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You’ve Seen Mitt Romney and Republican’s Supporter, American Petroleum Institute’s False Commercials, What You don’t See is API Helped Killed Past Bills on Price Gouging and Continues to Lobby against Consumer Protection

You have seen the (API) American Petroleum Institute’s commercials regularly and they are selling you on everything from oil fracturing to the Keystone XL pipeline, and that they don’t need the EPA regulation, etc, etc. They spends millions on commercials and millions telling the public they are their to help you when the fact is all they are selling is some song and dance. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the American Petroleum Institute is supporting Romney for President. Who else besides Republicans in Congress than a Republican running for office would support the Institutes wishes.

CEO and President of the American Petroleum Institute, Jack Gerad is a backer of Mitt Romney.

American Petroleum Institute -is the largest U.S. trade association for oil and natural gas industry. It represents 400 corporations involved in petroleum.

API are telling you all these things are done on your behalf deregulation, the Keystone Pipeline, fracturing, etc., etc., etc.; while they are lobbying against consumer protection.

As you see here looking back at a few years, API has been busy not telling you the truth.

I have included several Bills from 2007 and 2008 bills that involved preventing the oil and gas companies from unfair pricing. API joined by other Institutes or companies like Koch Industries lobbied heavily and they were able to kill each of these bills in the Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

Also after these bills you will see other bills after 2007 and 2008 that show up today that API continues to lobbying heavily against any Consumer Protection.


Arizona’s Records Show more than One Lobbyist Reporting fees Involving the AMERICAN LEGISLATIVE EXCHANGE COUNCIL (ALEC), a Homeland Security Fact Sheet mentioning ALEC, document showing ALEC and Grover Norquist’s ATR National Involvement in Electronic Commerce on the internet, etc., etc., etc.

Arizona’s Records Show where two lobbyists made lobbyist Reports documenting their fees concerning that of the AMERICAN LEGISLATIVE EXCHANGE COUNCIL (ALEC).  Arizona records also contain an old official document from Homeland Security called a 'Fact Sheet' mentioning usage of data made by ALEC.  Also I have included an official document from Arizona's records that show AMERICAN LEGISLATIVE EXCHANGE COUNCIL (ALEC) and Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform national involvement in Electronic Commerce over the internet.  Besides these documents attained from Arizona records I have included some other information and images, I was able to find highlighting ALEC's deep involvement in Arizona's Politics.

As it so happens one of the lobbyists with documented fees concerning the AMERICAN LEGISLATIVE EXCHANGE COUNCIL is a lawyer firm that lobbies and advertises it deals heavily in immigration.

There are examplesh that besides Arizona's state legislature relying heavily on ALEC other governmental agencies are relying on ALEC, such as the Arizona Commerce Authority.

The file mention ALECs and Grover Norquist's ATR involvement in Electrionic Commerce I have included it as well.
To read in entirety how ALEC  with American Tax Reform are mentioned on what is considered a national effort by certain ‘GROUPS AND ASSOCIATIONS INVOLVED WITH THE ISSUES: Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce (ACEC)’ in other words involving the ‘internet’ you can read the entire PDF Document and other previous mention information on documents involving Arizona government and ALEC found at this link:


A List of Republican’s American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Campaign Contributions made Directly to Republican State, Federal Candidates, and Republican Committee for Election Years 1995 to 2012, a Clear Violation for a 501(c)3 Group

According to IRS rules it is prohibited that 501 (c)3 groups participate in politics and so that would mean a big 'No' to campaign contributions.  I have included a list of American Legislative Exchange Council campaign contributions made directly to candidates with the usage of their organization's name from 1995-2012 election years.  This list may be further updated just to make sure all names are included.

To see List:

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