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Vladimir Can You Hear Me?
Mrs. President Putin, please talk to the man. "Pussy Riot" is not worthy of an international apocalypse. I have no idea why these kids decided to ignore conventional wisdom. I don't have a dog, ...
foucaultspendulum 08/05/2012 8 - - 60
Jon Stewart: “Would you kill Hitler”?
“If I Could Turn Back Time”, (link to an oldie, an ode to the songwriter, not the performer, is provided below), that is the question my friends. It’s a shame that high school students are ...
foucaultspendulum 07/17/2012 7 1 - 80
On Navels and Circumcision
In my family, my brothers and I became the first generation born in a hospital. The only other thing we share, other than the physician of record, is a belly button so well hidden that it requires a ...
foucaultspendulum 07/14/2012 37 - - 206
EchoStar XVII, Dish in the Rain
I'm not sure if it was Colbert, or Stewart who complained that Dish was a wash in the rain. In desert areas, rain isn't much of a problem. The significance of this event, just another piece of ...
foucaultspendulum 07/06/2012 1 1 - 61
Rob Reiner, Morgan Freeman opens in NYC today
"The Magic of Belle Isle" is not likely to make any box office records. It opens in NYC today. I'm writing this diary to thank Rob Reiner for a movie tribute to an actor, who at age 72, still ...
foucaultspendulum 07/06/2012 13 2 - 103
Helicopter Crash in Phoenix
It's not the first time this has happened in Phoenix. The only reason it's "breaking news" for me is that I live in this neighborhood. It's near three airports, an Air National Guard base, and a ...
foucaultspendulum 05/02/2012 3 5 - 134
Romney SuperPacs, NuSkin & Amway
Hey everyone, I posted a long comment in The Troubadour's diary earlier today. Several people have asked me to post this is as a diary. I do not have an inside track, at the present time, ...
foucaultspendulum 04/28/2012 18 10 - 104
Dept. of Homeland Security: A History of Failures
This is an opinion piece, for those looking for links, analysis, or wholesale support of members in the current administration; you will find a cornucopia of factual material on the internet. If ...
foucaultspendulum 04/19/2012 5 8 - 51
Justice Dept to Sue Sheriff Joe
It's a quiet night on Dkos, hope this news release diverts your attention from the Karl Rove crafted Romney victory speech. I'm not going to do the homework for conservative members of Dkos. Teh ...
foucaultspendulum 04/03/2012 8 5 - 142
Movies that made me Cry
Having spent several hours reading excellent diaries today, I must say that Daily Kos is the best blog on the internet. It is a theater without the cost of admission. Political theater has become ...
foucaultspendulum 03/09/2012 45 13 - 148
End Game in Iran
A search on DKOS "Iran" was not very helpful. Perhaps there are many diaries on the subject without the "tag" line. I lack expertise in foreign policy. I also realized that Republicans face the ...
foucaultspendulum 01/16/2012 12 2 - 141
Open Letter to Mayors of Occupy Cities
You really need a crash course in how to “protect and serve”. A course in how to diffuse a potentially, heated situation is another suggestion. Don’t get me wrong, I understand your ...
foucaultspendulum 11/17/2011 1 6 - 34
KOS, can I have a sockpuppet ?(humour)
I love humour. My grandson is a natural. When sprayed with ketchup, while filling the paper cup at a Midwest greasy burger joint, he shot himself in the eye. "I'm blind, I can't see" he wailed (as ...
foucaultspendulum 11/06/2011 17 - - 115
Karen Finney: Happy Birthday
Karen Finney is currently, among other things, a commentator on MSNBC. I’m not sure if she is a member of DKos. I do suspect she, among many others, may monitor this site. Karen, I’m not ...
foucaultspendulum 08/15/2011 4 1 - 45
Matt Damon Defends Teachers
As you know, I’m no fan of libertarian politics. Matt Damon takes on a reporter from Reason TV. Thank you Matt and Mom. This posting does not violate fair use copyright.
foucaultspendulum 08/03/2011 7 1 - 44
"Horse with No Name" snark
My plan for today was to take a break, to contemplate the wisdom of participating in all things political. I know many Americans who go about life without even watching the morning news. They ...
foucaultspendulum 08/01/2011 7 1 - 28
Mass Murder and the Brain
I’ve read most of the diaries and comments on the recent tragedy in Norway. Events like these, far too many in recent years, seem to defy any rational explanation. It is only natural that people ...
foucaultspendulum 07/24/2011 2 2 - 42
Wall Street Jokers Play Delay Cards to Win
As an introduction to those few who may take the time to read this diary, I have kept my dyslexia in the closet for many decades. Writing a diary is neither difficult nor easy for me, it’s a ...
foucaultspendulum 06/15/2011 3 - - 38
Is Jon Huntsman, “The Manchurian Candidate”?
