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Cruz opens mouth -- lies spew forth about the ACA
The Atlantic featured an article yesterday titled Ted Cruz: The Obamacare Mess Is Only Going to Get Worse . In the article Cruz purportedly lays out his case against the ACA. The article is long ...
fordcomm 11/15/2013 14 4 1 -
Ratigan Tweets displeasure at ACA premium increase; doesn't appear to know what he is talking about
Dylan Ratigan, former MSNBC host, recently tweeted a rant bemoaning the fact that his premium for a new health insurance policy will triple. After some quick research, I'm not so sure he knows what ...
fordcomm 11/08/2013 35 21 - -
Bailout B.S.: Raising the FDIC cap is another empty, offensive gesture (w/ Poll!)
It's not unusual to discover that there's less than meets the eye when it comes to politicians and their promises. What is unusual is just how very much less there is when it comes to one of the new "
fordcomm 10/01/2008 16 2 - 3
Our only carrier near Afghanistan diverted to Somalia
Up until recently, the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower was supporting NATO-led forces in Afghanistan, according to U.S. Navy spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Charlie Brown, of the Navy’s Bahrain-...
fordcomm 01/11/2007 10 1 - 2
White House kills bill to cut 40% off of military drug costs
fordcomm 10/19/2006 16 29 - 157
Afganistan governor assassinated
fordcomm 09/10/2006 2 7 - 27
New Dubai takeover scandal brewing; worse than Ports fiasco!
fordcomm 04/15/2006 15 33 - 2
Bush ponders Dubai takeover of 9 U.S. military parts factories
fordcomm 04/14/2006 18 7 - 3
Romney gets wacky: "Terrorists want Islamic theocracy in U.S."
fordcomm 10/11/2005 26 3 - 5
June, 2006 target for repair of Katrina-damaged platforms and pipelines
fordcomm 10/07/2005 4 9 - 12
When Rita hits the Gulf, will the shit hit the fan?
fordcomm 09/20/2005 17 8 1 1
The Vacationist-in-Chief: A rant about vacations, Bush and me
fordcomm 08/29/2005 8 10 - 19
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