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DKos Face to Face Gamers
This group is for the traditional, old fashion gamer. The ones who play board games, card games, miniatures, face to face RPGs (including LARPing), LAWGing, spend time at game clubs and gaming conventions. The purpose is to increase awareness of these games (because they are still here, despite what some think), teach games and educate, and revel in the joy of face to face gaming. Teaching games diaries are posted on Thursdays at 6pm ET
Lyme Disease Awareness
May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Lyme is the most prevalent vector-borne disease and one of the fastest spreading diseases throughout the United States, and the subjects of diagnosis and treatment of Lyme are politically-charged. This series of diaries is designed to provide information to the Daily Kos community both for Lyme disease prevention and for those Kossacks living with Lyme. Because the disease is often missed by physicians, these diaries may assist an individual or two in pursui...
The San Francisco Bay Area Readers of Daily Kos. We meet regularly around the Bay Area for political activism and also, recreation. One of our hallmarks is rolling out the red carpet for out-of-town/visiting Kossacks in the form of dinners or pot lucks.

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