I am not suggesting Huntsman was programmed by the Chinese to do their bidding. Huntsman’s ideology of an unregulated free market, his support for big corporate interests, such as, big oil, big ...
foucaultspendulum 06/05/2011 57 4 - 182
The Media Pals Around Palin
The latest media frenzy is just insane. Predictable though, the pundits are accustomed to blowing in the wind. They continue their walk down the path of denigrating journalism. There are many ...
foucaultspendulum 05/30/2011 16 2 - 89
Warren Buffet, Bill and Melinda Gates, Say What?
This is a response to more than one recent diary. I've suggested that critics of those in my title contact them directly. It really is very easy, democratic even, to express your frustration, ...
foucaultspendulum 05/27/2011 25 2 - 239
Republican Guide to Redemption
(snark, you decide) I have been working on a serious, personal look back at the bravery, and moral superiority of the Freedom Riders. This diary is just a momentary, related side track. (...
foucaultspendulum 05/18/2011 2 2 - 48
“Hail to the Chief”
(Barbara M has a front page diary that reflects my sentiments, exactly.) The MSM headline today should be, President Obama accomplishes in 2 ½ years what two previous presidents failed to ...
foucaultspendulum 05/02/2011 4 6 - 48
Fiddler on the Roof
There are times, rare though they be, that I question my distance from any religion. Passover, Easter, and Christmas are all reminders of my isolation from the majority in our society. I desire ...
foucaultspendulum 04/20/2011 2 - - 33
Pravda Presents A Russian View: Iran, Iraq, and Libya: Terrorists and Military Intervention
From what I have read, journalists in Russia have about the same freedom to investigate and report facts as the MSM in the US. The exception might be that in Russia, journalists who embarrass their ...
foucaultspendulum 04/18/2011 7 2 - 55
A Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Gets a Chinese Spanking
The title of this diary is a shameless attempt at pandering. Had I titled this “The World Community has an Obligation to Speak for Artist-Activists”, would anyone even scroll beyond the title? ...
foucaultspendulum 04/10/2011 7 6 - 50
An Optomist Refuses to Surrender
Here we are. The Pacific is being polluted with unknown levels of radiation. Who cares that the Orca of west coast fame is once again being exploited for the international audience of Sea World? I'
foucaultspendulum 04/04/2011 3 1 - 13
Anarchists Taint Peaceful Union Protest in London
What is the end game for these punks? Yes, I’m calling anarchists punks. How do you move public opinion with violence? You move it to the right. If any ring (misspelling intentional) wing ...
foucaultspendulum 03/26/2011 16 1 - 48
DK4 Bugs Met the Exterminator Today
This is my story, and I'm sticking with it. My grandson honoured me with a brief visit today. It is spring break, and I remember what it is like to have better things to do. It was a perfect time ...
foucaultspendulum 03/23/2011 14 25 - 207
Business & Government Are Not Serious About Controlling Health Care Costs
Ever been œsick and tired of being sick and tired? That is where I find myself whenever I read yet another lobbyist, politician or puppets of corporations ranting about œObama Care. The ...
foucaultspendulum 03/19/2011 1 4 - 30
The Myths of Private Health Care Insurance: Part I: A Maze or a Labyrinth?
Today was not a good day for me. The entire day was spent in finding a specialist who is a female physician on the patient’s plan. What senior with a critical illness has the stamina and ...
foucaultspendulum 02/28/2011 37 23 - 106
"Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss"
I’ve been collecting references to write a diary on the latest deal our President is attempting to broker with Republicans. Maybe it’s a done deal. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’...
foucaultspendulum 12/08/2010 8 2 - 50
AZ Voter Suppression
My daughter went to vote during lunch hour today. She was forced to cast a provisional ballot. Her only short coming, as far as I can tell, she is registered as a Democrat. She has not had any ...
foucaultspendulum 11/02/2010 23 22 - 57
Voice of Reason or Doom and Gloom?
Radical Republicans are already planning the transition in Washington. They have never conceded defeat, even in the face of overwhelming voter rejection. They know politics is not a gentle endeavor,
foucaultspendulum 11/01/2010 18 3 - 35
"Taliban Catholicism"
I’m always making mental associations between readings from my past that seem related to current news articles. My associations are free flowing. The language of “American Taliban”,
foucaultspendulum 10/24/2010 28 6 - 54
Daniel Ellsberg on Whistleblowers and Wikileaks
PBS aired a POV program that documented Mr. Ellsberg’s journey from a staunch Viet Nam war hawk, former Marine, and member of an insider group to revealing the greatest cover-up of my ...
foucaultspendulum 10/07/2010 20 13 - 76
You Don’t Plan on Voting? What’s At Stake on Ballot Proposals?
