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A Moment in Democracy's History: Bob Edgar Elected to Congress 1974
When grew up in Springfield, Pennsylvania, in the 195os and 60s, I was very much aware that the Republican machine ran the politics of the town, as well as the county, going back to the Civil War. ...
forrest 04/25/2013 8 17 - -
Advocating for Single-Payer: Could Congressman Sestak be the Real Democrat in Pennsylvania?
This Sunday Congressman Joe Sestak (7th PA), who is still considering running for the Pennsylvania Senate seat, will take part in a town meeting on health care. My hope is that the compelling case ...
forrest 05/01/2009 22 23 1 42
Outraged about AIG bonuses? Then be outraged at any health care plan that is not single payer.
This past week a chorus of angry politicians as well as a majority of Americans became outraged over the $165 million that went to pay bonuses for executives working for the ailing financial firm, ...
forrest 03/26/2009 8 14 - 18
Obama Train of Hope
As a 20 year-old in the spring of 1968 I experienced my first stirrings of political activism inspired by the presidential candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy. Because of Kennedy’s commitment to ...
forrest 01/17/2009 10 6 - 5
Monday, 12/22, Call in day Single-Payer Healthcare
December 22nd: National Call-In Day for HR 676!! GIVE AMERICA A GIFT. NATIONAL CALL-IN DAY FOR HR 676, Single-...
forrest 12/22/2008 3 5 - 28
Medicare Improvements Act/Vote Coming Up
The Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008 may be again coming up for vote shortly. The Bush administration gave the insurance industry huge increases in payments while making ...
forrest 07/09/2008 1 4 1 -
Mexican Workers Speak Out on Labor Abuses, NAFTA
Philadelphia will be the first stop on a U.S./Canadian speaking tour by factory workers and labor organizers from the "free trade" zone of Valle Hermoso, Mexico. Seeking to expose the brutal truth ...
forrest 03/03/2008 10 7 - 2
PA State Senate 9th District: Environmental Injustice in Chester
The Ninth Senatorial District includes portions of Chester and Delaware Counties, including the city of Chester. Over 700 tons of toxicants are released yearly through air/water by Delaware County ...
forrest 02/08/2008 3 8 - 22
In Solidarity with the Tehran Bus Drivers
forrest 02/12/2006 1 2 1 1
100-Year Anniversary of the Industrial Workers of the World
forrest 06/16/2005 7 8 - 1
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