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"Columbus Zoo Welcomes Kochtopus"
Just thought I would share part of this funny/sick/sad/clever fundraising-type email I received today taking a good jab at the Kochtopus... "There’s a new predator on the loose at the Columbus Zoo.
francinefishpaw 06/22/2014 5 16 - -
Antispychotics or Bipolar Psycho?
I've had years of experience on and off all kinds of combinations of medications to keep bipolar depression, mania, and anxiety at bay. Add Anxiety Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to ...
francinefishpaw 05/28/2014 41 15 - -
Anxiety Attack In Progress!
Anxiety attack in progress... What the hell do I need an intro for? WTF? I'm having a "bit" of an anxiety attack that is starting to grow and grow into something that I fear is going to be a BIGASS ...
francinefishpaw 03/28/2014 21 8 - -
Manic Depression's Captured My Soul
Blog by crazy woman living with multiple mental diseases debilitating enough to qualify as disabled. In Rx treatment and therapy. Nothing seems to be helping. C'est la vie.
francinefishpaw 03/04/2014 12 6 - -
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