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My NYS District OUSTS Tea Party Rep!
I am so proud today that we have ousted Nan Hayworth, a Representive voted into office on the Tea Party ticket 2 years ago. She is out! We have elected Sean Patrick Maloney, an openly gay, lawyer, ...
francny 11/07/2012 12 17 - -
How to obtain Medical/Prescription assistance in this financial crisis
I have spent the past couple of weeks reading diary after diary detailing story after story where people in need of a variaty of types of assistance fail to get that assistance. As I contemplated ...
francny 02/02/2009 55 57 21 190
The poor are always the first to lose
Across the country, I have read account after account how budget cuts are first levied upon those that can least afford to lose what they receive, yet even in states which have a Democratic governor,
francny 01/18/2009 6 12 - 9
Please stop attacking Hillary Clinton
I have been reading diaries for the past two days already disecting a "possible" Clinton appointment as Secretary of State. I remember reading after the election, diary after diary praising Hillary ...
francny 11/15/2008 134 24 - 22
McCain: Stop calling me a fraudulent donor!!!!
After reading what "that one" McCain said about the small donors who have squeezed their budgets in order to partake in an historic election, something Barack Obama has encouraged us to do makes me ...
francny 10/20/2008 16 22 1 2
Why so many condemning Powell?
Honestly, The "outraged" comments on Kos are confusing. And I suppose I will receive much criticizm for speaking up in support of Colin Powell. I agree with 90% of the diaries on the Kos site, but ...
francny 10/19/2008 190 21 2 28
Lovely Saturday of Garage Sales and OBAMA signs!
I just have to share with all of you what a wonderful Saturday I spent. I am a garage sale nut in the fall and Spring. I enjoy going with a couple girl friends and hitting the multitude of garage ...
francny 10/12/2008 4 7 - 20
Hatred gravitates to those with like minds
I always sit with my first cup of coffee in the morning and read the best news network on the net here at Daily Kos. I just read a ...
francny 10/09/2008 3 3 - 3
Republicans just don't "Get It"
I have this routine in the morning. I immediately put on the coffee, feed my wonderful new pal "Chico", the most handsome little dog you will ever meet who is all of 4 1/2 pounds of just plain ...
francny 09/30/2008 3 7 1 12
Palin Tied to same Oil scandal as Stevens
Well I guess Sarah Palin matches the "politics" of McCain very well. She has stated she supports the investigation into Senator Stevens illegal campaign contributions from Big Oil, yet she took ...
francny 08/30/2008 4 5 1 4
Rezko/RNC/Bush/McCain/Rov​e - What Republicans don't want you to know
This is my first installment of research for our diarist clammyc . I had emailed this wonderful diarist when he posted asking for volunteers to lend research to his "hopefully" ...
francny 07/22/2008 7 12 1 5
McCain receives 1,930 a month from Social Security while Veterans struggle to receive Disability
Allow me to vent regarding the following: John McCain cashes his monthly Social Security checks despite calling the federal program "a disgrace," the Associated Press reports. "I'...
francny 07/18/2008 21 31 - 26
McCain hires yet another corrupt finance chair
John McCain is either stupid, senile, or just doesn't care about how he gets the money, just as long as he can swindle people into it. Witness his ...
francny 07/17/2008 24 34 2 215
McCain Convention speech up against my NY Giants, LOL
I just LOVE this story. Exactly what idiot organized the final night of the GOP convention that McCain's acceptance speech is on the opening night of NFL football? Yes, I am woman, hear me roar, ...
francny 07/10/2008 33 11 1 31
Obama FISA Group be proud: You gave the press something to attack Obama on
The hypocrisy of it is blaring. You laud the open and encouraging policy of the Obama campaign because the campaign website asks for your suggestions, allows groups to form on any issue and/or ...
francny 07/03/2008 85 25 2 27
Let's start from the beginning and explore Obama's record on FISA shall we?
Okay, I vented the other day because I was upset that so many were slamming Senator Obama regarding FISA. Like a good girl, after venting, I deleted my post. Yes, it felt good to vent because as I ...
francny 06/22/2008 49 14 1 187
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