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Win one for Seamus!
Election Day is finally here. It goes without saying that a Mitt Romney administration would be disastrous for the country and the entire planet. The differences are stark between President Obama'
freedom fried 11/06/2012 3 8 - -
The case against Obama, from Ohio voters
You have GOT to see this. Romney supporters at an Ohio rally articulate why Obama must go, and they make their case for why Mitt Romney is the man for the job. Strangely, this video also ...
freedom fried 11/01/2012 49 24 3 -
I am part of the Quinnipiac Florida poll
I am a Floridian and was polled on 10/26 by Quinnipiac/NYT/CBS. Needless to say, I was anxiously awaiting the results of the poll that were released this morning and very pleased to see the ...
freedom fried 10/31/2012 6 15 - -
"Fool me once... shame on... shame on you... fool me... can't get fooled again"
(All credit goes to George W for that classic ) So... Are Americans really this stupid? (If national polls are any indication, apparently they are ) Remember last time nearly half the electorate ...
freedom fried 10/26/2012 4 1 - -
Things the President should say at tonight's debate
Hello dKos community! Long time member here (2003), but this is my first diary. Please take it easy on me. I have been outraged since the last debate, not only at the President's performance ...
freedom fried 10/16/2012 6 3 - -
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