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It's not about Obama, It's his policies and Politics.
Obama needs to know we will break his Party into tiny little pieces. And he will be held up as the one who destroyed what was left of the corporate owned Democratic Party. It’s not about Obama. ...
footholder 04/27/2013 465 1 2 -
President Obama's word for AUSTERITY, "SEQUESTRATION"
In an interview on a fox station I've linked in this post, Senator Lindsey Graham (a man I detest) stated something to the effect that Obama should cut Obama care, not allow the military to be cut, ...
footholder 02/25/2013 16 - - -
Will the Democratic Electric Stop the Democratic Party from Another Great Betrayal: Cuts of Medicare
July 2011 President put Cuts of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security on the table. Not once doing that $ 6 Billion dollar Presidential campaign did this fact come up and the question, why he ...
footholder 12/04/2012 61 2 - -
Israel commits Mass Murder and Obama Silent again
As Obama did in 2008-2009 when Israel slaughtered 1300 Palestinians in Gaza he remains silent and supportive of Israelis murderers rampaged in Gaza.
footholder 11/18/2012 145 3 - -
Facebook Climate Change Denier takes down "Take October 11, 2011 off for Climate Crisis" page .
Went through this same disgusting action with facebook last year. What is it about a call to action in defense of our lives that cause facebook to take a page down? one hundred twenty-one people ...
footholder 08/19/2011 5 1 - 133
Can We get the truth out of our corporate government about the saftey of the Gulf Coast Seafood?
We will soon be approaching the one year anniversary of the worst ecological disaster in the United Sates history. But almost a year later the leading agencies that should be protecting the public ...
footholder 04/02/2011 17 5 - 128
Why does the Obama Administration Attack the Peace and Justice Activist
As we all know by now the FBI raided the homes and some offices of Peace and Justice activist. Why such a response from the Obama Administration? Is it to make us fearful of standing up and ...
footholder 03/05/2011 3 1 - 55
Is it time to organize A Challenge to President Obama from the Progressive community.
The centrist democrats have given us endless wars,billionaires and millionaires tax bail out and climate crisis not even addressed. It's time for the Progressives to find their backbone and guts, ...
footholder 12/16/2010 96 14 - 79
We got to step up to the plate, Americans, the Climate Crisis is on our watch.
The White house toll founder and environmental Bill McKippen they need to "deliberate" on putting "one" solar panel on the roof to the White House.The White House and both chambers of the ...
footholder 09/18/2010 20 3 - 38
Facebook Censor in USA,Yes, media outrage no,only if I was in China,Iran,Cuba,Russia or Zimbabwe, ok
No fb did not bring back my page that had been up for sixty days. I made attempts to re-post it and was warned of illegal terms, words,syntax or content. So take 10-11-10 off for climate crisis give ...
footholder 09/02/2010 57 - - 43
Face Book continues to Censor" Take 10-11-10 off for Cimate Crisis.
For all the long time fine writers, sorry for mucking up your work, new at this. But the earth and us humans,still needs your support in demanding Face Book return my Page "take 10-11-10 off for ...
footholder 08/30/2010 15 - - 45
Take 10-11-10 off for Climate crisis, page taken down by facebook no warning
Take 10-11-10 off for climate crisis, On my birthday facebook takes down our save the plant page, take 10-11-10 off for climate crisis remove by facebook.
footholder 08/28/2010 8 1 - 79
Take 10-11-10 Off for climate crisis give our leaders pause
Greeting, Footholder here. I am asking for your help in holding some very big feet to our fire. With our world hurling toward a worsen climate crisis we as the so called ...
footholder 07/22/2010 1 1 - 27
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