big Brother”. ...
fmrgop 04/28/2007 17 1 - 1
The Iraq War banker is changing
The Bush Administration has managed to prosecute a very expensive war without making any spending cuts and without any tax increases because the Chinese have stepped up to buy US Treasury notes. ...
fmrgop 01/26/2007 5 2 1 -
The Partly Cloudy Patriot
In writing about a collection of essays, the challenge seems to be to find a common thread--is there a way to take the various threads and see an entire tapestry? The title of the book comes out of ...
fmrgop 01/13/2007 4 5 - -
GOP Senator up in '08? What to do...What to do...
21 GOP Senators are up for re-election in '08 compared to only 12 Democrats. What can these GOP Senators do to avoid a complete collapse of the GOP in 2008. There are few options and that light at ...
fmrgop 12/30/2006 27 3 - -
NRCC drops a $1 million bomb on Il-06
fmrgop 11/03/2006 24 7 1 5
This week in NRCC and DCCC spending
fmrgop 10/20/2006 3 3 - -
BOOM! Goes the dynamite! DCCC drops $12 million
fmrgop 10/19/2006 267 31 6 67
Where is the firewall today?
fmrgop 10/18/2006 10 7 1 -
OUCH! RNCC spends $1 mill on Weldon
fmrgop 10/15/2006 9 13 1 11
What's wrong with Republicans?
fmrgop 10/07/2006 1 3 1 -
FBI captures Jeffs (exhale)
fmrgop 08/29/2006 36 4 - -
Schwarzenegger hire/fires Christian Right operative
fmrgop 08/23/2006 13 6 - -
War on Terror
fmrgop 08/13/2006 3 2 - -
Iraq or Afghanistan?
fmrgop 08/10/2006 2 1 - -
GOTV--from out of state
fmrgop 08/07/2006 4 1 - -
Letter to Greens
fmrgop 08/02/2006 30 14 2 8
A theory about Lebanon
fmrgop 07/30/2006 14 2 1 -
Corruptio optimi pessima
fmrgop 06/26/2006 2 - 1 4
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