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breaking: SeaWorld loses Pat Benatar, Beach Boys
SeaWorld started out with a lineup of 10 acts. Today they had their 10th cancellation. Every year, SeaWorld runs a concert series. But this year, things are different. This year, millions of people ...
foxfire burns 01/15/2014 11 47 - -
breaking: SeaWorld just lost .38 Special
It's all over for SeaWorld. They just lost their 8th of 10 concerts for 2014. On their Facebook page , .38 Special made the following announcement today: "Due to concerns raised by the CNN ...
foxfire burns 12/16/2013 76 150 - -
support the student suspended for saving lives
Our zero-tolerance schools have gotten so punitive, they now punish students for saving lives. Please sign the petition at to support a punished life-saver. If you haven'
foxfire burns 03/13/2013 11 13 - -
Principal Outs Lesbian Students
It gets better after high school? How could it not? Karlton Johnson, principal of Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach, FL, spotted a female student engaged in the shocking act of holding hands ...
foxfire burns 05/20/2011 16 25 - 228
Parade Now, Rain Later
After the shooting of Osama bin Laden, some now want to debate the details. Should more effort have been made to take him alive? Was this a cold-blooded assassination? Does this invite others to ...
foxfire burns 05/11/2011 3 - - 34
This Hostage Wants a Better Cop -- Draft Dean
I’m unemployed right now, as a lot of Americans are. I want my benefits. But more importantly, I want the president I voted for, not a president who will reward the Republicans for taking me ...
foxfire burns 12/13/2010 88 18 1 63
Losing our Innocence
Today is a sad day in America. It seems the Republicans have taken over. They took our people hostage, and Obama rewarded them for it. No doubt we will see Republicans use their threats again and ...
foxfire burns 12/07/2010 3 1 - 39
Students fight for transgender classmate (poll)
Mona Shores High School in MI nearly had a scandal: the students tried to make their own choice for homecoming king. Their choice was Oak Reed, even though they knew full well Mr. Reed had been born ...
foxfire burns 10/07/2010 30 30 - 64
Joe Wilson insults our troops (poll)
Rep. Joe Wilson, the same Republican who insulted President Obama during the health care speech, is now insulting our troops. House member Jack Kingston has introduced a modest bill in congress, ...
foxfire burns 09/08/2010 18 4 - 69
Remembering Rue McClanahan - Progressive Activist
Rue McClanahan is being remembered in the mainstream media as a mere entertainer, but she was also a progressive unafraid to speak her mind. She campaigned for Obama: [Can't get the video to ...
foxfire burns 06/03/2010 22 22 - 32
Glenn Beck group bans GLBT book
After Glenn Beck was hit with a boycott, you would think he would oppose censorship. Nope. Beck's cult, 9.12, recently succeeded in banning Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth ...
foxfire burns 05/21/2010 25 19 - 81
Punished for Breast Cancer Bracelet
Started by Lance Armstrong, it has now become fashionable for various causes to raise money by selling bracelets that help make a cause more visible. A bracelet for breast cancer awareness reads, &...
foxfire burns 03/16/2010 67 15 - 23
Black History Corrected - Finally Filling in the Blanks
Black History Month was designed to correct the omission of blacks from the teaching of American history. It has always annoyed me, therefore, that the teaching of black history often omits another ...
foxfire burns 02/16/2010 20 21 1 49
Robert B. Parker remembered: the good and the bad
The other news from Massachusetts tonight: novelist Robert B. Parker passed away. He was the writer who brought me as a reader to the private eye genre. The first Spenser novel I ever read was also ...
foxfire burns 01/19/2010 7 3 - 33
PETA ad uses facts instead of sex - still banned!
In the past, PETA has made controversial ads that TV networks have refused to run because they were too racy or too shocking. (I'm sure PETA never even intended to see their Pam-Anderson-as-porn-...
foxfire burns 11/24/2009 371 18 - 72
What Scares Tea-Baggers the Most
Today I was at a rally to thank a local Congressmen for his support of the public option. Some Tea-Baggers came to shout us down as our people tried to share their health care stories. Some on ...
foxfire burns 11/13/2009 41 19 - 122
Roman Polanski finally arrested!