I became concerned about more than the candidates on November's ballot when I received a copy of the Ballot Propositions for the Arizona General Election. You can go to the website http://www.azsos....
foucaultspendulum 09/23/2010 11 3 - 50
AZ-New Poll-Goddard Moves UP-Brewer Down
I’m not on Terry Goddard's campaign staff. I’m late to the game, joining those actively supporting this man with a record of public service. Unlike every other Democratic candidate for ...
foucaultspendulum 09/22/2010 49 30 - 105
Arpaio’s Paid Posse Investigation
Mother Mags, and others, feel free to post another diary on the topic. I just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to share this story. Local TV, KTVK Channel 3, posted the story and video on ...
foucaultspendulum 09/21/2010 9 8 - 77
Billionaires Pledge to Give Back Half
I was hoping that someone else would want to share what appears to be very good news today. This cynic sometimes finds it difficult to imagine that philanthropy, charity and helping others has not ...
foucaultspendulum 08/04/2010 71 22 - 46
Helping the Homeless, I'm Not Tinkerbell
Despite a firm resolve to visit DKos, without commenting, here I am again. It is impossible for me to ignore diaries that include a call to action. more below the ...
foucaultspendulum 07/09/2010 4 2 - -
Detroit Riots 1943 & 1967, Did We Learn Anything?
I decided to write this diary because of my concerns related to Arizona's new immigration law. This law is nothing more than an expression of racial, and employment discrimination. Those Republicans,
foucaultspendulum 04/23/2010 17 4 - 252
Sheriff Arpaio Candidate For Arizona Governor?-Jana Bommersbach, "Judgement Day"
When you are under investigation by the US Attorney General, your attorney might advise that laying low, waiting for the storm to pass, would be in the defendant's best interests. Yet, Thomas and ...
foucaultspendulum 04/19/2010 30 21 - 53
DADT-Military Commanders Publicly Oppose Obama
There is another diary by Richard Lyon, posted earlier today on this topic . My opinion on the topic exceeds the length of a diary ...
foucaultspendulum 03/31/2010 84 15 - 106
Republicans attack charity, President Obama donates prize
Our Republican friends in Congress missed a great opportunity to demonstrate that they are filled with a bipartisan spirit. If not on political policy, at least we all can agree that donating over $...
foucaultspendulum 03/13/2010 19 4 - 19
Mojo and Donuts
This diary breaks a rule, it is a repetitive theme. For a few years, before joining , I had been reading DailyKos. There were/are my personal issues with flame wars, and attacks aimed at ...
foucaultspendulum 03/02/2010 12 1 - 20
Carolina Chocolate Drops-Political and Social Expression
"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." Will Rogers If you're expecting a serious dissertation on the topic, you'll be disappointed. You're dealing with a ...
foucaultspendulum 03/01/2010 12 12 1 16
Talking Trash, Limbaugh, That's Entertainment?
What do we know about talk show entertainer Russ Limbaugh? Very little, to much, is his show really entertainment, comedy, propaganda or does he need therapy for some deep seated emotional disorders?
foucaultspendulum 02/17/2010 5 - - 80
Arizona, Take Off Your Rainbow Shades
As some of you have quoted before, give the voters a choice between a Democrat running as a Republican, and a Republican, they'll choose the Republican. And so it goes, another lost opportunity for,
foucaultspendulum 02/10/2010 4 3 - 43
Brain Washed Sheeple Freefall into the Void
After reviewing the poll that Markos conducted, what did I learn in addition to confirmation that many Republicans have unwavering, partisan, predictable views on a variety of topics? Should I form ...
foucaultspendulum 02/03/2010 10 13 2 208
Party Time for Defense Contractors
McJoan wrote an excellent diary on this topic. Please read it, if you have not already. I'm just not understanding why the ...
foucaultspendulum 01/30/2010 19 9 - 18
No Mojo in Obama's Message
Catchy title, did it capture enough interest to go beyond reading? My reaction to President Obama's State of the Union message, something was missing. That something is mojo. I could use some ...
foucaultspendulum 01/29/2010 21 1 - 16
Ignore those spin masters who divide US
This is my first diary on this site. Borrowing a comment from LaFeminista, "I write for myself". Don't we all was my first thought. It's late, miles to go, I will check for any comments demain. I ...
foucaultspendulum 01/27/2010 8 3 - 19
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