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NH's First Transgender Rep Elected
The teabag/"free state" Republican legislature headed by Speaker Bill O'Brien was sent packing by NH voters this past Tuesday. Also notable: NH has the first all female congressional delegation, a ...
freedapeople 11/08/2012 7 19 1 -
NH Speaker: "Gays Seek to Destroy Society"
Last week there was a rally held at the New Hampshire State House to repeal the marriage equality law. Organized by Rep. David Bates (R-Windham), who has made repeal a personal goal, spending ...
freedapeople 02/14/2012 9 14 - 85
KosAbility: Attitude Adjustment
I had an idea in mind when I volunteered to write the diary for today. It was going to be about being a direct support worker, meaning I help an intellectually disabled (aka mentally retarded) man ...
freedapeople 01/08/2012 83 68 2 375
Birthers Gone Wild in New Hampshire
New Hampshire has been hopping with birther activity lately. Birther Queen herself, Orly Taitz,
freedapeople 11/22/2011 11 15 - 191
NH State Rep Says Cop Stopped Him Because of Vote Against Collective Bargaining
In the department of WTF, NH State Representative Gary Wheaton (R-Seabrook) resigned his seat after being stopped for reckless driving while his license was suspended. ...
freedapeople 04/05/2011 22 24 - 254
Breaking: NH House Republicans to End Collective Bargaining
This is very hot off the presses, but New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley reports that NH House Republicans have added an amendment to ...
freedapeople 03/22/2011 32 62 1 480
NH State Rep: Let Cancer Patients Hold a Bake Sale to Pay for Treatment
New Hampshire State Representative Jeannine Notter (R-Merrimack) was videotaped during a committee hearing telling cancer patients to drum up "community support" via bake sales to pay for treatment. ...
freedapeople 02/04/2011 25 26 - 158
WHEE: 21 Days Later
My husband and I decided to purify our digestive systems for the New Year. We ate a very restrictive diet for three weeks, supplemented by nutritional shakes and vitamins and herbs. Follow over the ...
freedapeople 01/22/2010 8 7 - 9
WHEE: Starting the New Year with a Digestive Cleanse
Here's a New Year's Eve WHEE diary to ring in the new year with a re-newed digestive system. (I hope) WHEE (Weight, Health, Eating and Exercise) is a community support diary for ...
freedapeople 12/31/2009 56 11 1 37
On Commitment
Yeah, so I've been reading diary after diary, comment after comment. "Health care reform sucks. I've been working for this for two years. I'm done". "Afghan War sucks, I helped Obama get elected. ...
freedapeople 12/10/2009 9 2 - 19
SheKos: Paid Family and Sick Leave, Not
This diary was born from a comment I made in an earlier She Kos diary about women, ...
freedapeople 12/07/2009 50 61 - 460
Two Minutes of Hate in NH
Today is Ray Buckley's birthday. He is the first openly gay male vice chair of the DNC and the only openly gay chair of a state Democratic party.
freedapeople 11/14/2009 36 34 - 216
The Naked Guy
As young teens on warm spring and summer nights we often congregated in parking lots. Our town was long and skinny and we’d usually meet somewhere in the middle. For a while, this mid-point ...
freedapeople 11/11/2009 11 22 - 326
WHEE: Just Beginning
I must admit I almost forgot I'd agreed to post a diary in this series. So, just after my daily walk with Lacey the dog, and before a meeting, here I go...
freedapeople 10/23/2009 44 15 1 42
Marriage Equality in NH: Some Backstory
Just a couple of minutes ago, the NH House of Representatives concurred with language passed in the State Senate and required by the Governor before he would sign HB436, the marriage equality bill, ...
freedapeople 06/03/2009 12 12 - 3
NH State Senate Passes Marriage Equality!
The New Hampshire State Senate passed a marriage equality bill this afternoon, overturning the original Senate Judiciary Committee recommendation that it be voted Inexpedient to Legislate. This was ...
freedapeople 04/29/2009 8 13 - 22
Earth Day Tribute-Marjorie Spock
Marjorie Spock (1904-2008), younger sister of famous child development expert and peace activist Benjamin Spock played a pivotal, if not well known role in the writing and eventual publication of ...
freedapeople 04/22/2009 2 2 - 23
Our CSA: A Perspective
A couple of years ago I attended an international conference of people working on social issues. The conference was in my rural New England area, and it was great to see how they viewed it. One of ...
freedapeople 03/09/2009 14 33 1 176
Red vs Blue
For many long years, some say eight, I say twenty-eight, this country has been divided into so-called red states and so-called blue states. The former are, of course Republican, conservative, "Bible ...
freedapeople 11/16/2008 6 1 - 3
Chicken Little Didn't End Well
There has been a lot of hand-wringing and "the sky is falling" coming from many progressives. Each poll where McCain seems to be ahead. Sarah Palin ad naseum. Karl Rove is an evil genius who cannot ...
freedapeople 09/16/2008 8 7 - 3
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