We’ve waited a long time for this. Finally Polanski is in custody. In 1977, director Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl. He made a sweetheart plea bargain, pleading guilty ...
foxfire burns 09/27/2009 169 13 - 32
Dick Durbin's "Defense" of Sotomayor on Bigotry (poll)
(Cross posted at My Left Wing .) By now, most have heard Sotomayor’s infamous ...
foxfire burns 06/06/2009 80 2 - 94
The Sotomayor Betrayal
When Obama announced Sonia Sotomayor as his pick for Supreme Court, Republicans unleashed the manufactured outrage and generic talking points they had planned for any Obama nominee. But as Ms. ...
foxfire burns 05/27/2009 353 10 - 86
Student punished for taking birth control pill
In Virginia, a high school student was caught taking her birth contol pill during lunch break. The administrators reacted punitively. When a Fairfax County mother got an urgent call ...
foxfire burns 04/08/2009 89 49 - 35
Youth Locked Up so Private Prisons could Rob Taxpayers
For-profit companies taking over the prison system is causing even more problems than anticipated, as shown with a recent corruption case in Pennsylvania: two Pennsylvania judges ...
foxfire burns 02/13/2009 11 7 - 1
Palin threatens PETA
Sarah Palin is pissed. The governor known for shooting moose is enraged because People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals has a free video game on their website where players can simulate ...
foxfire burns 12/23/2008 146 22 - 88
Defeated Republican Blames "Brainwashed" Voters
Maybe it was Obama's coattails. Maybe it was the Republican brand falling into such disrepute. Most likely, it was the voters recognizing a qualified challenger against a contemptuous incumbent. ...
foxfire burns 11/17/2008 18 17 - 42
Prop 2: Californians Fighting Back Against Factory Farms
In Charlotte’s Web , healthy animals romp around the farm, playing with their families, and enjoying a full life, fearful only of seeing their life reach its end. Many of us grew up ...
foxfire burns 10/29/2008 17 10 1 6
back alley abortions in CA (poll)
It's 2008, and even in California the religious right is attempting to punish young women for having sex by bringing back illegal abortion. Progressives are starting to fight back, but the bad new ...
foxfire burns 10/25/2008 13 6 - 4
CA’s Most Dangerous Initiative (No, not that one)
While California’s Prop 8 (the gay marriage ban) is getting all the headlines, another initiative, Prop 4, is threatening even greater harm. One reason the threat is so great is that it is ...
foxfire burns 10/14/2008 19 20 - 12
Obama covered the two greatest hits
After tonight's debate, I heard some commentator say there was little excitement. That commentator must have been surrounded by Republicans. At the Democratic debate party I attended, there was ...
foxfire burns 10/07/2008 35 8 1 -
Gloria Steinem: No Sarah Palin, No Way, No How.
In the September 4 Los Angeles Times , feminist icon Gloria Steinem came out ...
foxfire burns 09/06/2008 8 14 - 5
Bush's Surgeon General Vs. Moms and Dads
Surgeon General Steven K. Galson has released a report on underaged drinking that is, in his own words, "devastating." Hang on to your hats as I devestate you. It turns out more than 10 million ...
foxfire burns 06/26/2008 7 2 - -
The Choice for VP (poll now working)
Both Obama and Clinton say it would be presumptuous to talk about a running mate yet. But as we near the convention, the issue must be considered. Some have said Howard Dean should be the choice. ...
foxfire burns 05/12/2008 62 2 2 -
Clinton's desperate move [updated]
Why did Hillary Clinton win last night? She did it because she was desperate to overcome the challenge of John Edwards' momentum. Ignorant people who get their news from newspapers think Edwards ...
