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The CIA, Narco-Republicans, & 5.5 tons of cocaine
Fans of investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker will be pleased to hear that he will be releasing a new series of articles over the next ten ...
fortherecord235 04/25/2007 10 11 2 15
How the Carol Lam firings tie into the bigger pictures of rampant criminality
Fans of investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker should check out his recent interview that discusses Gonalez's firings of Sad Diego attorney Carol Lam within the context of the related Duke ...
fortherecord235 04/19/2007 2 1 - -
Interesting history on the rise of the Israeli far-Right
This post as tangentially related to leveymg's most excellent recent diary "Larger CIA and DoD Privatization Scandal Emerging from Walter ...
fortherecord235 03/13/2007 24 29 13 298
NY branch of "Arab Bank" charged with financing Hamas, PIJ. Calling Grover Norquist...
The LA Times had a story yesterday about a three-year investigation into a prominent Saudi Jordanian Bank, Arab Bank, and its involvement in the funnelling of money generated from Saudi ...
fortherecord235 03/05/2007 10 2 - -
Despite warnings, FDA to approve use of potent antibiotic in cattle
This latest move comes despite warnings of potential harm to humans and the development of drug-resistant strains ...
fortherecord235 03/04/2007 30 28 2 89
Mitt "the media is out to get me" biggest backers own Clear Channel
A couple of days ago TPM Cafe had ...
fortherecord235 03/03/2007 5 9 - -
What happened to $100 billion in WWII loot? Ask Rev Moon
Consortium News has a new article out about the incredible amounts of gold and treasure looted from occupied Asia during WWII and how it shaped both post-war Japan AND the right-wing politics here ...
fortherecord235 02/25/2007 23 35 6 162
Some important background info on the GOP terror-financing scandal
This is just a reminder that the GOP terror donor scandal is a great opportunity to remind folks about a much larger scandal involving Grover Norquist and Jack Abramoff’s colleague David ...
fortherecord235 02/20/2007 - 2 1 12
Chalmers Johnson Live on CSPAN 2, talking about US going bankrupt
Here's his book Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire and his new ...
fortherecord235 02/18/2007 23 8 2 -
That news out of Boston REALLY WAS about terrorism!
Oh, were you expecting a post on some terror charade involving cartoon food products? ;) Sorry, this is about a different story coming out of Boston. It looks like the Justice Department might go '...
fortherecord235 02/02/2007 9 5 - 8
The essays on Islamofascism the Bushies don't want you to read
This is a story about a network. It’s a naughty network. It’s one of the most important networks of banks and financial institutions on the planet. You’ve probably never heard of it.
fortherecord235 11/27/2006 40 30 2 23
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