foxfire burns 01/09/2008 22 6 - 3
Sex not as bad as you've heard, study shows
Fundamentalists tell us it's important to strip away quality sex-education and replace it with "abstinence only" classes that offer youth moralizing sermons instead of educaitonal lectures. They ...
foxfire burns 11/12/2007 31 8 - -
Banning Young Dem from Running
Bushies in Streetsboro, Ohio have found a great way to stop Democrat Brett McClafferty from becoming their mayor: outlaw it. McClafferty, 19, came within one vote of making the runoff. The ...
foxfire burns 11/02/2007 4 7 - 10
The Pragmatic Vote for Dennis Kucinich (Really)
To be pragmatic, one must first look at reality. And the reality is that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee. You may love it or hate it, but there are not enough votes in the entire Daily Kos ...
foxfire burns 10/15/2007 43 12 - 1
Civil Rights hero endorses Hillary Clinton
Congressman John Lewis, former Freedom Rider and head of SNCC, has decided to endorse Hillary Clinton. Frankly, when I heard this, my jaw dropped. When a major Civil Rights leader passes over ...
foxfire burns 10/14/2007 25 2 1 -
October: Youth History Month
If you've ever taught a course in the subject, you know how hard it can be to get young people interested in history. I've often felt one reason youth are turned off from the subject is that history ...
foxfire burns 10/04/2007 8 10 - 147
Girl strip-searched for Ibuprofen: Courts approve
A 13-year-old Arizona girl was strip searched by employees at her middle school because they thought she had drugs. Not crack. Not heroine. Ibuprofen: an over-the-counter headache remedy that is ...
foxfire burns 10/02/2007 37 21 1 4
Tipper Gore Exposed
For decades, Tipper Gore has told parents how to raise their children. In her book Raising PG Kids in an X-Rated Society, she shamed parents who dare allow their children access to youth culture. ...
foxfire burns 07/06/2007 430 7 1 17
The Time for Patriotism
On the 4th of July, we celebrate the fighting spirit of those patriots who were willing to face sacrifices standing up to King George III. They risked jail and even death to end George III’s ...
foxfire burns 07/03/2007 12 13 - 12
Allstate Offers Warm and Fuzzy Bigotry
(also available at My Left Wing ) What's wrong with those people? You know what I'm talking about. We have to be politically ...
foxfire burns 06/10/2007 93 5 - 2
Tax Breaks Offering PLANET Relief
People who buy hybrid cars now enjoy tax breaks as a thank you for doing their part to preserve our planet. Now there's a proposal to give similar tax breaks to vegetarians for the same reason. The ...
foxfire burns 05/31/2007 7 3 - -
"Veronica Mars" Goes Republican: WTF?!
(If you didn't watch "Veronia Mars" this week, skip this diary. I'm too tired to explain it in much detail.) "Veronica Mars" used to be progressive. It examined class conflict, animal rights, and ...
foxfire burns 05/01/2007 47 2 - -
Lip-Sync Apology
The Don Imus thing is hilarious, but mostly I laugh to keep from crying. Where to begin? Let's go chronologically. #1: The flap is out of proportion to the offense. Had the same ...
foxfire burns 04/09/2007 13 1 - -
Remembering the Wrong Women
(also available at My Left Wing ) March is Women’s History Month, designed to put women back in our history books. Just as ...
foxfire burns 03/08/2007 31 23 3 158
Gore - the Sore Spot
Gore provokes a unique reaction. A few nights ago, for example, I posted a comment suggesting if Al Gore gets the nomination, he will have difficulty winning the White House. This drew anger and ...
foxfire burns 03/04/2007 126 10 - 17
Black History Blind Spot (w/ poll)
(posted originally at ) Black History Month was created to fix a blind spot in our appreciation of history. Other ...
foxfire burns 02/06/2007 40 60 5 162
Needed: Ten Dollars for Molly
Molly Ivans is on her death bed, according to tonight's diary . Among the comments was one that really drove a bug up my ass because I ...
foxfire burns 01/30/2007 22 36 1 11
GOP Super Heroes: from Smallville to Harry Potter
If you wanted Americans to grow up with a mindset of obedience, never questioning even the most incompetent leaders, there is an easy way you could do it, provided you were wealthy enough to own an ...
foxfire burns 01/13/2007 100 3 - 3
Michael Moore is framing it right
Micheal Moore emailed this out today. It's nice to finally see someone frame this argument effectively. Dear Mr. President, Thanks for your address to the nation. It's good to ...
foxfire burns 01/11/2007 28 29 1 7
How Ralph Nader can unite all of us
There is only one man qulified to bring us together in 2008, and we must make sure to nominate him. Of course I mean Ralph Nader. Recent comments and emerging facts show a remarkable trend which ...
foxfire burns 01/01/2007 22 4 - 8
Movies that made you cry
If you’ve never cried at a movie, you’ve missed one of the great experiences. Yet which movie makes a person cry is a personal matter. The film that leaves one pair of eyes moist can ...
foxfire burns 12/15/2006 130 15 2 7
Please, Al, rule it out.
Some Kossacks are thrilled that Al Gore has not yet rulled out running again in '08. I must admit I don't get this. If Al Gore runs, he cannot win. Can not. Let me explain why.
foxfire burns 12/12/2006 174 5 - 12
Rangel and Lieberman: too close to call
I wish I knew more bushies, because right now I would love to poll them. I would love to know, who is their favorite Democrat right now, Lieberman or Rangel? For diehard bush supporters, I have ...
foxfire burns 11/29/2006 72 4 - 8
Angelides media blackout - does Schwarzenegger own the entire media?
foxfire burns 11/04/2006 11 3 1 15
American faces jail sentence -- for voting
foxfire burns 10/13/2006 18 2 1 19
Pol / Econ books to ignite high schoolers
foxfire burns 09/16/2006 26 2 1 -
What I hate about [name censored from title]
foxfire burns 09/05/2006 162 11 - 8
3 Strikes means hero gets more time than rapist
foxfire burns 06/14/2006 57 6 - 15
Thomas Friedman question
foxfire burns 05/15/2006 8 - - 2
Horror Films for Lefties
foxfire burns 10/29/2005 48 8 2 2
Bush calls for "War on God"
foxfire burns 09/01/2005 5 4 - 9
No More Sex [poll]
foxfire burns 08/18/2005 22 2 - -
Chance for Bushies to fight in Iraq
foxfire burns 07/29/2005 14 4 - -
Where to point your finger [poll]
foxfire burns 07/19/2005 3 1 - -
6th Graders told Christian Miracles are Fact
foxfire burns 06/03/2005 177 90 - 31
What would Darth Vader say?
foxfire burns 05/13/2005 22 3 - -
Daily Kos victory!
foxfire burns 05/07/2005 8 2 - -
Is the Gap behind these anti-Gap ads?
foxfire burns 05/05/2005 20 2 - -
Vagina War Causualty
foxfire burns 05/03/2005 15 7 - -
It's Vagina Day!
foxfire burns 05/02/2005 6 6 - -
Vagina Day is Tuesday!!
foxfire burns 05/01/2005 33 15 - -
Because Vaginas Need Love [poll]
foxfire burns 04/25/2005 29 8 - -
When Will Danny Goldberg save Air America?
foxfire burns 03/17/2005 38 2 - -
Another Bush failure in Education
foxfire burns 02/22/2005 5 4 - -
Boxer sign back out
foxfire burns 01/18/2005 12 2 - -
Army radio ads
foxfire burns 01/18/2005 8 2 - -
If we had married Dean ...
foxfire burns 11/03/2004 24 3 - 5
Kerry Screwed us on the Draft
foxfire burns 10/08/2004 13 1 - 9
Bush, not Kerry, followed Kos's advice
foxfire burns 09/30/2004 7 - - 9
How Kerry should explain Iraq vote
foxfire burns 09/29/2004 5 1 - -
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